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Software Development Company in Kolkata

Companies have been seeking reliable and efficient ways of operating the business cycles to grow successfully. To achieve this, companies are relying on the software solutions which offer comprehensive control over the various aspects of the organization. CodeGenie as a leading software company in Kolkata believes in crafting the software solutions which not only provide a complete solution to minimise the overall workload but also provides a great tool to enhance the productivity of the company’s resources. To achieve this CodeGenie’s Software developer in Kolkata focuses on the quality aspects of the software development. Enterprise software design needs through an understanding of business operations. As a reliable software company in Kolkata CodeGenie first emphasises in understanding the existing challenges of the companies and then explores the various ideas to automate and streamline the various aspects of the business. Moreover, to give it a complete functionality, CodeGenie’s software solutions always reflect the latest and modern technology elements. This allows CodeGenie to craft the solutions of different levels of complications and sophistication effectively among the other IT companies in Kolkata.

Qualities such as Good UI and UX, Responsiveness, Compatibility with different operating systems and devices, Security Features, Agility, Speed characteristics, high-performance ratings, Scalability, Integrability and Consistent performance etc have paramount importance in CodeGenie’s software development process. To ensure all of these qualities, CodeGenie’s team rigorously refines the software design process. The process of software design initiates upon the gathering of the begins from the current scenario of the organization. All the objectives of the clients are taken into account before the actual implementation of the project. CodeGenie’s team discusses the possible outcomes with the clients and explores the new ideas that can transform the existing methods and offer great feasibility to the companies. Then the CodeGenie’s Software developer in Kolkata works rigorously on the coding part of the software design and development and keeps the innovations and creativity at the centre of the software design process. Various modern technologies in the field of software design and development are implemented by CodeGenie’s developers. The best tools and functionalities are explored and the best one is deployed as per the specific objective of the company. As a complete software company in Kolkata CodeGenie has a complete Knowledge base and IT resources for the various programming languages, platforms and technologies which are instrumental in building a complete software solution. Also, being the leading software company in Kolkata CodeGenie’s developers have the expertise and proven experience to handle the projects effectively and give better outputs to the clients as per the predefined objectives. After the deployment of the software The team analyses the performance of the solutions and checks its performance on the different scales to check its responsiveness, speed ratings, performance parameters, compatibility with the other devices and platforms, integrability overall efficiency etc to ensure the quality of the solutions. This refined approach has allowed CodeGenie to deliver the solutions among the other IT companies in Kolkata with diversified applications such as:

  • Sales and Marketing CRM solutions that automate the sales and marketing process, to keep the real-time track of the sales and marketing activities to reduce the workload and effectively utilise the resources. This crafting of the outstanding software solutions makes CodeGenie the best software companies in Kolkata
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solutions which transform the workflows and create the best working models to give better results and enhance productivity. CodeGenie’s ERP software development has been impressive enterprise software development in Kolkata.
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions that control and monitor the various aspects of the Supply Chain and optimise it to increase the overall performance.
  • MLM software solutions to manage and build a sophisticated plan to manage the networks and streamline the available resources. CodeGenie has been the leading MLM software company in Kolkata building the MLM solutions to redefine the workflows. As a renowned MLM software company in Kolkata, CodeGenie has delivered the MLM software solutions as per the exact structural needs demanded by the companies.
  • Being one of the top software companies in Kolkata, CodeGenie’s Other productivity Software solutions such as Accounting and Finance solutions, Banking Software Solutions, Logistics and inventory management software solutions etc to utilise the available resource optimally and automate the redundant work systems to allow the employees and the management to focus on the core responsibilities. As a best, IT company in Kolkata CodeGenie provides the best software solutions to improve the performance of the different important facets of the company.


As the customer-centric software company in Kolkata CodeGenie understands the ultimate objectives of the companies to generate more productive ways of operations and bring more productivity in all facets of the organizations. Being the best software development company in Kolkata, CodeGenie’s software solutions consider these ultimate objectives of the companies and create the software solutions which give better solutions that optimise the process, give a better return on the investments, automate the heavy and time-consuming activities, streamlines the activities all across the organizations, give better tools to handle the complicated tasks giving more freedom and feasibility to focus on the other important tasks and activities. Being the best software company in Kolkata CodeGenie believes in pushing up the productivity of the companies by creating the solutions which transform the existing modes of operations.

Custom Software Company in Kolkata

As a leading custom software development company in Kolkata, CodeGenie understands the growing competition in the digital space and gives a customised solution to its clients to stay one step ahead. CodeGenie’s customised software development has been instrumental in crafting the solutions as per the exact needs of the companies. With custom software development, CodeGenie’s developers can personalise the solutions by considering the operations of the companies and help the organization to streamline their process. Being the best software company in Kolkata CodeGenies’s customization not only focuses not only on the complete solutions that can centrally perform the essential tasks more productively but also innovation that allows companies to transform the old conventional methods of operation.

Being the creative software development company in Kolkata, CodeGenie’s process of tailoring the software solution begins with analysing the process of the organizations closely. This involves a complete understanding of the business aspects to design and deliver tailor-made solutions. Being one of the best software companies in Kolkata CodeGenie’s creative developers and think tank work on the possible outcomes of the software design and development. Then After the deep analysis and understanding of the key challenge of the organization, CodeGenie’s team processes for further establishment of the software design process. After this, CodeGenie’s team designs and develops the software solutions to meet the objectives defined in the previous stages. After this process, CodeGenie’s Software developer in Kolkata works on the implementation and the deployment of the solution. Being the quality IT company in Kolkata CodeGenie assures the quality and the performance parameters of the software solutions. Also, the security features have always given paramount importance by CodeGenie’s developers. This repeated testing in every phase of the software development gives a better output in the standpoint of performance, robustness and overall functionality. As one of the leading IT software companies in Kolkata CodeGenie believes in proving the software solutions which meets its present standard of the delivery and assures quality performance on the solution designed.

Being one of the top software companies in Kolkata CodeGenie can craft the intricate functions of the ERP, CRM solutions so that the organizations can design the frameworks as per the exact needs and make the necessary structure to boost productivity. With outstanding results in crafting ERP solutions, CodeGenie has been able to set a new standard in enterprise software development in Kolkata. As one of the frontline IT software companies in Kolkata, CodeGenie with Customized software solution development, can effectively empower the companies to find efficient ways of creating the workflows for the business operations.

CodeGenie being a complete software development company in Kolkata assures the clients to serve the other IT services which are related to Software development. CodeGenie’s support team works diligently on the queries raised by the clients and give them a transparent overview of the situation and suggest the solution accordingly. Also, the other important services of migration and integration the other software solutions along with their data has been impressively handled by the Software developer in Kolkata. CodeGenie’s complete dedication for personalising the software solutions to meet the specific demands of the companies have been appreciated by his clients all access the industries.

CodeGenie has also offered outstanding IT services including the Applications design and development. In the realm of Application Development, CodeGenie has been known as one of the leading app developers in Kolkata. And as a reliable app development company in Kolkata, CodeGenie is setting the outstanding feats in designing the applications and solutions for the industries. CodeGenie’s app developers in Kolkata have collectively contributed to make the CodeGenie the best app development company in Kolkata, Besides, as an innovative IT company in Kolkata CodeGenie is further exploring the ways to incorporate the best and thriving technologies in the solutions to redefine the software development for the clients.

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