Mobile Application Development

reach out to on-the-go users, reinforce your brand, augment online sales

A mobile application helps you with increased customer loyalty, access to on-demand information and improved efficiency in running the business.

With Mobile Application you can acquire the users on a larger scale. The Mobile Application can ensure a better and customized user experience by having access to the user’s location, usage pattern and personalized push notifications. Speed and Handiness also contribute to the popularity of Mobile applications.

We build Android and iOS Mobile Application

You need a team capable of translating your ideas into beautiful applications.

Android Mobile Application Development

Android has the huge market share of over 85% globally and with this largest user base android mobile application ecosystem has evolved to be a diverse one and its usage is changing people lives on a great scale. Low power usage, easy mobility and wireless connectivity have contributed significantly in penetrating the areas where using a computer is a distant dream. Apart from other factors, the low-cost and high availability have made it especially attractive in developing nations like India as compared to iPhone, windows and Java based devices.
Team at CodeGenie handles all the challenges and complexities in the best possible manner giving you a best in industry application development solutions.

iOS Mobile Application Development

iOS devices which account for more than 1.3 billion worldwide are very popular for their superb performance and the most practical features making it popular and loving among the users. Apple devices have an intuitive and attractive user interface compared to its peers. Apple ensures the best standards of design and user experience than any other device company hence developing an application that you want to be intuitive, modern and easy to use, iOS ecosystem is the best one to lookout for. In addition to everything it offers is an unparalleled user experience for the customers. It is a great choice for the business visionaries who see the iOS mobile applications as a lucrative resource for the rise of the businesses and have premium users as their customers.

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