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Team's Outlook

  • We measure each and every outcome and make the decision based on how well it serves our customers and partners
  • We work with transparency by ensuring internal and external communications with steady respect, candor and honesty.
  • Focus on delivering outstanding results by supporting each other for extraordinary execution and rewarding those who create great outcomes.
  • We empower our teammates in a work environment that is conducive to creating the optimal work/life balance and fosters personal development and professional growth.
  • We innovate and push for boundless creativity and solutions to some of the toughest problems.
  • At last – Laugh. Be grateful. Stay Positive. Make everyone feel good.

Meet the team

Balance, trust, respect, and accountability promised.

Team- Mohammad Rehan
Mohammad Rehan

An engineer by education, an entrepreneur by passion. Enjoying this journey since 2009. Previously oversaw business operations at www.instantpay.in till 2017.

Team- Shadab Siddiqui
Shadab Siddiqui

The "genie" behind every awesome piece of code written by us, loves watching animated series when not coding.

Team- Harsh Thapa
Harsh Thapa

A sales rock-star who designs and recommends the best in class solutions to the business & organizations, small or large. Also a fitness freak.

Team- Ravi Kumar Verma
Ravi Kumar Verma

A developer who is dedicated to the quest of developing products on best practice technologies and loves turning creative ideas into products that help people to make difference.

Team- Mohd Naved
Mohd Naved

The UI Guy. Design and build the front-end of all the applications. Loves to learn the new tech. Currently learning the mobile application development.

Team- Dheeraj Kumar Chaurasiya
Dheeraj Kumar Chaurasiya

A mobile app developer who is capable of creating a solutions that is both productive and effective and who has zero tolerance for errors. He loves to build attractive, effective products with delightful user experiences.

Team- Ayush Sindhu
Ayush Sindhu

A Human Resource Executive with a Recruitment background, who loves to help people get their desired work profiles. responsible for a healthy work culture and environment.

Team- Swati Devi
Swati Devi

A dedicated and creative software developer who is pushing the limits of technology and creativity to make an important impact in user's life.

Team- Chetan Garg
Chetan Garg

A skilled professional who specializes in creating dynamic websites and web applications using the PHP programming language and optimizing PHP code, as well as integrating it with databases seamlessly

Team- Sushmita Linda
Sushmita Linda

The PHP virtuoso, weaves elegant code spells, transforming ideas into dynamic web experiences. She has a profound love for coding and literature. With her exceptional programming skills and passion for storytelling, she weaves elegant and functional web solutions that blend technology and creativity seamlessly.

Team- Abhishek Singh Kirola
Abhishek Singh Kirola

Being an experienced PHP developer with a passion for crafting efficient and dynamic web applications, he is proficient in both frontend and backend development and he thrives on solving complex challenges and delivering solutions.

Team- Lincy Saji
Lincy Saji

Being a technical support executive, she excels in her role. Her proficiency in troubleshooting complex issues and her strong analytical acumen make her an invaluable asset to the team. Through her dedication and expertise, she consistently elevates her technical and analytical skills, setting a high standard for excellence in the customer happiness.

Team- Kiran Rawat
Kiran Rawat

As a digital marketer, I oversee online advertising, social media, and website optimization to drive business growth. I constantly analyze and optimize campaigns, utilizing data-driven insights to make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results.

Team- Bunty Jaiswal
Bunty Jaiswal

As a Business Development Executive, he is driven by a strong motivation to help clients find effective solutions, playing a crucial role in driving growth and success for our company. His expertise lies in identifying and acquiring new business opportunities while also excelling in building and maintaining client relationships.

Team- Maybe You
Maybe You

We are serious about great talent. We'd love UI/UX designers, web & app developers and testing guys to join us and make CodeGenie truly special.


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