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    Travel Portal Development Company In India

    Travelling industry has been continuously rising and is expected to thrive in the upcoming years. The touch of technology in the industry has simplified the travelling related activities and has provided more facilities to the customers. With comprehensive and technology embedded Travel Softwares, travelling companies and agents can streamline and optimise their resources and efforts to step ahead in the business. As a Leading Travel Portal Development Company In India, CodeGenie understands the market requirements and expectations for the travel Industry and accordingly meets the requirement by providing the best possible solutions to automate the entire business process. With emerging technology, CodeGenie facilitates the partners by providing the tools and applications that work at the forefront of modern technology to give the best results. 

    CodeGenie as one of the top-notch Travel Software Development Company believes in offering the solutions for the travel industry with emphasizing more on the customer-centric approach and better ROI.  CodeGenie as a technology partner has highlighted the main aspects of online Travel Portal Development which enhances the efficiency and productivity of the business. CodeGenie realises The important objectives of Travel Software Development and incorporates it into its working Framework. Different businesses have a different working methodology and accordingly, the customised solutions are necessary to meet the special requirement of the business. Also, the advances competition among the Travel Industry companies and businesses has made it essential to Develop a Customised Travel Software which engages more customers and streamlines the entire business process by effectively utilising its business resources. 

    CodeGenie covers the entire spectrum of the technology needs of the business to enable it to further Automate the business process. With Travel Portal Development company’s and business can bring the entire working methodology under full customized Automation with End-to-End technology solutions. It enables the Streamlining of the various aspects of the travelling business to enhance productivity and efficiency. CodeGenie’s understanding of the Travel Business highlights the importance of providing more ease to the end customers and hence boosting the overall profitability of the partner’s travelling business. From providing greater feasibility to the customer and more robustness to the business activities, As a best Travel Management Software Development Company, CodeGenie thrives to incorporate the best features and functionalities in the Travel Agent Apps Development process. Over the years of experience in delivering the best solutions for Travel Software Businesses, has enabled CodeGenie to further explore the ways of creativity and innovation.


    Key features of Travel Software Development

    CodeGenie has been instrumental in the process of realising and incorporating the best features and functionalities to the Travel Portal Solution and Softwares. 

    Highly Customized Travel Software: Considering the market competition, there is a need for innovation and creativity in the crafting process of the Travel Portal Softwares. CodeGenie with thorough analysing and the understanding of the partner’s businesses define the objectives and customise the solutions to match the exact market needs. The customizations offer great novelty to the companies in the representation of their business and widen the business activities with creating a comprehensive online platform for better customer response and inner operation streamlining. 

     Hotel Extranet: CodeGenie utilises the proven techniques in cresting the finest Hotel Extranets or the Hotel Reservation Systems. The real time information such as the hotel rooms availability, images and virtual tours, price and cost bars are stored in real-time in the Hotel Extranet. CodeGenie believes in adding the extra benefits to the Extranet by offering responsive designs; Great User Management Interface; Ease in the Allocation and Navigation; Quick and Efficient Hotel Reservation System.  

    Tour & Transfer Extranet: The Transfer Extranet process the data and represents data in real-time to indicate the current activity status. This allows the agents and the management to manage their resources accordingly. CodeGenie’s techniques have reflected the robust and responsive Tour Transfer Extranets to achieve the varying objective of the Travelling business. With a sound Tour & Transfer Extranet business can monitor and improvise the fine details of the entire business.  

    Multicurrency Feature: Multicurrency feature allows foreign customers to pay in the currency form suitable to them. This ensures a good service to the customers and encompasses the larger customer groups into the business. CodeGenie provides more feasibility to the partners in Multi Currency Features by allowing them to manage and work effectively. 

    API Integration: The travelling business has many different facets which need to work collectively. There are different objectives achieved by the different applications which need to integrate together to work in sync and process the data to streamline the operations all across the system. As a top-notch Travel Software Development Company, CodeGenie’s dedicated resources have enabled it to deliver the API Integrations unite the various functional objectives of the Travel Business.  

    Multi-Language Feature: Multi-Language Feature allows the business to represent their services and offering in the various languages. This ensures more ease to the customers and images the customer by providing their language throughout the business transaction. This feature ensures good customer response and keeps the business one step ahead in the customer satisfaction objective.  

    Payment Gateway Integration: A robust Payment Gateway is the core need of the Travel Business. The companies always emphasize to offer wide Payment Gateway Options to provide feasibility for the customers and allow them to pay through their choice. CodeGenie emphasizes on the security and the agile quality of the Payment Gateway for the fast operations.  

