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Website maintenance is a service which you need continuously to maintain your website. It helps your website to work in a seamless and efficient manner. Website is like your body if you do not give proper attention to it. Then it will not work efficiently. You have to make your website efficient so that it can work well for you. For that it is necessary to do the maintenance of your website regularly. It is a prerequisite for you to maintain your website. So that you should not have to lose your business due to improper website functioning.

Website is an essential element of your business  like manpower. If you do not give adequate importance and investment in your website. Then your website cannot perform well for you. We need to check these things regularly on our website to optimize it. So that you can get better functionality out of your website .

  • Security and updates – Check your website’s latest patch and version.Software Development Company
  • Bugs and tweaks in your website- Rectify minor bugs and tweaks. Otherwise they can hamper  your website functionality.
  • Check whether you have done proper backup of all the data of  your website or not.
  • Website response time- How much time your website is taking while opening.
  • Website traffic on your website- Number of users engagged with your website. If the number of users decline in your website. Then it is necessary for you to find out the reasons of decline.
  • Measure your content quality through the customer engagement. Through analytics you can do it.
  • Check your domain functioning and web hosting. Find out Whether  everything is proper  in domain and web hosting or not.
  • Web page response time-  Check  the web page loading and opening time of your website on the internet.
  • Find out whether your web pages are optimized according to the search engine or not. If not then you have to update keywords, content etc according to your optimization need.
  • Check broken links and spam on your website. If you find any broken link and spam then you have to eliminate them.
  • Monitor continuously your website to check whether customers are properly engaged with your website or not.


On the basis of these factors you have to decide which type of website management services you needed –

  • What is your business like Manufacturer, trader, Service provider, professional etc.
  • Data volume in your website- It means whether there are few pages on your website or  large no web pages.

You can decide the type of it maintenance services you need on the basis of these parameters, and your website use.


Benefits of Website Maintenance
Software Development Company
  • It improves your website ranking because our websites are SEO friendly.
  • Your customer base will increase. Due to more traffic on your website.
  • You can manage your website content easily. Sometimes in websites there is a lot of information and content, and people will not know how to manage their website content. In our website maintenance services in delhi, we manage your website content on your behalf. So that  your web pages should not be random and full of unwarranted information.
  • It provides a fresh look to your website through new images, content, graphics etc.  That will help you in business engagement with your customers.
  • If your website is maintained properly. Then it will help you in doing better online promotion of your products and services through Google or social media platforms. Because If you have not done your website maintenance for a long time your customer visited your website. Then due to poor graphics, content and security issues in your website. He/She could switch to your competitor website, and you lose business opportunities with that customer.
  • Due to the good performance of your website. Your customer feel satisfied. Which can help you in getting positive reviews in Google .
  • WordPress website maintenance services can provide impetus to your sales and marketing activity. Because your website is your point of contact with your customers. If your customers feel attachment with your website then they will surely buy your products. 


Type of Web Maintenance Services Provided by CodeGenie
  1. Customize the website according to your needs.
  2. In different social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.,  you have to check your website response .
  3. We do edit in your website web pages according to you, and update them.
  4. Work on images and graphics of your website. Due to that visitors  of  your website  should not  feel  your website is outdated.
  5. Check all the security and hosting parameters of your website.
  6. By rectifying problems on your website and giving your website a professional look. We can help you to create your brand identity in the best possible way.
  7. We can help you in putting ahead through providing you information about the latest trends and new social media trends in your business segment. Which will help you to enhance your website functionality more on the basis of them. So that you can lead in your business segment  from your competitors.


Why choose CodeGenie

CodeGenie is the leading website maintenance company in Delhi. We have a group of experts who pross in Web Maintenance Services, WordPress Website Maintenance Services, Web Development, Mobile app Development etc. We believe in relationship building that’s why customer for is not just one time business opportunity. Because we believe in long lasting relationships and value creation. In website management services we provide you cost effective solution by including some additional services to you apart from website maintenance like Graphic design updates, Digital marketing and E- campaign etc..,


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the checking of your website functionality and website optimization. Which can help you to resolve ongoing issues like low traffic, ineffective promotional campaigns, unmanaged web pages and content of your website. Because of these issues on your website. It is not fulfilling the purpose for which you made it. To make your website functionality better.  It is very important for you to understand the reasons behind these issues and resolve them.  And it can only be possible through website maintenance service.

Why does my website need regular site maintenance?

Your website needs regular site maintenance because of new system updates, changing trends in your business, ongoing market competition, reduction in your website traffic due to outdated content in your website, necessary to update your website according to your social media content, necessity of continuous  graphics and image update in your website.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost per Month?

We have different types of packages for website maintenance. We charge you on the basis of the number of web pages, volume of content requirement for your website. If you compare our services with the price then you can find that we provide you a cost effective solution according to your business needs.

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