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CRM Software Development Company in Chennai

Customer Relationship Management is an effective tool to streamline the business process and increase the overall profitability by leveraging the sales, marketing facets of the organization. CodeGenie as the leading CRM software development company in Chennai has crafted a comprehensive CRM tools that allows the organization to build, maintain and improve the customer relationships. To provide the best CRM software in Chennai, CodeGenie not only believes in creating efficient and high-class functional solutions but also a complete solution that works at the core of the organization to transform the working models. Being a creative CRM software in Chennai CodeGenie’s creative approach in building the software solution has allowed it to serve the clients with an innovative CRM solution that simplifies the entire business process. CodeGenie’s CRM solutions effectively achieve the objectives of centralizing the customer information to access and optimally use it to boost the business activities. Also, the objectives such as Automation of the Marketing Activities, Effective Business intelligence, Tracking of the opportunities, And Analysis of the available information etc are achieved to boost the business. CodeGenie’s CRM solutions are instrumental in increasing business efficiency, distributing the workload of the customer-related activities, boosting the profit margins and ROI. Among the other IT software companies in Chennai, CodeGenie’s complete CRM solutions allow companies to effectively generate new customers and retain the existing one by streamlining the resources by a comprehensive CRM solution.

As a reliable CRM software development company in Chennai CodeGenie’s software development process has incorporated a customer-centric process which focuses on the unique objectives of the clients. The process of design and development of the CRM solution begins with the understanding of the existing model of operations. The challenges

occurring in the existing systems are analysed and understood by CodeGenie’s software developers in Chennai and then the new possibilities to transform the working framework are explored. The complete understanding of the existing method of operation enables CodeGenie to build a platform that gives innovative techniques to operate. After the primary plan outlining and the understanding of the system from inside out, CodeGenie’s team proceeds to craft the CRM solution as per the defined objectives. All the modern tools and functionalities are reflected in the CRM solution to ensure the outstanding CRM solution that gives more scope for effective customer-related activities. Also, CodeGenie’s software development cycle gives immense importance to the testing of the various performance parameters. As one of the most trusted CRM software companies in India, CodeGenie’s immaculate testing ensures the quality solutions delivered to the clients addressing the challenges faced by the organizations. CodeGenie’s Developers thrive to create the solution that streamlines facets of the organizations to give the best results. This has been the reason for CodeGenie’s rise as the best CRM software development company in Chennai.

CodeGenie’ CRM Solution has the following Modern Functionalities and Features

  • Great Content Management, Personalization of the platform to simplify the customer-related activities.
  • Comprehensive Sales Tools and Customer Opportunity Management; Effective Lead Tracking and Records to give better results in generating the new and holding the existing customers.
  • Sales and Marketing analytics tools to track and improve the business processes and streamlining the internal facets of the organizations for better results
  • Files synchronisation and easy sharing to ensure better collaboration among the employees.
  • Effective Automations to boost the Sales and Marketing operations along with the integration of automatic sales and marketing tools to increase the efficacy of the business process.
  • Chat Integrations, Automatic Responses and Support Automations for better customer satisfaction.

Being a complete CRM software development company in Chennai, CodeGenie provides a range of other necessary IT services along with the CRM solutions. Besides providing a one-stop for CRM software in Chennai, CodeGenie’s other IT services include Design and Development of the Mobile Applications, Website Design and Development and other software as a service solution. CodeGenie’s performance in Mobile Application Design and Development has been widely acknowledged making CodeGenie as a successful mobile app development company in Chennai. This range of services offers a central touchpoint to the clients in accessing different IT services at one junction. Other essential IT services such as integration of the other applications or the software, Data Handling and Management, Consultations on the various solutions and maintenance of the software solutions are provided by CodeGenie’s software developers in Chennai. As one of the most innovative software development companies in Chennai CodeGenie while designing and developing the CRM solutions has sought innovation that gives complete freedom to businesses to generate more opportunities and grow exponentially.


Custom CRM Software in Chennai

A custom software solution is a complete tool that allows companies to effectively achieve their unique requirements in customer management, operations and activities and get an impressive Return on Investment ROI. As the best CRM software development company in Chennai, CodeGenie’s custom CRM solutions have fundamental characteristics such as comprehensive custom solutions according to the specific needs of the customer along with Outstanding Scalability and high-class functionality. Being one of the top software development companies in Chennai CodeGenie’s CRM solutions are crafted by considering all the business facets and innovative ways of transforming the existing workflows. Custom CRM solutions are instrumental to increase the efficiency of the business processes with more accuracy and high success rates in achieving the targets. Since a CRM solution is a connecting link between customer-centric processes and the organization workflow, CodeGenie thrives to optimize every micro and macro elements of the involved process to achieve the best customer experience. Having been marked as one of the best IT software companies in Chennai, CodeGenie’s custom CRM solutions are packed with essential features such as customer management functions, sales pipeline management and lead optimization, insights and report generating tools, result monitoring and analysis and complete business insights to make the right business decision.

By understanding the critical business aims of the clients, CodeGenie’s custom CRM solution designers craft and implement the CRM solutions to streamline the business models, strategies and the business plans. To provide the best custom CRM software in Chennai, CodeGenie has been refining its development process. CodeGenie’s CRM application development, are not just one time solutions but a tool that manages and organizes the vast volumes of the data and converts them into the revenue generation interactions.

This consistent improvement approach has been paramount in CodeGenie’s rise as the best CRM development company in India. As one of the frontline software development companies in Chennai, CodeGenie emphasises to explore the fundamental benefits of the custom CRM Software solutions and give more value to the end to end CRM solutions.


Following are the innovative benefits of CodeGenie’s custom CRM solutions.

Complete Integration With Business Operations: With CRM application development, CodeGenie integrates important business facets of the organizations and gives a complete command to the management in achieving the business goals effectively. CodeGenie’s Custom CRM solution effectively streamlines the resources and gives a central operating workflow to optimally use the available resources and boost productivity.

Competitive Business Advantage: CodeGenie focuses on designing the CRM solution which gives complete freedom and more control to the business leadership. This allows for more accurate business decisions and effective business policies to increase the overall performance of the organisations. CodeGenie empowers the companies with automation and tools that give a clear competitive edge over their peers.

Have Access to More Affordable Operations: CodeGenie designs the custom CRM solution by considering the overall cost-effectiveness of the operations. It is the innate quality of the CodeGenie’s solutions to optimise the cost involved in the business process and provides affordable operations to the management. This not only ensures the better utilization of the operations but also gives clear cost-cutting methods.

Better Analytics & Reports to Boost Business Activities: CodeGenie’s CRM solutions are packed with the best report generation tools which allow the management to draw important insights and take the decision effectively. Better analysis by using CRM’s inbuilt tools to help the leadership to take the action precisely and ensure the streamlining of the business process. CodeGenie’s CRM solutions have been empowering the business to generate insights to push business profitability.

Great Return On Investment: CodeGenie designs and develops the custom CRM solutions by considering the cost-effectiveness and Return On Investment. CodeGenie’s team evaluates its own performance on the basis of the overall value generated on the client’s side and always emphasises to keep the cost within the permissible limits.

As one of the best CRM software companies in India, CodeGenie is Redefining the existing business models to bring more profitability and productivity in the principal objective of CodeGenie’s CRM solution development. As a leading software development company in Chennai, CodeGenie thrives to create and implement the functionalities which give more collaborative and efficient ways to transform the business models. CodeGenie’s support team handles the queries and resolves them within the given time frame. CodeGenie’s team uses the businesses to achieve their ultimate business objectives by crafting innovative CRM solutions.

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