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    Taxi App Development Company in India

    Digital Technology has made remarkable changes in day to day life activities. Mobile Applications have become a central part to accomplish the various tasks with ease and agility like never before. Taxi Booking Application has revolutionalized the way conventional taxi industry used to work. It has not only just simplified the process of Taxi bookings for customers but has provided a rigid framework for the drivers to enhance their outcomes. With the help of Taxi App Development Company customers have a wide range of functional tools to use such as Taxi Locators, Pickups, Seamless Payment Options, Cost Calculators and Live Tracking etc. As the market for Taxi Booking Application is expected in the upcoming years in countries like India where the use of the smartphone and internet has been increasing exponentially.

    CodeGenie as a leading Taxi App Development Company, understands the high competition among the different companies, as the market has been dominated by some of the key players such as Ola and Uber. So, CodeGenie has endorsed an approach of innovation and creativity in building the Taxi Booking Applications which offers an X-factor to the clients to succeed in the top-notch competition. CodeGenie over the years of its experience has explored the different aspects of Taxi Booking App Development and emphasized on providing the best possible solutions with modern features and functionalities. Apart from building a functionality embedded application, it is also necessary for the company to seek ways to monetize the platform. CodeGenie by understanding the business objectives of the partners thrives to provide a platform to build an Application supporting the Revenue model of the Application. CodeGenie provides robust technology and features to build a comprehensive Taxi Booking Application with its dedicated IT resources and pool of prowess developers.

    CodeGenie’s methodological approach has enabled it to deliver the solutions with a range of customized requirements. In the taxi booking ecosystem, it is a necessity to make the changes to remain relevant and consistent in the market where technology keeps changing. While providing the best solutions for Taxi Booking Application CodeGenie has always believed in Customer-Centric Approach and better Return On Investment to its partners. 


     Key Features of the Taxi Application

    There are some key features which are the building blocks of a Taxi Application. CodeGenie emphasis on each of this feature to reflect successfully in the final output of the Taxi booking Application. 

    Login & Signup: This feature allows the passengers to Signup and Login on the Taxi Booking platform to save their basic information including name, number, email id etc. By Loggin in, customers can use the different features and tools built in the system to simplify the riding process from locating a Cab to the final online payment. Also, they can see the previous records and the activities they did on the platform. 

    Passenger/ Driver Profile: Profile creation feature allows a passenger to create their profile and change the basic information and passwords as per their requirement. Also, the driver profile feature allows the driver to put the necessary information for the reference of the customers. 

    Scheduled Rides: With this feature, passengers can save some more time by scheduling a ride on date and time they want. This feature ensures the hassle-free rides and gives more flexibility to both the passengers and the drivers. 

    Real-Time Tracking: with Real Time tracking passengers can track their Taxi on the Map and accordingly be ready for the ride. Also, once they get into the cab, they can track their destination in real-time. This gives a solid reference to the passengers to predict and manage their time accordingly. CodeGenie has integrated some of the bes t& Quality real-time tracking solutions for the taxi booking application. 

    Browse Driver List: The Taxi Booking App gives a plethora of options to the passengers. So among the different listed drivers and taxi types, passengers can select the one suitable option as per their choice. Also, they can use different filters on the platform to further simplify the process of selection. 

    Notification: This feature allows the passenger to see the notifications regarding the ride confirmations. Also, the passengers can get the status on the ride selection and cancellation immediately through the notifications. 

    Multiple Payment Options: A great Taxi Application needs to have multiple payment options including Debit/Credit cards options, Wallets, UPI’s and Internet Banking etc. This gives more freedom to the passenger and reduces unnecessary delays. 

    Ride Cancellation: After booking a Taxi if the passengers change their mind because of some unavoidable reasons, they are able to cancel the ride by using this feature. Ride cancellation feature simplifies the entire process of cancellation and notifies the passengers on the successful cancellation of their ride. 

    Ride Ratings and Feedback: Passengers can rate their rides and comment on the riding experience. This can help the drivers and the companies to contemplate and make better strategies to satisfy their customers. Also, further with reference to the Ratings and Feedbacks, passengers can select the drivers or the Taxi accordingly. 

    Help & Support: This important feature connects passengers to the support staff for the query resolution. Passengers can connect the team instantly through phone or an email to discuss a specific issue and get it solved immediately. 


    Benefits of Taxi Booking Applications

    CodeGenie’s taxi app developers always believes in delivering the solutions with realising the benefits in the best way possible. Taxi Booking App Development provides the following crucial benefits to the taxi businesses.

    Complete Automation of the Services: With Taxi Booking Application the Taxi business stakeholder can completely automate their business bringing more transparency and scalability to the working operations. It becomes easy to track and keep records of different business activities. By learning from the previous records it is possible to make better improvements in the business models. Taxi Booking Applications allows the business to represent their brand or services in a creative and simplified way to the passengers to gain more business activities. 

    Increased Productivity and Profitability: Conventional Taxi Business has inherent uncertainties and delays which can be eliminated by the Taxi Booking Application. The online platform (taxi driver app) increases the productivity of the drivers, management teams involved pushing the resources to the optimum levels of operations. Also, more engagement and a simplified method of operations increase the profitability of the entire business giving more growth scope for the stakeholders. 

    Increased Market Reach:  Passengers relies more on the Taxi Booking Applications these days. With a well-developed taxi booking application by well-taxi app developers and enhanced user experience can significantly increase the Market reach. This increases the chances of increased business activities and revenue generation of the Taxi Business. The platform with a wide market reach can integrate the other small or medium taxi service providers or other facets of the taxi business to grow even more. 

    Different Revenue Generation Channels: Taxi Booking App India allows businesses to use different Revenue Generation Channels. It is possible to monetize the Application through the commission on the services, Third Party Promotion and advertisements. These multiple revenue generation modes allow more flexibility to businesses. 

    Better Customer Satisfaction & ROI: Taxi Application simplifies the tasks for the passengers. They can easily search the Taxi Online; track the ride; create the profiles and select the ride from the multiple options; can pay with multiple payment options quickly. This entire operation collectively ensures customer satisfaction and encourages passengers to use the services often. Also, the investment in developing a Taxi Application gives better ROI considering the Market Reach and the different revenue generation sources. 


    Why choose CodeGenie for Taxi Booking App Development

    CodeGenie has been effectively delivering the Taxi App solution condensing Passenger, Driver and Admin side features. CodeGenie as a forefront Taxi App Development Company in India, delivering the modern features and functionality embedded Taxi App Development to the business of all scales and levels. CodeGenie’s comprehensive solutions involve the entire spectrum of the technology needed for generating an online ecosystem for Taxi Business. 

    CodeGenie over the years of Taxi Booking App Development has embraced a customer focus approach. The dedicated IT resources & team of professionals have been instrumental in delivering the Taxi Apps with great Return Of Investment, In-time delivery and Quality Support.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does taxi need mobile apps?

    The Taxi Booking App gives a plethora of options to the passengers. Taxi Application simplifies the whole rising for the passengers. They can easily search the Taxi Online; track the ride; create the profiles and select the ride from the multiple options; can pay with multiple payment options quickly.

    How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app like Ola?

    The cost of the Taxi Application Development can be estimated by considering different levels of customizations and features needed to incorporate.  It also depends on the type of objectives a business wants to achieve through a Taxi Booking Application.

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