Web Application Development
an integral part for your business success

Applications exists to feciliate online presence, create more associations with customers and vendors alike. After all, a good app propels business faster.

Fully Responsive Designs

Design rendering and working as per the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation allows the maximum reach across the devices.

Intuitive Work Flows

An intuitive interface has clue that how the process is supposed to flow so that user don't have to experiment the interactions, based on real-world experiences, no surprises are thrown. It ensures a "no-frustration" user experience.


Cost Effective Solutions

Fully responsive web applications saves on development and maintenance costs as all the efforts are directed in building a single interface for all the devices. This also leads to positive impact on the sales & conversion rates as user experience remains consistent.

Easy Management

All of your tracking and analytics will get condensed into a single report, allowing for easier monitoring/analysis and strategy formation for your business to develop and become simpler, and achieve its objectives much faster.

Mobile Application Development
reach out to on-the-go users, reinforce your brand, augment online sales

A mobile app helps you with increased customer loyalty, access to on-demand information and improved efficiency in running the business.

# 1

Reach and Engagement

With mobile apps you can acquire the users on a larger scale. The mobile app can ensure better and customised user experience by having access to the user's location, usage pattern and personalised push notifications. Speed and Handiness also contribute to the popularity of the mobile apps.

aapkastore app android device mockup

We build for Android and iOS

You need a team capable of translating your ideas to the beautiful applications.

Android Application Development

Android has the huge market share of over 85% globally and with this largest user base android app ecosystem has evolved to be a diverse one and its usage is changing people lives on a great scale. Low power usage, easy mobility and wireless connectivity have contributed significantly in penetrating the areas where using a computer is a distant dream. Apart from other factors, the low-cost and high availability have made it especially attractive in developing nations like India as compared to iPhone, windows and Java based devices.
Team at CodeGenie handles all the challenges and complexities in the best possible manner giving you a best in industry application development solutions.

aapkastore app android device mockup

iOS Application Development

iOS devices which account for more than 1.3 billion worldwide are very popular for their superb performance and the most practical features making it popular and loving among the users. Apple devices have an intuitive and attractive user interface compared to its peers. Apple ensures the best standards of design and user experience than any other device company hence developing an application that you want to be intuitive, modern and easy to use, iOS ecosystem is best one to lookout for. In addition to everything it offers is an unparalleled user experience for the customers. It is the great choice for the business visionaries who see the iOS applications as the lucrative resource for the rise of the businesses and have premium users as their customers.

Our Development Process

Defining your goals with a rough inspiration, refining it to a polished perfection and deploying for you to enjoy.


This is the most important step as it involves a good understanding of you – what your business goals and dreams are, and how technology can be utilized to help you achieve those goals. We generally try to draw together all the paramters like your intended user segment, business process and all other important specification assessments.


This is another important step, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project requiring your regular interaction with us to plan a tailor-made solution. A blue-print is prepared outlining the application flow, design layout, technologie(s) to be used, and platforms like web, android, iOS, Windows for which the application will be supported.


Now it's time to initiate the look and feel implementation of the application based on the intended user base, incorporation of brand logo, colours and content to strengthen your business identity. Once you approve the final design, we proceed with the deployment of application.


The deployment of application begins as per the planning and design specifications agreed upon, along with necessary testing plans and technical documentations. Functional prototype is shared with you to ensure things are moving as planned and prototype is worked upon continuously until the specifications are met and the development is completed in terms of the whole functionality.

Testing & Delivery

To ensure there are no mistakes made in deployment, we get the application tested for functionality, usability and performance. The bugs detected are fixed and launched as beta version open to a select crowd of users to check for unexpected application behaviour. Upon passing all the test cases, application is launched successfully which users are going to love while using.


To be perfect is to change continuously according to the market trends, user feedback, updated technology, changing user behaviour. Maintenance ensures your application remains secure, data back up for all time functionality, bug fixes encountered during long term usage of the application, optmisation of resources for best performance based on the various analytical reports, in all it keeps you ahead of the trend and your business identity strong.

adding values to your business and opening up the new avenues

Increase your profits by optimising existing processes and creation of new products and services.


Embed the entire flight booking functionality in your own app with just a few lines of code, let your users pay for bills without moving away from your app, communicate with your user directly from your app as per your business workflow, or fetch the vast amount of data directly for your user's convinience and many more things. You can deliver lightweight apps without losing the key functionality or service of your business

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aapka.store is here for the product innovation and cutting-edge technology, with an extensive range of offerings in prompt payments for Mobile, DTH, Electricity, Landline, Gas, Water and Broadband is on it's way to become one of India's most loved way to pay and save. Ideal for personal or business use equally.

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Why us ?

Discover organizations like yours who couldn't have asked for something more awesome.

"CodeGenie has helped us re-imagine how website should be built, with their experience and quick delivery they are resourceful asset. Their young and dynamic team has a vast skill set from website and application building to e-commerce, payment management solutions etc."
Raghav Goel - Director
Kisco Castings (India) Limited
"Absolutely knowledgeable team. They followed instructions perfectly and I am amazed at their ability to quickly understand and build the quality solution in the least possible turnaround time. Rather than a technology partner, I consider them a business partner. Their understanding of the big picture helped in so many ways."
Mohd. Kamil Azmi - Director
RoundPay Techno Media (OPC) Private Limited
"Service levels are the most important factor in this era. I have experience with CodeGenie on their software development and SMS service which is very positive and trustworthy. Apart of that their behavior and dealings are not only mature but also attractive and motivated. Their 24 hours service enables the users like me to take advantage round the clock.
I wish them success and believe that they are worthy for users."
Dr. Jasim Mohammad - Director
Alisha Publications Private Limited
"The application was well planned and managed from the start and executed with a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise. I feel no task or job is too hard for them, would recommend if you are looking for someone who is reliable and extension to your in-house team."
Satyendra Singh - Managing Director
Cybertel Paylink Private Limited
"Awesome guys to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. I am amazed how erupaiya.in has finally came out. I continue to look forward to keep this relationship ongoing."
Vikas Agarwal - Owner
Shiva Purotech
"We worked with apibox team for quite some time now. Having 2nd largest mobile users in India, providing support for time critical and huge number of requests we send to apibox is not that easy and it requires daring effort.These guys does that exactly and consistently over the years. They got awesome customer support and their feedback mechanism is really cool. Given the complex environment we worked at, this is specifically note worthy. We wish all the best to apibox team!!!"
Hari Krishnan - Managing Partner
Talence Technologies
"Your interfaces were exactly what I had always imagined — clean, intutive and continuous with a focus on stylistic elements and usability. Our relationship manager understands our business perfectly and I am happy to continue working with you guys and look forward to many more successful deployments."
Ajay Valecha - Director
AVR Professionals Private Limited


Balance, trust, respect, and accountability promised.


Mohammad Rehan

An engineer by education, entrepreneur by passion. Enjoying this journey since 2009. Previously oversaw www.instantpay.in at SMSdaak.


Shadab Siddiqui

The "genie" behind every awesome piece of code written by us, loves watching animated series when not coding.


Harsh Thapa

A sales rock-star who designs and recommends the best in class solutions to the business & organizations, small or large. Also a fitness freak.


Pallavi Kumari

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


Chetan Singh

The UI Guy. Design and build the front-end of all the applications. Loves to learn the new tech. Currently learning the mobile application development.


Latafat Hussain

He takes care of the daily operations at CodeGenie. Every thing from customer service to getting the projects completed makes for his daily schedule.


Sushil Kumar Verma

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