    Mobile-Friendly Design & User-friendly Interface: The Mobile-Friendly Design & USer-Friendly Interface ensures the good representation of the business and its services and helps in pushing the overall profitability. With Mobile Friendly Designs, customers can quickly do activities such as slot bookings, payments etc through their mobile phone. As a excellent Travel Portal Development Company, CodeGenie believes in offering the platforms which provide the seamless working experience to the customers by building a creative interface. 


    Benefits of having a Travel CRM Software

    Streamlining The Resources: The travel business has many facets with different objectives which need to work collectively. The Travel Software and Applications allows the business to encompass different business activities by streamlining their resources. The management can effectively manage and monitor the different resources and optimise them to increase the efficiency all across the various business facets. A Prime Travel Website Dvelopment Company, CodeGenie believes in delivering a comprehensive solution to streamline the business process to boost business effectiveness. 

    Centralised Control: Travel Portal Software Development Compnay, CodeGenie believes in delivering the Travel Software which gives a centralised control to the business all across the business activities. With the centralised control, a business can manage its resources best with the minimum efforts and therefore taking the efficiency to the ultimate level of operation. CodeGenie’s customised solutions in the Travel Software Development have offered great centralised control to the business partners with cost-effectiveness and great results. 

    Great Customer Responses: With Automation and enhanced user experience result in good overall customer response. This customer satisfaction can further be channelised to gain more business activities, increase brand awareness. Working at the forefront of one of the latest modern technologies has enabled CodeGenie to deliver the solutions with an enhanced user experience which allows its partners to engage and convert the more customers and getting the best responses to further excel in the business activities. 

    Enhances Productivity and Profitability: The Travel Software that puts all the business facets into one unique channel and facilitates the management to use the resources effectively. The optimum use of the different business facets, centralised control and good management provisions allows the business to increase their Productivity and Profitability. 

    Better ROI: The Travel Software and Application simplifies the tasks for the customers as well as for internal management. The Travelling Activities such as Bookings, Checking Slots Availability, Costs, Selections and Payments becomes a simple and reliable process. Also, these features collectively ensure customer satisfaction along with great use of the existing resources. This makes Travel Software a great medium of generating more business and the investment in creating such unique Travel Software gives better ROI. 


    White label Travel Portal

    CodeFenie has been leveraging the Travel Businesses and Agents by allowing them to create their own Brands by creating a unique platform. With best Travel Software Development Company, CodeGenie White Label Travel Portals Agents or the Businesses can manage the business activities effectively and can optimally use the available resources with cost-effectiveness. CodeGenie understands the different objectives of the business working at the different levels and accordingly craft the solutions suitable for their business growth. With White Label Travel Portal, CodeGenie offers a platform that provides reliability, productivity and good returns to the partners. 

    Codegenie works closely with the partners to innovate the White Label Travel Portal Solutions that create a greater business impact. 


    Why choose CodeGenie for Travel CRM Development

    CodeGenie depends on its vast insights for the latest technological challenges in the Travel Business. CodeGenie gives prime importance to the Techniques and Methodology which brings more Customer Engagement, Customer Retention and Satisfaction to the partner’s business. As a leading Travel Portal Development Company, CodeGenie has been dedicating its resources in Travel Software Design and Development to further innovate and bring creativity in the process of Design & Development. CodeGenie in its process of development works on the forefront of modern technologies to encompass the gamut of features and functionalities in the solutions. 

    CodeGenie’s dedication to understand and meet the business objectives has been instrumental in delivering the best Travel Softwares and Solutions with Customer-Centric Methodology and Better Return On the Investments. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Technologies used to develop a travel portal?

    In Travel Portal Development different Front End and Back End Technologies are involved depending on the objective. In developing the Travel Portal is CSS, JavaScript, HTML etc are the front end programming languages with Angular, JQuery, React and Vue, Backbone.js and Enber.js are the mostly used Front End Technologies. On the other hand, the back end programming languages include Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js and .Net

    Avg cost of travel software Development?

    The cost of the Travel Portal Development depends on the features and functionalities needed to incorporate along with the required depth of customization.  Also, different levels of Integrations have different independent costs associated with them. 

    The time required for Travel Portal Development?

    The time of the Travel Portal Development can be estimated by considering different levels of customizations and features needed to incorporate.  Different integrations and customization need different time frameworks for completion. 

    How to Apply API Systems for Travel Websites?

    The API Integration needs a thorough technical understanding of the different applications and their data synchronization collectively. Codegenie provides API integrations of the different levels to ensure the seamless working of the Travel Portal. 

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