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Mobile App Development Company in Pune

Mobile phones are one of the most widely used electronic devices across the world. People these days use mobile phones for various purposes. From work to entertainment, mobile has brought it all in your clenched fist. It has also widened the business scope as people now use mobile phones to shop for the products and services they need. If you are a business owner, then increase your reach by developing mobile apps. Irrespective of your business size, mobile apps will help gain your client’s engagement and give you a better reach.

Having a mobile app for your business comes with multiple benefits, like:

  • Visibility- mobile apps will increase your business’s visibility. Your audience can easily see and purchase your products/services with mobile apps by a few clicks. The free time scrollings of your users can increase your sales.
  • Loyalty- mobile apps help in cultivating the loyalty of your customers. Using the apps, your users can easily view your products and directly connect you for any queries. You can give in-app promotions and discounts to increase their engagement. It has a more significant impact on your user’s mind than other online and offline advertising methods. Direct interactions have always boosted customer’s loyalty.
  • Brand Recognition- we develop a user-friendly, responsive, and useful app that uplifts your brand’s image. You can include all the valuable features in your app that will make purchasing and interactions easier. It will improve your user’s convenience and increase their engagement too.
  • Marketing- a dedicated mobile app works as an effective marketing channel. People spend most of their time online, and thus your app needs to show up in the platforms where your customer gathers. Through dedicated mobile apps, your customers can get information about your products, make transactions, and do everything they want. Various features present here allows them to do it all in a few clicks. Push notifications from the app help your customers know all the deals and discounts provided by your business at no additional cost.
  • Profits- When your customers are satisfied with your services, it improves your sales. As people are mostly connected to the internet via their smartphones, it becomes essential to develop equally responsive apps on all mobile devices. We create Android and iOS compatible apps so that no users are left out from using your application.
  • Accessibility- One of the significant benefits of mobile apps is that it reaches a wide range of clients present at different places at the same time. Being a business owner, you can send exclusive or app-wide offers to various customers, and they would receive it in no time. It can increase your sales as your customers know about the offers early and shop from anywhere they want.
  • Customer service- With mobile apps, your users can quickly contact various customer servicing channels and address their issues. Remember that having different customer servicing channels and giving on-time resolutions will increase their satisfaction level.

Addressing the satisfaction factors of your customers is the main point of focus for any business owner. But to gain profits and loyalty from your customers, you must build an app that would address their expectations and requirements.

If you are searching for an app development company that can do all of it and help you reach your business goals, contact us at CodeGenie. We are the best Mobile app development company in Pune, who has successfully converted many users into customers. Transparency and efficiency are the highlights of our services. We build exclusive apps that are user-friendly and help your business grow, that too, within an affordable cost.


Android app development service and company in Pune

Android is the leading mobile operating system which possesses around 74.6% of the global market share. It means most mobile phone users have Android phones, and thus it is essential that your business app be present there. We at CodeGenie develop android mobile apps to boost your business.

The apps we design are compatible with all android phones and tabs. Hence it becomes easy for the users to access your apps, irrespective of the android device they are using. We work on several technologies like Figma, firebase, React-Native to offer you a high-quality customized app that would positively impact your brand.

Our experienced android developers possess the required technical and analytical skills that will take your app to a whole new level. They customize each app according to business specifications and end-user preferences. Our developers are creative, understanding and spend time researching to develop an app that is one of its kind. We do competitor analysis before starting a project and also take feedback from the users to understand their expectations.

Transparency, work-ethics, and a good support team make us the best Android app development service and company in Pune. We believe in serving the customers what they need from our services.

Before starting a project, we discuss the approximate cost of it. We always adhere to the set guidelines and given time frames for projects.

So whether you want to re-create your app or like to design a new one, contact CodeGenie- a reliable android app development service and company in Pune. We specialize in building android apps that use various android technologies and advanced programming languages.


IOS app development service and company in Pune

After Android, it is the IOS platform that has the maximum market share. So your application must be present in the App store too. We build secure apps that get approved on the IOS platform quickly. We use different technologies like objective c, Swift, invasion, Mocks to develop feature-rich apps that will grow your business.

We follow a systematic procedure for developing your mobile app at CodeGenie. Our apps are user-friendly and possess all the features that will transform your online traffic into leads. The apps we create consists of the following features:

  • Online audiences these days have a brief span. They lose their interest quickly, and hence the app needs to be simple yet useful. We develop apps that look and feel simple. It comes with uncluttered screens and has easy navigation qualities.
  • The faster loading screen is another critical element that you will get in all of our apps. It is crucial as people lose interest in an application that takes more time to load.
  • We make sure that we design apps that have the perfect balance between speed and functionality. We ensure to construct a detailed app that improves the user experience. Good graphics and high definition color palette indeed attract the attention of end-users.
  • We develop flexible apps that work equally great on any platform- Android or iOS. They are compatible with all screen sizes too.
  • As people are using more of the internet, hackers are trying to get the best out of it. They are always trying to steal valuable information from different websites and apps. It is why we include additional security measures to ensure all the data and payment details saved on the app are safe from hackers’ interference.
  • Depending on your business’s requirements, we include all the essential features that would make it more useful for the users.
  • We continuously make the app better and send periodic updates to make it more relevant for your customers. With updates, end-users will get a better product; we can fix various issues and give the app a whole new look.

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