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Web Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Websites are the most critical elements for establishing your online business. In today’s world, when everything is found online, you should, too, strengthen your online footfall by having a website that fulfills your business’s objectives. Whether you have a small startup or a giant corporation, your customers should be able to connect you online and get all the services by the click of a button.

At CodeGenie, we understand your ideas, focus on your objectives, and acquire your customers’ needs to design and develop a highly responsive customized website that would cater exclusively to your needs. We develop well-structured sites where your users can navigate easily and find everything they want in an instant. We are the best web development company in Bhubaneswar who understands the importance of uniqueness, and goes steps ahead to build and design a creatively and functionally extravagant website for your company.

Our developers are experienced and skilled in their individual niches and have successfully completed multiple overseas projects. The highlight of our service is transparency and effective communication. At each stage of the project development, we will update you with the workflow, the challenges we face, and the potential solutions for them. We understand the importance of communications, and hence our developers and other team members are always there to answer your question. With our web development and designing services, you will be able to develop a successful website that will boost your business so that it can reach new highs.

The websites we customize consists of the following features:

  • We develop aesthetically, pleasing and useful websites. We start by developing sitemaps which enhance the navigability of the website. It helps improve both SEO and experience of the end users.
  • We make sure that all the crucial business information is visible on your website easily. We know that web visitors have a short attention span; hence we design in a way that would fulfill their needs without them having to navigate your entire website.
  • We ensure to make your business contact links and numbers readily available. Many times visitors come online to search for contacts, and the websites we develop will help them get it quickly.
  • We make navigation throughout the website accessible and hassle-free. Depending on your business objectives, we also place a call-to-action button on each web page.
  • We develop SSL certified secured websites. All the data entered and present in the website are safe from hackers.
  • Promoting your business on social media is the need of the hour. We integrate your social media handles to your website so that users can find your business smoothly with a click.
  • We know smartphones have taken over the markets, and people are using more of it to search for products and services online. Hence we design mobile-friendly versions of your website so that you can reach your customers, no matter which device they use.


Custom Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Website customization is the talk of the town due to the personalized experience it offers to the clients. These websites are tailored to satisfy their online service/product needs and requirements. With website personalization, you will take your website surfing to the next level and give personal attention to each of your users.

We used advanced data collection techniques and tools to understand your users’ search-behavior, which in turn helps us create personalized experiences for them. We dynamically personalize your website and make it marketing-friendly so that consumers do not have that generic and boring feel.

We at CodeGenie focus on building websites that will help you with digital marketing, increasing your sales and giving a boost to your overall efforts.

An example of website customization done by us is, when you visit an e-commerce website, it shows you relevant results depending on your past searches. You can also access your preferred products or past purchases easily there.

The benefits of customizing your website from us, the best custom website designing & development service and company in Bhubaneswar, are- we research and understand your customers’ needs. We collect data about their expectations and past journeys to build a website that would cater to their individual needs.

We work systematically to make sure no elements are missed out during the project creation.

  • Our developers will discuss and understand the objectives and requirements of your business to develop a reliable website. We will discuss different aspects of the project, potential problems, guidelines, time frames and a tentative cost during this time. We understand the importance of time, and hence we set realistic goals at each point so that we do not miss out on any deadline. Transparency is the highlight of our business.
  • Next, we focus on collecting user’s data to understand their preferences, requirements, and expectations. We develop surveys and open-end questionnaires to understand their needs in a better way.
  • After all the data collection, we start by building the prototype. We develop fully functional prototypes so that you can use it and suggest changes according to your preference.
  • Incorporating your suggestions, we develop the final product. Before releasing it, we conduct a series of quality analysis to ensure what we deliver is the best for your business.


E-commerce Development Company in Bhubaneswar

If you are into an e-commerce business, it is essential to have a dynamic website fully customized based on your customers’ needs. Individual users should get recommendations as per their browsing history, products in the cart, past orders, etc. To make this happen, we at CodeGenie use state of the art technology and the latest trends to develop and design your e-commerce website. We create multiple-device compatible websites that work equally well on smartphones and desktops. So it does not matter which device your end-users are availing; they can easily navigate through the website and use all its features..

The features of an e-commerce website that we develop include:

  • We enable features on your website like a flexible shopping cart, which is essential for e-commerce business. With this, both registered and unregistered users will be able to shop from your website without hassles.
  • We integrate various payment gateways for the convenience of your users. It will not limit their choices, and they can use any payment method they want, which will improve their shopping experience.
  • We can set up a wholesome order management panel on your website that would simplify your task of managing orders, all in one place.
  • We offer scalable hosting infrastructure as that will help your website to cope up with fluctuating web traffic.
  • We integrate logistics service on your website so that your users can have a seamless shopping experience. It will also help the users by giving them real-time courier updates. When users can track their products easily,it amplifies their satisfaction level.

We offer all these and many other features on your e-commerce website, depending on your individual needs.

Our quality of work and on-time delivery make us one of the best e-commerce website designing and development services and companies in Bhubaneswar. We have worked with multiple-industries in the past and have developed websites and apps for them according to their individual business requirements.

Apart from customizing and building highly responsive websites, we also build applications for smartphones. Our android app development service in Bhubaneswar focuses on building high-quality applications that are great for your business’s growth. Now your users will easily browse through your product and services and do transactions using your app. We customize apps and incorporate various features in them, depending on your business needs. The apps developed by us are light-weight, fast, and can operate even when the internet signals are low.

Our work approach and efficiency help us to serve you better. The highlights of our services will include:

  • Our development and design team have experienced members who have completed many projects and helped businesses to achieve their goals.
  • We offer a variety of services using top-notch tools and current market trends. We have an impressive portfolio of work, wherein we have provided services to different industries.
  • While designing websites, we always integrate SEO components. We consider different elements of SEO in a website that improves its overall visibility.
  • The websites we design loads fast have consistency in color and style. Our websites are highly responsive, and we have a profile of impressive web designs.
  • We maintain a cordial, and transparent relationship with our clients and stakeholders. We communicate with them at each stage of the project and give the best services until the website launches.

So if you are looking out for a good web design and development company that can build your website from scratch, keeping in mind your business objectives and your users’ needs, contact us at CodeGenie without delay.

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