360 Digital Marketing Services

We provide 360 Digital Marketing services ranging from Search to Content for Website Design upto Google Ads

More leads means More sales. More revenue as well. That's digital marketing services from CodeGenie Technologies with a custom strategy, We'll help impact your business in the metrics that matter Most, from traffic to revenue.

The online marketing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to eMarketer, businesses were spending more than $110 billion on digital advertising in 2020. CodeGenie Technologies is a top-notch Digital Marketing company that provides goal-oriented advertising solutions. Our primary focus is to help businesses increase along with their client retentions rate and maximize conversion opportunities.

Our Top Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a revolution in the world of digital marketing. It helps businesses to rank their website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) organically, But Due to immense competition and constantly changing Google algorithms, it is tough to achieve top position in the search engine ranking and sustain that position; CodeGenie is a leading SEO consulting company in India offer a wide range of services that can help your business to develop a unique base on the internet.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Marketing has been one of the fastest ways to generate leads in the history of Digital Marketing. PPC Marketing allows businesses to take charge of their ad spend and get their brand offerings in front of the right people at the right time and in the right place.CodeGenie Technologies is a top-notch Pay per Click company that can create custom PPC campaigns based on your requirements to generate maximum ROI(Return on Investment). Our team will work with you to learn about your business, do market and competitor research, find High ROI-generated keywords, and your daily budget to craft a perfect PPC campaign.

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