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    Android App Development Company In India

    The Android operating system is widely used and accounts for more than 90% market share. Besides, Android is fastly growing and provides a feasible technology for designing and developing different applications. Codegenie as a Technology partner emphasizes delivering the quality and innovative Android Applications as per the specific industry needs. There are different reasons for a business to build an Android Application. Businesses these days have become online and in India, the online business opportunities are growing exponentially. So by using the world’s most popular operating system, the businesses want to create an online Applications and ecosystem to boost the business activities and effectively leverage business by using the evergrowing Android Technology.  Businesses of all scales try to reach their customers through mobile devices. This ensures access to wide customer prospects and constant engagement with the customers.  

    Codgenie’s Android Application has been following a  methodological approach to ensuring the best Android Application Delivery to meet the specific requirement of the business.  The Android Development process at Codegnie begins with exploring the innovative ideas and understanding the business principles of the partner. As Android has wide functionality and enriching technology it becomes a prime responsibility of the partner to optimally use the tools to ensure the best solutions suitable to their business. After the idea exploration, the next stage is preparing the Android Application Strategy. In this stage of Android Application Development, Codgenie creates the blueprint of the Application and analyses the different features and tools needed to encompass. It is followed by the important stage of Android App Wireframing which includes the incorporation of the different features and functionality. Also, different integrations and their effectiveness is checked. Than Android Application is Designed and Developed with emphasizing more on User Experience and User Interface. While Design and Development of the Applications CodeGenie deployed the latest proven technologies to ensure the best modern functions are embedded into the Application. The entire design and development process involves the partner in the various stages to take the necessary feedback to achieve their business objectives. Consistent Feedback framework has helped CodeGenie to meet the business objectives of the partners precisely. 

    Codegnie’s team of experts believe in carrying the rigorous testing to ensure the error-free operation of the Application. Different tests and performance checks are carried out to keep the Quality intact. Also, the Deployment and Market Submission of the application is a crucial step. CodeGenie also helps their partners to deliver the application on different platforms by aligning with their respective policies. After Designing and Development of the complete application, it is essential to maintain it regularly and keep the updates spinning. Codegnie provides a Cost-Effective subscription of the Post Development cycles which includes the maintenance and the further up-gradation of the Application. 


    Custom Mobile App Development Service

    The business chooses Android Applications as a medium not only to generate the new business but to take the business to a pinnacle by utilizing the online opportunities. Considering the wide Smartphone Audience Android Applications becomes the first choice to engage with the customers effectively. So many businesses across the different industries are using the Android Applications as a business tool to thrive in the market competition. This has resulted in ubiquitous Android Applications across different platforms. So it has become essential to design and develop the Android Applications with innovation and creativity to always provide something new to the audience. Codegenie has been successfully taking the insights from the partner’s business and delivering the custom solutions which is aligned with their brand value and identity. 

    The creative design and development have been the driving factors for Codegenie. Customizations from small to higher levels are made with the same effectiveness and innovations. Businesses look to add extra functionality to the Applications to attract the customers by providing the novelty in the representation of their business services and activities. The customized layout, navigation, a customized theme to highlight a particular facet of the business and customized features to collectively make an impression on the users and further increase the business opportunity through conversions.

    Certain applications & software are vital for the businesses and their integration is necessary to ensure the collaboration among the different online platforms. So integrations of the applications and software’s such as ERPs and various API’s has to be carried out with utmost care and with a thorough understanding of the involved software. Codegenie has comprehensive IT resources to encompass all the requirements of the various integrations, data transfer and customizations to give solutions for everything at one place. 

    Different Applications such as Gaming Applications, Chat Apps, Multimedia Apps, News Apps, Geo-Location Apps, On-Demand Apps, Utility Apps, IoT Apps, Ride Apps, AR-VR Apps need a different level of customizations. Codegenie clearly defines the Aim of the particular application and accordingly crafts the required customizations. Since Android Applications can have numerous features and functionalities, it is Codegnie’s responsibility to suggest the partners on the best possible features and tools suitable for the application. Every customized application is backed with the market research of the existing application and how the novelty and innovation can be brought into a particular project. Even after the complete design and development process, Codegnie suggests different latest modifications that businesses can apply to the Android Application.  This categoric approach to build the customized application has helped CodeGenie to deliver the Android Applications with customizations of all scales. Also, the market insights have been the key in designing and developing the Android Applications with different objectives. with a proven record in the design and developing the customized Android Applications, COdegnie’s team of professionals always look forward to the challenges and innovation in designing and developing the Android Applications. 


    Benefits of Having an Android app:

    Codegenie as a Technology Partner helps its partners to realise the Advantages and make the most from available Android Technology and tools to achieve the business objective.  

    Satisfying Distinct Business Needs: Businesses are moving online to reach the increased online customer base. Android Applications allows the business to make use of its great tools and features to create the Applications which addresses the distinct need for the business. It gives feasibility and freedom to the business to design and development of the Application by keeping the brand identity the same. Various business objectives can be achieved such as continuously engaging the audiences, generating the new business and inquiries with the creative representation of the services or the products and integrating the software and other applications for the collaborative function of the entire business. 

    Scope For Innovation: Android is globally acknowledged for its efficacy. It has the comprehensive tools which allow the technology partner to deliver the solutions with innovations and creativity. It is necessary to add the creative features in the Android Applications. The scope and feasibility for the innovation allow the business to craft the application in the best possible way and represent their business brand creatively. With Android Applications, business and companies can bring revolutionary changes in business activities and boost the overall profitability. 

    Ease In Customization: For Codegenie,  The creative design and development have been the driving factors. Also, Customizations from small to higher levels are made with the same effectiveness and innovations. Android Application gives immense freedom to the developers to customise the application to reflect their business brand in the Application. Ease in customization also enables the business to keep making the changes as per requirements. It also movies enough feasibility to integrate different core business software and applications to function collaboratively for one business objective. 

    Great Security Features: Android Applications provide best and quality security features. IOS is among the trusted operating systems all over the globe. Codegenie believes in taking the security feature of the Android Operating System to the next level and provides the best features with the utmost security.  Codegnie’s Design and Development Workingcycle involves repeated Security checks to ensure the Android Applications with high-security standards are deployed. 

    Good Return On Investment: With Android Applications, the business can take their business online with innovation. This increases business opportunities by reaching audiences all over the world. Codegenie always believes in delivering the Applications with cost-effectiveness ensuring a good return on investment. 


    Why Choose CodeGenie for your Android App Development

    Codgenie has been empowering the business with Android Applications of real calibre to sustain the growing digital business objectives.  Handling the projects of varying complexities, Codegnie’s team of experts have been consistently delivering quality solutions with the customer at the centre of the entire design and development process. Considering the ever-changing digital technologies, Codegenie understands the latest technology to be embedded in the Android Applications serving distinct business needs of the customer. 

    The Design and Development of the Android Application are done with the customer-focused methodology, cost-effectiveness and ensuring the good Return On Investment to the customers. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best app development company in India?

    Among the several leading Technology Providers, Codegnie has the expertise in Designing and Development of the Android Application with more focus on innovation and creativity to provide the best solutions along with great ROI. 

    Best custom android app development company in India?

    Among the several leading Technology Providers, Codegnie has the expertise in Designing and Development of the Custom Android Application with more focus on innovation and creativity to provide the best solutions along with great ROI. 

    How much does it cost to build an Android app in India?

    The Design and Development Cost of an Android Application In India depends on the different objectives businesses want to achieve as well as different functionalities and tools needed to embed in the Android Application.  

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