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Mobile App Development Company in Ahmedabad

Mobile apps are essential for every business, no matter its size. From startups to big corporate houses, everyone relies on various web-based applications for marketing their products and services. Mobile apps are essential tools that strengthen your digital footprint and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Various surveys were held recently, and it revealed that more than 60% of internet users prefer to use their smartphones for shopping and searching for things they want. One of the main reasons behind this is the flexibility that mobile devices offer- people can take and use it anywhere they want. To gain online customers’ attention, you should target mobile phones for marketing, and what can be better than mobile apps. You can get exclusive and premium quality mobile apps, no matter your business’s size, by talking to us at CodeGenie, a top mobile app development company in Ahmedabad. We will help you build an attractive app that will look great and be highly functional, and a perfect reflection of your brand to the world.

If you are still not convinced that mobile apps are great for your business, let us tell you about the various advantages it offers:

  • Everyone is using smartphones, and the number of users is growing actively daily. It means that with mobile apps, your business will gain huge online exposure.
  • Mobile apps can help you to interact with the end-users directly. Apps can be made exclusive according to the user’s activities; it makes them feel closer to the brand and improves their overall user experience. Whether you want to notify your users about the launch of a new product or give them exclusive discounts, everything can be done easily from the app.
  • With apps, you can offer personalized content to your users that drive sales. Brands collect various data about the users and offer them exclusive apps containing information that the users want.

If you wish to directly reach your target audience and tell them about your business, then mobile apps are the right tool for you. It markets your products and helps you connect to your audience, and give them the best user experience. A high-quality mobile app is a positive stimulus for your business.


Custom Mobile App Development Company in Ahmedabad

Depending on your business’s nature and needs, we at CodeGenie can customize your app just perfectly. Our developers would first discuss your business objectives and then design an app that would prove to be an ideal solution. The apps we customize are high quality, exclusive, and offer you a higher conversion rate.

Our customized mobile apps contain the following features that help you to succeed in your venture:

  • We offer a rich experience to the users who can engage them to the website for a good time. We initially work on understanding the needs and expectations of the users from the brand. Based on that information, we build a mobile app that is efficient and the ideal real-life solution to their needs. End-users are not attracted to something that offers them duplicated experience, and we always consider that in our designing and development process.
  • These days, any business has hundreds of competitors around, so you losing one customer is your competitor’s gain. One of the main reasons people stop using an app is because they find navigating through it very tough. We develop intuitive apps that are easy to navigate. The users would find everything in the app quite easily, improving your retention rate.
  • Brands are stretching everywhere to personalize the user’s experiences. It becomes more important on mobile apps because few surveys revealed that users expect this from brands. To be ahead in the league, we make sure to personalize the app in whatever way and wherever possible.

Even though at CodeGenie, we customize your mobile application in many ways to make it cool, we ensure at the end of the day; it stays simple. Cramming your mobile with loads of features that users find difficult to work on is let down. So we incorporate functional and simple designs that your users would love.


Android app development development

Android app development and custom android app development service in Ahmedabad

With the increasing competition, gaining the attention of your customers is becoming more difficult. Apart from exceptional services, you also need to market your product the right way. One cannot deny the good side of online marketing, as it can give customers from any part of the world without additional investments. Apart from developing websites, think about developing mobile apps for your customers’ ease and convenience.

A considerable number of people spend their free time surfing through their smartphones. Surveys have revealed that around 70% of the smartphone users are on the Android platform. So getting your app listed on the play store would mean you will have the chance of marketing your product in front of all those people. So to expand your service potential and give a boost to your business growth, consider investing in android app development. If you are looking for Android app development and custom android app development service in Ahmedabad, contact CodeGenie without any delay.

Many industries have started developing or improving Android apps. The reason behind this would include:

  • If you are in a hurry to market your business, then android apps can prove helpful as it comes with a short deployment time. A reduced Time to Market is something that android apps are quite famous for.
  • Android apps can be ported very easily to different operating systems like Ubuntu and Symbian. It means with a single android app development you can target many platforms at a time. It will save you time and money.
  • Android apps are versatile and scalable, and with the advent of Android Studio, things have become better. It is compatible with various technologies, and these dynamic apps are capable of addressing various purposes.
  • Being an open-source platform, android apps offer the maximum scope for customization. Users always prefer personalized products, and it is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Android apps.


IOS app development and custom IOS app development service in Ahmedabad

Having a sound digital presence is the need of the hour. People these days prefer to check out apps on their smartphones rather than visiting the brand’s website. The main reason behind this is convenience. Apps are easy to browse through, and they are customized according to your needs. If you have a startup and are wondering whether you should have an IOS app, then this is the right time. IOS is the second most popular smartphone platform after Android, and it has a huge customer base.

At CodeGenie, we have a team of experienced and expert developers who can help you with IOS app development company in Ahmedabad. We at CodeGenie have many happy global clients. We have built apps for various industries and personalized them according to the needs of the end-users.

If you are still sceptical about investing in IOS app development for your business, let us explain the benefits it offers:

  • No matter the size or type of your business, IOS apps are suitable for all.
  • Even though Android has more audience than IOS, there is no denying that Apple has its own set of target audience. These users are incredibly particular about the quality of the services. They are even ready to pay a fair amount of money to use some of the apps and greatly benefit your business.
  • Talking about the app and data security, Apple is very particular about it. For any app to get listed in the App Store, it needs to pass some elaborate security tests, which is one reason why it is tough for any app to get listed there. When an app is listed in Apple’s app store, your users will not be concerned about its security.
  • As Apple has a reputation of listing only secured apps, it means that it will improve your brand reputation when your apps get listed in the store. The app store has some high-quality standards too, which is one reason why the company has a loyal customer base. They and even the android users would start believing in your brand as your app gets listed on the App Store.

With IOS apps, you will ultimately be able to strengthen your online presence, and there will be increased chances for innovation. So wait no more, to discuss your projects and requirements, contact CodeGenie today.

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