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School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking System provides comprehensive tools for parents, operators and bus drivers to track the various activities in real-time. As safety is becoming a central part of the school transportations, these technology embedded Bus Tracking Systems ensures safe and assured operations in every aspect.  Codegenie provides a robust mechanism for the Bus Tracking System to enable a seamless experience. Bus Tracking System encompass students safety, bus allocations, real-time tracking, parent query resolution, resource optimizations, communication tools, automatization and report insights. Also, Codegenie provides customisations to address the partner’s specific needs. Different versions of the School Bus Tracking System can be designed depending on the business facet to focus on. The Bus Tracking System can be designed primarily for Drivers, Parents or the Administration or Management. 

Codegenie is effective and efficient in the tailoring of the various tools and functions to achieve the desired business objective in the Bus Tracking System. 

School Bus Tracking System enables the collaboration between the School Management, Parents and the Drivers. This ensures the complete integration of the business facets to increase the security, resource optimizations and efficiency of the operations. Codegenie emphasizes on creating a unique and powerful platform to engage the three main pillars of the School Transportation. Also, Codegenie has been consistent in delivering the Bus Tracking System Softwares and Applications with creative customizations. Different integrations with existing or new business applications are sometimes necessary to ensure effective collaboration between different business facets.  Codegnie provides entire back-end management tools to further customize and facilitate the changes in future. Third-Party applications and software can be integrated with the School Bus Tracking System. Codegenie simplifies the operation by providing benefits such as easy setups and installations, easy to understand guidelines and great scope for the customizations for future changes. Codegenie further increases the inherent scalability of the Bus Tracking System to provide solutions that include all the important aspects of private transport involving the entire micro and macro elements of the business. 


Benefits of School Bus Tracking System

The School Bus Tracking System collectively contributes to the benefits to the different branches of the transportation operations. Codegenie believes in exploring the benefits which boost the business and increase the overall productivity of the management. 

Unique & Customized Software: Codegnie tailors the software and applications to emphasize the particular aspect of Bus Tracking System which is at the centre of the business. It is possible to create a School Bus Tracking System with different customizations for various facets involved such as Drivers, Parents and Administration. This robust and flexible platform with all embedded features and functionality provides seamless operation. 

Increase Safety: School Bus Tracking System gives absolute safety to the operations. Also, the school management and administrations can track the bus speed, locations and accordingly take the management decision. Also, the real-time attendance and video collaboration can add more Safety layers to the School Bus Tracking System. 

Flexibility: Codegenie designs and develops the School Bus Tracking System with complete scope for integrations of the third-party applications and API’s to further enhance the functionality of the platform. Seamless integrations with other business applications and software have been Codegenie’s expertise. 

Reports and Insights: School Bus Tracking System has a feature that allows the management to draw different insights from the reports and make the necessary changes to the platform. These reports are the driving factor for the correct management decisions. 

School Branding: Schools can boost their brand by providing School Bus Tracking System and Application by providing extra value-added service to the parents. Through the platform, School Management and Administration can increase brand awareness. 

Increased Productivity and Resource Utilization:  School Bus Tracking Application enhances productivity by utilizing the resources optimally. Administration can use the platform to bring perfection in the operations and make the changes in the working methodology by identifying the bottlenecks in the operations. 


Features of School Bus Tracking System

Tracking Management: Codegenie crafts the School Bus Tracking system which enables parents and school administration to track the bus in real-time. Along with that, some tools allow management to track the speed & rout of the vehicle and accordingly take the right decision. Also, the Tracking Management feature contributes greatly to the security by giving notifications to the school and parents about the geographical locations of the vehicle and tracking the history whenever necessary.  

Notification & Alerts: with Notification and Alert Feature, Parents can be informed about the delays and emergencies. Also, the drivers can immediately inform about the emergency or issues directly to the school management to take further decisions in such situations. So these features allow Parents and School Management to get important updates from time to time. 

Online Payment: Online Payment feature allows the parents to easily pay for the transport service from anywhere and anytime. Also, the booking system can be integrated with the platform to bring more functionality. Parents can track the previous payment records and make the payments from different options available. 

Third-Party Integration:  School Bus Tracking System with complete scope for integrations of the third-party applications and API’s to further enhance the functionality of the platform. CRM’s and other business software can be integrated seamlessly with the School Bus Tracking System to further increase the functionality. 

Auto Optimization: With Built-in AI, different operations can be optimised by considering the different patterns and utilizing the best possible option among them to streamline the working process. 

AutoRoute & Allocation: Management can schedule and Allocate the optimum route to different buses. School Bus Tracking System Simplifies the complicated routing process and automates it depending on the past history and from the collected data. AutoRoute and Allocation allow the management to make the right decisions and make the optimum use of the available resources. 



School Bus Tracking System provides an intensive tool to draw different reports and insights to improve the working process. Codegenie has expertise in creating different customized reports generators to understand the effectiveness of the working methodology of operations. 

  • Route Reports: With Route Reports, management can analyse the relevance of the different routes for different destinations. With AI the route selection can be automated and optimised to increase productivity and reduce the delays significantly. Route Reports gives great insight into the geographical area covered by the specific bus allocated to the specific region. This data further allows the management to automate the entire complicated allocation process saving time and resources. 
  • Payment Reports: It is easy to generate payment reports on the platform and integrate them with Parent Application to inform the parents regarding the same. Also, parents can make the payment on the online platform and view the payment history easily. Payment Reports also allows the administration and management to notify the parents regularly on the pending payments. 
  • Speed Tracking Report: Management can consistently analyse the Speed of the school bus and in case if its fall beyond the permissible limits they can inform the same to the driver and rectify the process to ensure the safety of the students. 
  • Attendance Report: These reports allow management to keep the track of the students travelling in the school buses. The management can accordingly notify the parents about the report at the end of the month or when required. 
  • Safety Reports: Safety Reports involve different issues, problems and emergencies happened over the period of time. It contains a detailed description, action taken to resolve the problem. These reports can help the management and administration to take the decision to prevent the issues in future. 


Why choose CodeGenie for Making School Bus Tracking System

Codegenie is delivering a reliable, flexible and functional School Bus Tracking System with quality and innovation. The customized features and functionalities are tailor-made to emphasize different aspects such as Driver Application, Parent Application and Application for the Administration or the Management. Codgenie has been leveraging the institutions in creating a robust and inclusive platform which can automate the optimization to increase the productivity and the overall efficiency. 

The business requirements of the customer are the prime driving force of the project. Codegnie’s philosophy has always been understanding the needs, planning and delivering the best possible solution with good returns to the customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to track a school bus?

School buses can be tracked by GPS technology and with the School Bus Tracking System platform the real-time location can be displayed. It is helpful for the parents as well as the school management to know the location of the school bus for safety purposes. 

Avg cost of a school bus tracking system in India?

The overall cost estimation of the Bus Tracking System is directly proportional to the number of features needed to encompass in the platform. Also, the customizations needed to integrate different business applications is a vital parameter to calculate the total cost of the School Bus Tracking Platform.  

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