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Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

Today, mobile phones have become an all-purpose gadget. Millions of people all over the world use it for a variety of purposes. In fact, mobile app usage has surpassed the time spent on surfing the web! a few years ago; this fact would have been unimaginable. Undoubtedly, we live in a world that is characterized by cut-throat competition. Hence, the need to innovate and enhance products and services has acquired the utmost significance. It is precisely what mobile app development services enable businesses to achieve. They have fast become a thing of necessity for enterprises to progress in a short time. CodeGenie is a leading company in Mobile App Development. iOS and Android mobile app development services offer many benefits to B2B and B2C businesses. Entrepreneurs can engage more with their customers, and with the help of various features build better connections and brand loyalty. Mobile apps can instantly captivate customers' attention. Hence, helping in customer engagement as well as retention. Smartphones are utilized by their users every day. This repeated usage on the part of its users can be leveraged by a business to enhance its visibility tremendously. Mobile apps also improve the scope of marketing activities. The cross-platform utility of the apps helps them to widen your existing audience base. Moreover, by investing in the best mobile app development services, you stay in touch with your customers through notifications, messages, promotional rewards, and the like. The portability and ease of access to mobile phones ensure that your customers face no problem in purchasing your products, anywhere, anytime. CodeGenie provides the best mobile app development services in all of Delhi. It does not matter whether you are a small, medium, or large-scale business; we have the expertise ready for it. What makes us different? You might think. Our comprehensive design workflow commences with the creation of wireframes that enables us to make design decisions, and fix any issues in design within time. We strive to develop a dynamic product that apart from performing all the requisite tasks also integrates easily with various web services. We specialize in creating custom mobile app solutions, tailored to all your business needs while being budget-friendly at the same time. Hence, by choosing us, you can be assured of quality and performance, the two parameters on which we never compromise. The scalable architecture that we employ ensures that your solution has the capability to manage any increase in load while maintaining optimal performance at the same time. Our certified pool of mobile app developers leverages the latest tools and technologies like React, Swift, Invision – Prototype, Android TV, iOS, Unity 3D, among others. Our extensive mobile app development services list covers everything from testing, integration, safety and security, quality assurance, and continual content management support so that you always are on the top of your game. We possess the knowledge of diverse frameworks present in today’s continuously expanding mobile app development arena. Choose CodeGenie and bring all your ideas to life.

Custom Mobile App Development Services to Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

If you want to take your business to the next level, then leveraging the services of a custom mobile app development company is the way forward. Custom mobile apps facilitate greater efficiency, organization, and productivity of every enterprise as it is tailored precisely according to their unique needs. Being a renowned mobile app development services provider in Delhi, CodeGenie's custom mobile app development process has a record of providing 100% customer satisfaction with these services. Our proactive team of developers and consultants leave no stone unturned in gaining a thorough knowledge of your business ecosystem. It enables us to build a custom strategy and unleash the full potential of cutting-edge mobile technologies for your organization. Our full-cycle custom mobile app development services list includes everything from expert analysis of your business, development of the app from a raw idea to its release, integration into your architecture, and further optimization and on-demand scaling facilities. CodeGenie leverages state-of-the-art technologies, modern UI, and intelligent algorithms to furnish you with a truly remarkable product. We have catered to various businesses and are committed to serving you by helping you reach your desired goals.

Cost-efficient Android App Development Services to Fulfil Your Every Business Concern

Android apps are fast becoming the go-to option for businesses worldwide. Android offers an easy development platform and is characterized by a wide market presence. Thus, android app development services present themselves as a lucrative option for organizations eager to expand their audience base and gain greater visibility in a short amount of time. Being a prominent Android app development company in Delhi, CodeGenie comprises a skilled pool of developers adept at working with advanced technologies like Android Software Development Kit (SDKs), NFC integration and Geo-fencing, OpenGL, and Android Security Architecture, among many others. Be it custom apps or a native Android app; you can be assured of receiving a quality product if you choose us. Our budget and user-friendly Android apps are designed to provide an impeccable app experience to your users. At CodeGenie, we prioritize security above all else. You can be assured of your product is fully protected against any security vulnerability or threat. We specialize in creating Android apps across major categories like travel, entertainment, education, among others. Invest in our full services and dynamic technical proficiency to see your business reach new heights of growth.  

Innovative iOS App Development Services That Deliver the Results You Need

There’s no denying the fact that investing in reliable iOS app development services is now becoming crucial for any business that wants to increase its credibility and customer loyalty. What sets an iPhone app apart is its advanced functionalities like a highly immersive user interface, advanced security, and customer satisfaction brought about by user connectivity. You can be assured of imparting excellent customer experience and in turn, boosting your ROI by choosing to develop an iOS app for your business. As the best iOS mobile app development company in Delhi, CodeGenie excels at providing end-to-end iOS app development services to businesses of all sizes belonging to diverse domains. Our development process covers everything from consulting services, application design, and development strategy, a rigorous testing process, and the app launch. Our intellectual team of iPhone app developers utilize technologies like Objective-C, Swift, X-Code, XML Parsing, Cocoa Framework, and JSON, among others to provide our clients with a never-felt-before iOS app experience. Its result speaks for itself in the form of an app packed with features like analytics, Geo-fencing, and location check-ins, among many others. In other words, you will receive a solution that is guaranteed to enable you to address and overcome every single business concern. At CodeGenie, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Hence, our custom iPhone app development process takes into consideration all your specific goals and issues to deliver an app that is tailored to your demands. Bring your vision of an interactive and user-friendly iOS app to life by choosing our services. Our iOS app developers skillfully manage the entire iOS lifecycle so that you receive the best-in-class product. Our expert design team gives due attention to graphics, touch handling, and animations while bringing your idea to life. CodeGenie’s rich expertise extends to efficiently managing the multi-thread environment, developing advanced algorithms, and imparting technical leadership when creating your custom iOS application. We adhere to the best industry practices when testing your app so that it performs at its peak without any glitches. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support services so that your app never loses its shine. Choose CodeGenie and get ready to leverage a range of high performing cross-platform applications designed to streamline your processes, impart greater productivity to your organization, and provide value-based services to your users.


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