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We Are Leading eCommerce Website Development Company in India with 4+ Year of experience with 30+ prowess Developers, We have mastery in Developing High Quality Website Development, Web Poral Development, Custom Portal Development, etc..

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  • Easy onboarding
  • Product categories
  • Product navigation
  • Filter option
  • Add to favourites
  • Add to Cart
  • Coupons and promo codes
  • Multiple payment options
  • Notifications
  • Social media login
  • Ad & Banner section
  • Shipment & Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Admin Panel
  • Profile settings

Our Promise

Responsive Website Development
  • Smart & Responsive eCommerce Websites
  • Great UI
  • Excellent UX
  • User-Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Quality with Affordability
  • Unmatch Performance
  • Highly Secure System
  • Rich Functionality
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Awesome Helpdesk
  • 24×7 Support

Why Choos us as your eCommerce Development Partner

In this digitally transforming world, there is more dependency on the Internet and Mobile & Web Applications. In recent times there have been revolutionary changes in the eCommerce industry. Consumers are expecting an online platform for ordering products quickly and getting it delivered at their doorsteps. Having a well-designed eCommerce Website is instrumental in building a digital infrastructure for the Business. eCommerce Website Development will not only help in marketing but also help in building consistent engagement with the customer. In the Shopping industry, since the business is becoming more competitive it is essential to build and maintain interactions with the customer.

eCommerce Website will create an online environment to boost the overall business of the Shopping by ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction. With the eCommerce Website, Customers can look through various options available, Best price and comparisons, reviews on different items and accordingly make a quick decision. Without an online presence(eCommerce App), the business is at risk of missing the opportunity to hold the customers. So there is a need for the comprehensive eCommerce Mobile Application for Business to excel in the  business. However, it is essential to incorporate the exact tools and features that the customer expects from an online Application. CodeGenie has an understanding and proven experience in eCommerce App Development. CodeGenie has a thorough understanding of what functionality and features Customers expect from the eCommerce Apps when they order product online. Customers expect the simple and easy to navigate mobile application; a good user experience; fast, responsive and optimized apps; latest payment technologies and variety of the options;  quick review and feedback features; notification for the latest offers and discounts etc.

CodeGenie believes in delivering the functionality of embedded Applications for the eCommerce to increase the overall profitability of the businesses. CodeGenie's Quality services in the building and maintaining the eCommerce has enabled it to provide intensive support for the Shoppong industry businesses. CodeGenie thrives to keep its partners or customers competitive in the ever-changing market competition. CodeGenie through eCommerce Application Development built an online ecosystem with the objectives of gaining and retaining more customers for the Shopping business. Constantly checking for the latest tools, features and functionalities has made CodeGenie keep its customers a step ahead in their businesses.

Clients Feedback

  • Apollo Pharmacies Limited
  • Kisco
  • Truly India Services Pvt Ltd
  • Vinfone
  • Star Communications
  • Ezrecharge
"I just wanted to share the feedback about the services rendered by you so far, I really commend the prompt response by you. We know you went the extra mile more than once to help us and for that we are so appreciative. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope the same to be continued further."G. Prudvi Raj - Marketing Assistant
Apollo Pharmacies Limited
"CodeGenie has helped us re-imagine how website should be built, with their experience and quick delivery they are resourceful asset. Their young and dynamic team has a vast skill set from website and application building to e-commerce, payment management solutions etc."Raghav Goel - Director
Kisco Castings (India) Limited
"We had to launch our fintech company in 2020 for the physical retail sector. We selected team CodeGenie for the deployment given their vast experience in the domain and I am happy to say that the team have worked very closely with us throughout the process staying focused on task and target, and on budget. I also highly appreciate quick and courteous responses from the team members and do highly recommend their awesome services!"Anil Kumar Gupta - Chief Executive Officer
Truly India Services Private Limited
CodeGenie provide best service from where most of the development team need to learn. Friendly and Very kind to hear our queries and fast reply.K. Jegaraja Sundaresan - Owner
"We have found a very dedicated team at CodeGenie. I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on every project. CodeGenie team have done a wonderful job of navigating the process and working to make sure things are handled promptly, Even customer support is also very swift responsive every time. Their service is easy to use and save lot of time. Our business performance has improved after having service with CodeGenie."Robin Arora - Owner
"We have been making use of apibox for the past 2 years. They provide good service in terms of transactions and integration of new services. The customer support team is really outstanding and we are really happy with their service and we highly recommend apibox for all."M. Balasubramaniam - Owner
Star Communications
"We worked with apibox team for quite some time now. Having 2nd largest mobile users in India, providing support for time critical and huge number of requests we send to apibox is not that easy and it requires daring effort.These guys does that exactly and consistently over the years. They got awesome customer support and their feedback mechanism is really cool. Given the complex environment we worked at, this is specifically note worthy. We wish all the best to apibox team!!!"Hari Krishnan - Managing Partner
Visai Technologies

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