our résumé

We have the expertise to get your ideas built fast, really fast !

We are the full fledged Information Technology (IT) services, Digital and Business solutions provider, Incorporated on 31st May 2017 with a simple idea that beautiful things doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a lot of hard work.

We are committed to those who care deeply about the products they offer or the services they provide, and quality is their top priority. We aim to meet the ever-shifting needs of the business & organizations, small or large.

We want to co-create applications because we know there’s strength in an idea formed by partners who bring expertise, knowledge and skills from complimentary places. We are the craftspeople who make applications that help our clients and their users lead better, easier, happier lives.

We measure each and every outcome and make the decision based on how well it serves our customers and partners
  • We work with transparency by ensuring internal and external communications with steady respect, candor and honesty.
  • Focus on delivering outstanding results by supporting each other for extraordinary execution and rewarding those who create great outcomes.
  • We empower our teammates in a work environment that is conducive to creating the optimal work/life balance and fosters personal development and professional growth.
  • We innovate and push for boundless creativity and solutions to some of the toughest problems.
  • At last – Laugh. Be grateful. Stay Positive. Make everyone feel good.

The Development Process



This is the most important step as it involves a good understanding of you – what your business goals and dreams are, and how technology can be utilized to help you achieve those goals. We generally try to draw together all the paramters like your intended user segment, business process and all other important specification assessments.



This is another important step, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project requiring your regular interaction with us to plan a tailor-made solution. A blue-print is prepared outlining the application flow, design layout, technologie(s) to be used, and platforms like web, android, iOS, Windows for which the application will be supported.



Now it’s time to initiate the look and feel implementation of the application based on the intended user base, incorporation of brand logo, colors and content to strengthen your business identity. Once you approve the final design, we proceed with the deployment of application.



The deployment of application begins as per the planning and design specifications agreed upon, along with necessary testing plans and technical documentations. Functional prototype is shared with you to ensure things are moving as planned and prototype is worked upon continuously until the specifications are met and the development is completed in terms of the whole functionality.


Testing & Delivery

To ensure there are no mistakes made in deployment, we get the application tested for functionality, usability and performance. The bugs detected are fixed and launched as beta version open to a select crowd of users to check for unexpected application behaviour. Upon passing all the test cases, application is launched successfully which users are going to love while using.



To be perfect is to change continuously according to the market trends, user feedback, updated technology, changing user behaviour. Maintenance ensures your application remains secure, data back up for all time functionality, bug fixes encountered during long term usage of the application, optmisation of resources for best performance based on the various analytical reports, in all it keeps you ahead of the trend and your business identity strong.