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    Web Portal Development Company in India

    Presence on the internet is necessary in this era of technology for your products and services. That’s why use of website and web portals always play an important role in increasing your business outreach to the large geographical area.

    When you think about use of the internet for business or services. Then you usually think of website development for your business or services.  Website is a tool which you should use for attracting your consumers. While web portal development works as a link between your consumers, employees and stakeholders. It is not just a collection of web pages for attracting your consumers.  But it acts as a coordinating force between consumers, employees and stakeholders.


    What does mean by Web Portal Development

    It is a platform which constitutes different kinds of information such as individual, product-related, supplier information etc. RSS and news feeds are also available in the web portals. It works as a central point of all the information related to your business. Whether this information is about membership details or login information of employee profiles. It works as a medium of information between your company, employees and stakeholders. It can also include articles or blogs related to your product or business. Web portal software acts as an interface between consumers, employees and different stakeholders.  

    Web portals is an important tool which is use for providing different types of services to your clients, employees, consumers and stakeholders.

    As a leading web portal development company in India, Codegenie provides the best  CRM portal development system on the basis of the needs of different business segments. Every organization uses a online web portal according to its need. Like for school and university web portal, They always need a CRM based system. In school you need CRM for student attendance, lab schedule, classes schedule, student grade card and assignment grade card.  Universities and colleges use web portals for university registration, and register students for special classes.  For schools and universities we have a best CRM platform which can cater all their needs like admissions, assignments, grade card, staffing etc.

    If you are in the hotel business then you need a web portal software for record of your visitor’s information. Putting records of visitors is very difficult for you if you do it on paper. But through the web portal design database/CRM you can easily record and access your visitor’s information easily, without any cumbersome process. Through the use of CRM all kinds of information you need are just one click away from you.

    Aa a top leading web portal development company in India CodeGenie Web portals provide you all the information in a highly structured and organized way. It allows you towards better engagement with your website visitors. Your structured content helps them to access the needful information in an easy way without any hassle. Through the better engagement with your web portal design you can also increase your outreach your client. Visitors engagement in your website can be done through blogs, articles, social media, polls, surveys, email marketing etc.As one of the best web portal development services provider in India, CodeGenie give you a most important reasons for which you needed a online web portal. The reason is web portal has various avenues for client engagement. If your client engagement is proper then you can understand your client issues in a better way. By understanding your client’s problem and providing a solution for his problem. You can improve engagement with your client. That‘s why through web portal engagement you can retain your client.

    Web portal consists of a plethora of opportunities for providing different services in one platform.


    Types of web portals we provide are

    B2B customer portal: In this era of digitalization many businesses are working online in the marketplace. Traditional personal communication through telephone calls is replaced by B2B web portal services. It can help you in providing seamless service and experience to your customers. There are different types of web portals for distributors, channel partners and suppliers. Which can make your task of providing better service. In terms of your product information, pricing strategy, complaint and feedback. Through B2B portal you can also resolve complaints and problems of your distributors, business partners and customers in real-time.  Which can help you in building a trust with your business partner and customers.  Building trust with your distributors, channel partners and customers is very important for you. Because in the long run it can help you in creating your brand image in your customer’s mind.

    In B2B customer portal you can track

    • Bills and invoices
    • Acknowledgements of sales order
    • Request of return merchandise


    B2C customer portal: B2C customer portal is a platform used for selling products to the end-user who are using your products. It is generally used for shopping for consumer goods. You should have to customize the  B2C customer portal according to your buyer needs. So that he can get access to your products easily. B2C customer portal should be in sync with your customer needs.

    Factors affecting sales of B2C customer portal are

    • Navigation- If navigation is complex and difficult to use then your portal traffic will be reduced.
    • Average response time- Your response time for taking and dispatching customer order should not be much higher than your competitors.
    • Content information- It is the information about your products which you are providing to your customers. This information should not have any kind of false representation of products. Reliability is the key to success in business and life.  So while providing content information to your customers there is no scope of unreliable content information.


    Vendor portal: It is a platform between the manufacturer and supplier. Through which the manufacturer can collaborate and coordinate with his supplier in a more efficient way for business transactions. Like managing invoices, online payment transactions,  tracking ongoing orders etc.  It enables manufacturers to track and manage bills, transactions and invoices efficiently. By reducing the paperwork in billing, invoices and online payment transactions it makes workflow more simpler.

    Community portal:  It is a one-stop online  platform to engage in online communities. Which can help you in extending the brand value of your company. When you create a community of your brand then this community acts as a family for yourself. It means people in this community trust your brand like you trust your family. When they trust in your brand like family members of his family. Then they will propagate your brand value to the other people with conviction. Due to which other people also believe in your brand. One of the most important features of community portals is to engage your community members actively with one other to discuss and provide their views on any problems and issues with your brand. Which can be helpful for improvement of your products and brand. These real time inputs from your community members can provide you  insight through which you can resolve problematic issues of your brand . That’s why community portal is a powerful tool for your business. Which can help you in customer retention and building trust with your customers and stakeholders.

    Learning/Study portal: In today’s world companies believe in the philosophy of ‘learn and earn’. Multinational companies treat their employees as an asset, and for company employees companies always try to formulate a policy of learning. So that employees can learn and grow within its organizational structure.  Learning portal is a platform which companies use for training and learning of its employees. It displays ongoing training programs, guest lectures, tests and assignments for its employees. Learning portal is very helpful to companies for judging and evaluating the individual performance of an employee. It is a valuable tool of assessment for both employer and employee. 

    Partner portal: It is a partner relationship management application through which corporations can get better coordination and collaboration with their channel partners, vendors and distributors. Through this company can also get feedback from them. On the basis of feedback from partners, vendors and distributors, corporations can improve its products and services.

    Use of the partner portal is

    • Through this we can resolve maintenance and support problems.
    • Use it as a lead management system.
    • Sales and product training.
    • Monitor performance of your partners, vendors and distributors.
    • Performance monitoring of partners, vendors and distributors through analytics.


    Why choose CodeGenie’s Web Portal Development Services

    We are a group of dynamic and young people. Which are experts in their respective areas like content development, website management, ecommerce portal development compan, news portal development and payment related solutions. As an innovative web portal development company in India, We don’t just deliver the service to our clients but we deliver quality solutions to them. CodeGenie always believes in value creation rather than providing business solutions to its clients. So through our philosophy and expertise we can  help you in different kinds of web and mobile applications

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