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Web Development Company in Mohali

Mohali is a beautiful and developing city in Punjab. If you are thinking about starting a new business in its growing market, consider building efficient websites. The whole world has transformed digitally, and you should do that too. Websites by an efficient web designing company in Mohali are the stepping-stone that would help your business acquire a huge customer base and grow online. Irrespective of your business’s nature and size, websites, and mobile applications help to gain a competitive edge to excel in your venture.

If you are still unsure how a website can help your company in Mohali to grow, here are a few advantages that might encourage you to opt for the decision:

  • With websites, you would have round the clock digital presence. No matter where your customers are, they will be able to access your products whenever they want. There would be no physical or time boundaries that would interrupt your business.
  • These websites and apps act as a direct channel using which you can establish seamless communication with your users. From updating important information about your business to addressing their concerns, you will be able to do it all quickly using websites and mobile apps.
  • Websites and apps provide credibility to a brand. It encourages people to have faith in your business.
  • You can save a lot of investment costs with websites. Having a physical shop involves many expenses, from rents to furniture, electricity, and much more. Starting an online business in this digitized world is much easier- building a user-friendly, attractive website and selling.
  • With the power of digital marketing on your website, you can expand your customer base quite effectively and within a shorter period. With SEO, customers who are interested in your websites will be able to find you directly.
  • Having a website makes your overall work easier. Your customers can go through the FAQ section, which would address most of their queries, saving a lot of their time and hassles. Your customers can also give positive feedback on the website, encouraging other users to use your services.

If you want a premium website for your business, contact CodeGenie- a web development company in Mohali for designing and developmental purposes. We build websites and mobile applications for all types of businesses. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our experts; our customer servicing team is always there at your service.


Custom Web Development Company in Mohali

Customization is extremely important for having a competitive advantage. Your website should be capable enough to display the objective that you want your business to achieve. CodeGenie is a web development company in Mohali that will help you customize all your website and mobile application aspects. We are one of the best custom web development companies in Mohali that can create custom-friendly websites capable of attracting and entertaining huge traffic.

Our designers and developers are creative. They first understand your business, study your target audience, and then add all the necessary features to make your web applications unique. We take care of all the website aesthetics including the color scheme and the fonts. We would ensure all your applications’ functionalities work great, too, and thus we build highly-responsive sites that load fast.

So if you are looking for an eminent, efficient, and effective digital presence for your business, contact CodeGenie, your very own custom web development company in Mohali. We are an experienced web designing company in Mohali, who will help fulfill all your web application based requirements.


eCommerce Web Development Company in Mohali

With the growing popularity of the digital world, the marketplace has been shifted to online. People go on the internet to shop for their favorite products at an affordable price range. E-commerce websites have a lot of product options and users can check them all out from anywhere they want. And the best part here is, they would get all the products delivered at their home. So whether you have a physical shop, if you wish to grow your business online, then an eCommerce website by CodeGenie, an eCommerce web development company in Mohali, can prove to be helpful for you.

We are the top web development company in Mohali that can create premium eCommerce websites for your needs. There are many benefits of having your very own eCommerce website like:

  • Your physical shop has location boundaries; not everyone can visit to get your products. However, with eCommerce websites, anyone from anywhere can come online and order your products. One would not have to think about the time and distance in this case.
  • The shop is open round the clock, which means you will be able to make a purchase whenever you want. Ecommerce marketplaces are open 24*7.
  • Your brand will get global exposure with eCommerce websites. No matter in which part of the world your customers are currently at, they can easily visit your website and purchase your products. E-commerce websites have a high conversion rate, which means you will get more leads to your store.

Ecommerce websites are easy to set-up. They are much more affordable than physical stores, and they are operative round the clock. Ecommerce websites do have a great ROI, which means more profit. No matter what products you sell, contact our eCommerce web development company in Mohali to get the city’s most efficient services.


Android App Development Company in Mohali

Android apps can be defined as software installed on phones that have an Android operating system. Specific brands create these apps for providing the customers with a given service. These apps are very smooth, and you can interact with your customers directly through these apps.

To give your customers a dedicated application for your brand, you need to get your app listed on the PlayStore. Anyone can download different apps very easily from there. However, to make your app a favorite among the users, it is important that you design and develop it from the one who provides the best Android app development service in Mohali- CodeGenie.

Our Android apps are developed, keeping in mind your requirements and preferences of the users. Our designed web applications are efficient and quite easy to navigate through. We make the app smooth and light so that no one gets irritated while using it. We follow a similar color scheme and theme throughout the app. We will help you get the app that you have always wanted and added our creativity to it so that your business receives the best digital footprint.

For the best Android app development service in Mohali, do not look elsewhere and give us a call today. Our developers can create Android applications for different industries that runs smoothly on various smartphones. Our web development company in Mohali has created hundreds of useful android apps that satisfied the business’s objectives and the needs of the customers.


IOS App Development Company in Mohali

In the last few decades, the world has witnessed an increasing use of smartphones. From online shopping to booking services, everything can now be done with the help of mobile applications. So no matter what business you have, your products and services can get global exposure with an efficient mobile app. At CodeGenie- a top ios app development company in Mohali, we develop user-friendly mobile apps to help you achieve your business needs. We have expert developers on board who can transfer your offline business online and help you open your very own e-store.

The various features we integrate makes our applications more attractive and appealing to the end-users. Some of our customized integrations will include:

  • Beacon Integration: It allows you to communicate with your users and tell them about different events in and around their location.
  • GPS Integration: With this inclusion, your app will collect the users’ location and time data.
  • Porting & Migration: As per your business requirements, we can help you port and migrate your existing application.
  • MDM Integration: With this, we help in the proper sharing of master data of the app.
  • Payment Gateway: With this, we make financial transactions seamless in your app.
  • XMPP Chat Server: With this, users will connect to your business representatives directly via the chat option in the app.
  • Wearable Integration: we create wearable apps that can be used on apple and other smartwatches.
  • Third-Party Integration: Sometimes, your apps need to integrate with third-party apps for better functioning. We can perform that too.
  • Audio/ Video Live Streaming: We can integrate the live streaming features in your app, as required.

Custom API Integration: With this, our ios app development company in Mohal will help your business manage software-to-software Integration between different apps very smoothly.

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