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Software Company in Chandigarh

Outsourcing software development tasks is the new normal in the industry. Whether you are a product-based or service-based company, your primary focus should always be on your main operations. And to manage everything efficiently, contact CodeGenie, a top software company in Chandigarh that offers all-round software solutions. We have a team of experienced professionals who would develop the perfect software to enhance your business capabilities.

Companies often get confused about whether they should hire an in-house developer or should outsource the work. Hiring a software developer might seem economic initially, but there are many cons associated with it. Firstly, you will have to spend time and resources searching for the ideal candidate. You would also have to purchase or rent the required tools and technologies to help them perform the given task. However, when you choose a software company in Chandigarh like CodeGenie, things would get much easier for you. Let’s explain how hiring our services would be beneficial for you as a whole:

  • Access to our talent pool– When you hire one of the best software companies in Chandigarh, CodeGenie, you will get access to an immense pool of talent. Our in-house professionals have been working in the industry for many years, and they stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. They use the best-in-class equipment to deliver you software that would take your business to the next level. From development to deployment, we will take care of everything related to the software while you can spend your time and resources working on your core business operations. With CodeGenie, a top software company in Chandigarh, you will no longer have to worry about anything related to software. We will develop superior software within the allotted time and manage it through its entire life cycle.
  • Affordable– It has been seen that companies who take our services spend around 30% less than the companies who hire in-house developers. Do not only think about the developer’s salary; there are other costs associated with the whole process, along with several hassles. Rather than tackling all that, contact CodeGenie to get the best services at the most reasonable price.
  • Enhanced security– Assuming that there is no existing IT department in your company, there is a higher chance that your software will be at risk. Your software contains confidential data, and if it is not secured enough, hackers can steal it at any time. By outsourcing your software development task to our software company in Chandigarh, you can rest assured about the security. We take special care in protecting your data and spend time & resources to make your software more secure.


Custom Software Company in Chandigarh

CodeGenie is a software company in Chandigarh that will provide you with all-round services. We follow a systematic workflow to give you the best product development services. Our team consists of expert developers who have successfully executed multiple projects from various industries for global clients. Let us discuss the step by step process we follow to develop the best products for you.

  • Identification of design criteria– It involves the possible brainstorming of new products.
  • In this phase, we sit with your team to identify the prospective product. Once that is done, we move forward with the execution of a more formal product development strategy. It helps us customize your software and develop it according to your business workflow.
  • Idea analysis, Screening- During the idea analysis phase, we evaluate the product concept more closely. Different studies and research occur in this phase to understand if the software development strategies formulated will practically help the business.
  • Customers and Users- We at CodeGenie, one of the best IT companies in Chandigarh, analyze the prospective customers’ and existing user’s behavior and usage pattern to understand their preferences and requirements.
  • Competitors- We are one of those IT companies in Chandigarh Mohali that closely study your competitors to understand the customers’ requirements and preferences.
  • We at the best companies in Chandigarh collect data about the strengths and weaknesses of innovating software development so that We know the development strategies will be beneficial or not.
  • Market Trends- We always keep ourselves up to date with the market trends to incorporate the same to your products and attract more customers.
  • Rough ROI Estimate- We will roughly estimate the ROI for you so that you can decide if investing in the new software development will be profitable for your business or not. It is a USP of our IT company in Chandigarh.
  • User-Centered Design- We always develop customer-centric products so that it can help your business reach new heights.
  • User Research and Analysis- With user research and analysis, we can understand the various ways in which users perform activities and their preferences. It is a thorough study of the target users. Our IT company in Chandigarh can find crucial information related to the software development process.
  • Personas and User Journey-Data on user personas will reveal the target audience for developing the product. Having proper knowledge about this would help us, one of the best companies in Chandigarh, understand your customer base and its product innovation preferences.
  • Concept Design- This is the designing phase in the software development process.
  • After collecting all the required data and information, in this phase, we will start with the primary designing process to transform the innovative ideas into reality.
  • User Testing of Prototypes- Once the designing process is complete, we will create prototypes of the same and put them out for user testing in the real world. In this phase, we will take suggestions and feedback to develop a more polished final product.
  • Interactive Prototypes to Freeze Technical Requirements- We will build a model prototype depending on your currently known requirements. The prototype can also help understand any further needs; as with this, you will get the system’s real feel.
  • Iterations- Once all the requirements are understood and feedback is received, we will make iterations and the suggested implementations in the product development process to improve it.
  • Detailed Design- Once you approve the iterations and there are no further changes needed, we will start with the thorough designing process.

Finally, we will develop, test, and then go ahead with the release. We will look after the entire life-cycle of the software. If you wish to know more about our services at one of Chandigarh’s best IT companies, call us today!

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