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The advent of PHP transformed the Web design & Development process. PHP, known as Personal Homepage or Hypertext Preprocessor, was primarily aimed at designing dynamic web pages with ease and flexibility. Being free and open-source technology, PHP has been widely adopted to create Website pages and applications. PHP is a Server Side scripting language with high compatibility with different databases like Oracle and MySQL. Because of these characteristics PHP is used for more than 70% of websites and web servers. This includes some of the leading websites on the internet like Facebook and Wikipedia.

PHP is a great tool for Dynamic Web Pages, Content Management Systems, Blog Designs, Ecommerce, etc. With PHP it is easy to create and customize a web design as per requirement. Besides, PHP works smoothly with the major operating systems like Mac, Linux, and OS X. Also, PHP’s user-friendly technology, reliability, and flexibility make it one for the leading languages for website design and development.

Among the developers, PHP is one of the most favored languages for Website Design and Development. PHP offers many sophisticated tools and features for a professional programmer. The output is not only limited to HTML but other text such as XHTML or XML can be used. One of the major benefits of using PHP for website design and development is that it can include images, pdf files, and flash movies. So their creation and management become easy and reliable. PHP also provides security benefits as compared to other languages.

The process of Website Design & Development using PHP needs skilled developers to innovate and create web pages as per the specifications. More efforts and innovations are required if the customization is complex to meet the specific requirements. The integration and deployment of the various applications might need to encompass the entire functionality. The task can be completely handed over to the established tech company who can deliver the output by considering all the needs & requirements. The process of brainstorming ideas, designs, and execution can be accelerated with the professional team and agency.

However, a PHP development company must realize and optimum use the PHP infrastructure to deliver the specific requirements of their clients. While catering to the needs ROI and time frame must be taken into account. Code genie is one of the frontline PHP website design and development companies based in Delhi which  dedicates it’s comprehensive IT resources and infrastructure to meet the market requirements.


Custom PHP Development Services

Today, the world is driven by technology. People rely more on the internet for daily activities. So it has become prudent for the business to have a website representing business online. Since there are too many websites on the internet, it has become essential to make a website that stands out. This makes Custom PHP Development an important element. So all the creative ideas of the businesses can be projected successfully on the website. So these websites not only provide information about the business but also increases overall profitability by increasing the traffic on the website and generating more business through it.

So Custom PHP development allows a business to achieve this goal. With custom PHP development, various websites with intricate designs, themes, and structures can be created catering to specific business needs.

Custom PHP Development allows the integration with various other applications and tools, content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. It also easily adapts Javascript and Tank CMS making a developer easy to develop dynamic websites. Besides that, the changing, modifying the content becomes simplified and flexible. Custom PHP Development is different from the other Website development processes. PHP framework is a simple platform for development that provides flexibility and robust structure.


Benefits of Using PHP
  1. Ease & Reliability: Being an open-source language PHP is easy to manage as compared to the other  programming languages. PHP provides greater flexibility and freedom to the developer  to meet different requirements.


  •  Database Flexibility: PHP is compatible with different databases like Oracle, MYSQL, etc. This feature makes PHP one of the flexible & versatile programming language
  • Good Compatibility: PHP works smoothly with the major operating systems like Mac, Linux, and OS this gives a wide range of options to the PHP programmer.
  • Security: since PHP is an open-source language, there is extensive community support which makes the handling of technical issues easy.also with PHP backing and restoring the site becomes.easy.
  • Reduced Development Time: Because it’s easy to access and flexibility features, the time and effort needed to work with PHP are comparatively lower.
  • Resource Availability: The immense community support is available on the internet which helps the developers to understand and innovate the coding process. Also, it accelerates the process as the developers have easy access to the knowledge base.
  • Cost-Effective: Website Design and Development with PHP is cost-effective as compared to the other programming languages. PHP is an open-source programming language that does not need any license purchase. Also, the availability of the community support and knowledge base makes it more beneficial.


Why choose Codegenie

Codegenie with its thorough understanding of the PHP Website Design and Development along with proven experience strives to deliver and meet the exact customer needs. The availability of professional developers, IT resources, and infrastructure enables Codegenie to invent, create, and maintain the projects varying from simple to the most complex ones.

Codegenie believes in constantly involving its technology partners in the Website Design & Development Process by understanding their business and creating a platform to meet their specific requirements.

Codegenie’s customer-centric approach enables us to deliver with better ROI within the given time framework.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHP?

PHP, known as Personal Homepage or Hypertext Preprocessor, was primarily aimed at designing dynamic web pages with ease and flexibility. Being free and open-source technology, PHP has been widely adopted to create Website pages and applications.

Which is the best PHP framework currently?

Laravel Framework is considered one of the leading frameworks currently. There are many other PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, etc to choose from

How is a PHP website different from other websites?

PHP is an open-source, server-side programming language. PHP provides dynamic content through various scripts. Also, PHP provides high compatibility with different databases like Oracle and MySQL and works smoothly with the major operating system like Mac, Linux, and OS X.

What is the avg cost of PHP web designing and development?

The average cost of the PHP Website Development generally depends on functionalities and the depth of customization needed. Different integrations of various applications and tools and their deployment also add to the total cost of the PHP Website Design & Development.

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