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Custom Website Development Company in India

Do you want to build the perfect website that will suit your business objective? If so, then custom web design and development are the right solution for you. With efficient custom development services, you can get high-quality websites to help you stand ahead of your competitors. Wondering how? Let’s understand what custom web development s are all about.

Most people think customizing a website is all about changing colour schemes, images, fonts, etc., but trust us, it is much more than that. It is about understanding your business and then formulating a strategy to create a design that would enhance user experience and your online presence. Each element is added to the site on a customized website, keeping in mind your business goals. With a custom web application development Services, you can expect a highly positive ROI.

To give you a better understanding of website customization, we have listed some of its features:

  • Easy navigation- Your users should find relevant information easily on your website. It will enhance their user experience as they would not have to waste time searching for the content they want.
  • Easy domain name- Choose a catchy and easy domain name for your website. With complicated domain names, your users will not remember it, which can reduce your web traffic.
  • Updated- All the content and information on your website should be up to date; make sure to add new and relevant information regularly. It is essential for increasing your user’s engagement.


CodeGenie is a leading custom website development company in India; we have expertise in creating custom web design and development that will strengthen your online footprint and outrun your competitors. We have on board skilled and experienced designers and developers who have successfully served many global clients. We first understand your business’s requirements and then formulate a design that will give you greater returns on your investment. Our customers are our first priority, and hence we never compromise with the quality of our designs. Our focus also lies in designing websites that are easy to manage and are highly scalable. We offer customization at an affordable rate, and our tailor-made solutions are curated to fit your requirements and budget. The websites we design are the perfect representation of your business online.


Benefits of Custom Website Development

If you are still unsure about whether or not you should invest in a customized website (custom web development) for your business, then the following points might help you to make an informed decision:

  • It has been noticed that custom website development can generate greater ROI and higher conversion rates. Website customization contributes to your revenues, increasing your business profits. When you opt for customization, you focus on your business objectives and preferences of your audience, which helps you get higher web traffic.
  • Custom made websites can improve your user’s experience in two different ways. Firstly, it is visually appealing, and secondly, it has exclusive content that your audience would get engaged with and prefer. 
  • Customized websites are highly responsive to all types of devices, including laptops, desktop, tabs, and smartphones of all sizes. It improves the users’ engagement as they will be able to access your website from any device they like.
  • Custom web development are extremely secured too. You can incorporate SSL, two-step verification, and secured payment methods here. When you customize a website, you can include all the elements you have in mind on the website.
  • With custom-designed websites, you will not have to worry about server crashes or plugins, not working. All you will need to do is contact us and our support team will help you to rectify the problem. Customer support group at CodeGenie works round the clock to address your queries and concerns. 

You can enjoy all these benefits of custom web application development Services and more when you hire a reliable custom web application development company like CodeGenie. Our website customization is strategic and follows your business objectives.


How custom built websites help your business grow online

Having a custom-built website would mean you will have a unique website that is seconded by none. Our specialised customization services will help your customers to identify your business in a separate light from your competitors. With a custom web development, you will create a separate identity for your brand in the online world. We all know websites are the perfect representatives of your business to the global online users, and having a unique site can improve your brand value.

With customization, you can add any features to your website and highlight your business to the world in the best possible way. These sites are SEO friendly and great for online marketing too. By custom building your website, you can attract more customers and engage them with your content. These are built according to your user base, and hence when they visit the website, they will always find relevant information there. It will boost your web traffic turning more visitors to revenue-generating customers. With custom web design, you can consider scalability, which means your business can develop in a hassle-free manner.


Why choose CodeGenie for Custom Web Development

We at CodeGenie always put the preferences of our customers first. The highlights of our custom web development services will include:

  • We collaborate with your team to understand your requirements and start custom web development from scratch. We build fully functional prototypes for you in the process to take a closer look at the design and provide necessary feedback.
  • We believe in effective communication as we know that no project can be successfully executed without it. Our developers will communicate with you at each stage of custom web application development and give you real-time updates. We believe in providing transparent services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom web designing?

It is the process of designing unique websites that is exclusive for your brand. The main aim of these websites is to fulfill your business objective and cater to the users’ preferences. With customized sites, you will have the independence to add as many features as you want.

Difference between web designing and custom web designing?

Web designing is a common term that is used for building any website. With custom web designing, you can add customized features to your website according to your customer’s needs and requirements. Custom web designs are unique to the brand.

How much does it cost to build a custom web designing?

The cost of your customized website depends specifically on your needs. The cost of your site will increase as you keep on adding features to customize it. To know in detail about the cost and customization we offer, contact us today.

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