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Web Development Company in Delhi NCR

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In a rapidly developing city of Delhi, if you cannot keep up with the times when it comes to business, then you are bound to get left behind by your competition. The businesses are currently flourishing through their online presence. It has become a necessity for all businesses to have an online presence, to prosper, regardless of if it is a small scale business or large scale business. Furthermore, your business do not just require an online presence, but a present-day, attractive and engaging online presence

CodeGenie is a leading website and mobile APP development company in Delhi, which is preferred and trusted by many successful businesses presently. We have revolutionized website development through our incredible ways. Additionally, developers in our company are some of the finest in the field of website and application development.

Once you reach out to us, we will set up a meeting for you and our developers to help them understand more regarding your business and your vision of the website you want to build. After that they will present you with a wireframe of the website and get your approval on them to start working on the website, but if there are any changes suggested by you we will make those changes until we get a flawless wireframe of your website. They will also help you by suggesting a few things to help your business further.

Our developers are extremely skilled and possess the knowledge regarding what works for which type of website the best. So, you do not only get a website of your dreams, you get a website of your dream which is also more captivating to your customers than your competition. Moreover, our services are not just limited to development and designing of your website, but we will also help you maintain your website to keep it up to date.

CodeGenie is known for delivering on expectations if not better and we do not disappoint on our promise of delivering your perfect website. We will fulfill your expectations of your website – from user-friendly programming to appealing website design and will continue to help you develop your website as the technology develops further. Additionally, our first consultation is free, to help you understand us and to help us understand your vision of your website.


Custom Web Development Company in Delhi NCR

Technology and the internet has developed rapidly over the past two decades. Gone are the days when we had limited templates available to develop a website. In today’s age and day, you need to be creative to stand out to your customers. So, CodeGenie will help you develop the finest custom website for your business.

Here is how we will help you in developing a custom website –

  • Research – We will research about what appeals to your target audience the most. This will help us in designing a website that is appealing to your customers and is convenient for them to use.
  • Understanding Your Style – In our appointments, we will understand your style. For example, your preferred color palette, fonts that compliment your business and the overall design that appeals to your target audience.
  • Efficiency – We understand how important every minute is for a business, so we deliver before time.
  • Helping All The Way Till The End – If you are not happy with the final results, we will make changes you would like till you get your perfect website.

In a nutshell, we will be there at every step to help you create a mind-boggling website.


eCommerce Web Development Company in Delhi NCR

E-commerce is a huge part of one’s life now and has helped businesses a great deal. So, how do you become the best in the game? Well the first step is hiring a trusted web development company that will help you construct an impeccable eCommerce website. CodeGenie provides the best services when it comes to eCommerce web designing and development services.

Developers at CodeGenie use the latest tech tools such as HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to create a website just for your business, meaning a website that is uniquely yours. They put all their time and efforts into your website so that you have the website of your dream. They will make sure to co-create an eCommerce website for you that helps you sell your products online effortlessly so that it is not an inconvenience to you or your customers.

We aim to create a frictionless website for you, designed to only succeed. Our designers will create a website that will benefit you and is exclusive of your taste and style. We will work hard and relieve you of the stress of a website as we understand maintaining a business enough and that is not the end of our relationship as we will continue to help you by maintaining your website as the technology develops so you stay contemporary and in the competition.

We will design a custom eCommerce website that not only has a better catalog and appealing overall designs but a more convenient shopping cart and more payment solutions as well. We will also assist you in various steps where technical and designer input is required so that your result website is a huge success.

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