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Web Development Company in Aurangabad

As the world is getting inclined towards the internet, getting a dedicated website for a business is becoming more critical. Many people resist building their website because they are not technologically sound or think that developing a website is expensive. But neither of this is true. You do not need technical knowledge or a massive budget for creating a website. CodeGenie is the place where you can contact to create a great website; we are the best web development company in Aurangabad. We have some of the best developers in our team who will understand your business objectives. We build responsive and simple websites that would save your time and cost.

If you are still unsure about having a website for your business, consider the following advantages that it provides:

  • With websites, your business will get massive exposure. It will attract new customers as you will be able to connect to anyone over the internet. With websites, there is a higher chance of converting your visitors to potential customers, and it will give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Websites improve your business credibility. A responsive website can create positive first impressions about the business in the minds of your customers. It will show your expertise, highlight your key points, and help you achieve an overall better position in your industry.
  • Developing a useful website is not as hard as you think with CodeGenie- we have expert developers on board. We create websites that match the preferences of your users. Share your requirements and leave the technical job to us. We will set a budget, timeframe, and deliver you a website adhering to them. Web applications are cost-effective and offer a much better return on investment than other online advertisements.
  • Websites will reduce the time that you might have spent on connecting with your potential customers. Websites these days can easily answer some FAQs. It would save a lot of your time that you might have spent talking to your customers discussing the same things.
  • Websites help in creating a great image in the market and helps you to acquire a position. It is the right way of finding genuine customers who can help you to improve your sales. On websites, your customers can see positive reviews about your business, helping you combat business negativities.


Custom web designing and development service in Aurangabad

Customizing your web design is the first step towards offering your audience an exclusively online presence. The main aim of customization is to build a website that would fulfill the customers’ needs uniquely and functionally. Such websites are responsive, easy to navigate and offer everything that the customers want.

To get the website you have always wanted, contact the best custom web designing and development service in Aurangabad- CodeGenie. Outsourcing your web development and designing tasks for us come with a lot of advantages:

  • We understand the value of time and hence always do delivery within the given timeframe. We focus on the quality of the work and ensure not to compromise it even once. Websites create first impressions, and outsourcing your web development task to the professionals help you stay ahead in the league.
  • We have experts and the necessary tools that will help you to develop the best websites in your niche.
  • With professional web developers, you will get better maintenance and other supports for your website.
  • Professional services will help you get an SEO friendly website that will increase your business’s visibility to the world.


E-commerce Web Designing and Development Service in Aurangabad

The biggest challenge for a business owner is to sell his products. Whether you have a startup or a big business house, going online can be a great decision. It would increase your customer base and the spread of your business too. E-commerce business can help you generate more revenue by investing less and within a short period.

If you are a product based company who wishes to have an e-commerce website of your own, contact us at CodeGenie. You will get the most efficient e-commerce web designing and development service in Aurangabad. With the websites designed and developed by us, you will employ a wide range of sales and marketing techniques that will attract new customers and help you retain the old ones.

Key benefits of the e-commerce websites developed by us include:

  • A significant concern for any company is the investment they put in. Online e-commerce stores have much lower set-up and running costs compared to an offline store. You would save on a wide range of things, including office maintenance costs, staff salary, electricity bills, etc.
  • No matter where you are, you will manage your business very easily through some clicks.
  • E-commerce websites are incredibly scalable. You will be able to add, remove, and manage the products that you want to sell online very easily.
  • Your customers can be anywhere and order from there. Also, timing does not matter here; if your customers want to order a dress in the middle of a night, they can easily do that.
  • You can easily track the success of your e-commerce website using various tools like Google Analytics. You would have all the details in hand like the total number of orders, rate of cart abortion, etc. You can easily determine whether your e-commerce website is a hit.


Android App Development Service in Aurangabad

People use their smartphones to do much more than just calling or texting. They shop, get entertained, and even do their work on smartphones. Android phones have become quite famous lately because it’s affordable and easy to use. The main attraction of these phones lies in the apps which make the life of the users better.

A well-designed app is not only eye-catching but also equally functional. So if you want to spread your business wings and reach new achievement highs, contact us at CodeGenie. We will build android apps for you that are:

  • Simple- Most of the traffic that will visit your application has a short attention span. Hence it is essential users find everything very easily on the app through a few clicks.
  • Fast- People get frustrated over applications that take a few seconds to come up. Thus it is essential to build an app that is functional yet loads fast.
  • Having a better resolution- As much important as it is to have a functional website, it is equally crucial to look great. A detailed screen enhances the user experience to the next level.
  • Flexible- We develop android apps that work efficiently across all Android devices, irrespective of the screen size.
  • Secured- It is vital to make sure that the developed application is secured from various internet attacks. Apps can have multiple sensitive information stored and protect them from hackers; it is a good idea to put out extra security layers.
  • Attractive- apart from all the functions, your app is vital for being attractive and appealing. Ensure that your apps have a bright color scheme and a consistent design throughout, which will attract users to use it more.

Apart from this, the apps we develop have essential functionalities like push notifications and frequent updates for bug fixing. We take user feedback seriously and implement the same in the next updates.


IOS App Development Service in Aurangabad

The number of iOS users is increasing actively, and hence it is becoming more critical for businesses to showcase their products to those users. CodeGenie offers the best IOS app development service in Aurangabad- you can avail to give your business a whole new world of opportunities. We have an experienced IOS development team who follow the latest trends and use the best technologies to develop your app. We incorporate all the required features in an app to make sure it gets listed and remains in the app store with more download numbers. Apart from the basic functional inclusions like less loading time, and easy navigation, some exclusive features of the IOS apps developed by us will include:

  • We incorporate beautiful colors and attractive designs to gain the attention of your users. Apart from this, we make sure that the app gets easily blended with the dark mode in your Apple Phone.
  • The end-users can easily sign-up using an Apple account to the app if needed. It is easy and convenient. The users can also open the app with their face IDs, which means they will not have to remember or type any other passwords.
  • We integrate Siri into the applications we develop. It helps users give voice commands, search for their favorite products on the app without typing, and do various things with voice control.

We make sure that the apps are functional, smooth, and fulfills the needs of the users. We perform research to understand the user’s needs and design apps to accomplish that. We develop unique apps that stand out from the crowd regarding its responsiveness and SEO friendly features. It will transform your visitors into potential customers.

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