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Mobile App Development Company in Gwalior

In the last few decades, the usage of smartphones has increased rapidly. Mobile phones these days are not about contacting people only, it can do a wide range of tasks like searching for products and services. People go online whenever they need any information or if they are searching for anything. If you are setting up your business, no matter how big or small it is, think about establishing your digital footprint through mobile applications. Using them, your audience can get an easy sneak peek to your products and have a seamless buying experience. It is important to build an app that is not only easy to use but also fulfil the needs of your target audience. You can leverage the mobile application for your business from one of the best Mobile App Development Company in Gwalior CodeGenie. We develop business-centric apps for all smartphone platforms- Android and iOS. With our custom apps, your business will reach in the hands of all your customers, no matter which smartphone they use.

We put into use various types of advanced features to make your app stand out in the crowd. We have several global clients, whom we have helped to establish a strong online footfall through our technically advanced apps. Depending on your business objectives and preference of the end-users, we can include the following features in your mobile apps:

  • Voice search- It improves the user’s experience, as they will be able to voice search any product they want inside the app, without typing.
  • Location- It is a useful feature where the end users can easily track their products and services using the app.
  • Face detection- Taking security protocol a step ahead, your users will now be able to unlock apps and different features inside it just by looking over their phone. It takes the hassles of remembering and typing the passwords each time you log in.
  • Augmented Reality- It enhances the experience of the users by offering them with three-dimensional real life like the content.
  • Artificial Integration- By adding AI in your app, you will be able to customize the experience of your users. For example, if you have an e-commerce mobile app, then using AI your users will get personalized suggestions based on the products they add in the cart.
  • Offline work- Incorporating offline work, your users will be able to use certain features without any internet connection. It improves the functionality of the app, as users will be able to use it independently.
  • Easy payment gateway- It is one of the most essential features that will ensure your users have a hassle-free buying experience. It will let your users pay instantly, in a secured way. When you incorporate different secured payment methods, it will build trust and loyalty amongst your users for your brand.


We have highly experienced developers who will first understand your requirements, do market research and then develop an app which will help your business to grow. We focus on building apps that are useful and attractive.


Custom Mobile App Development Company in Gwalior

Customized apps are created targeting a specific user base. CodeGenie is one of the best Custom Mobile app development company in Gwalior. who does thorough research before starting up with the app development. We interview the stakeholders, and the end-users to understand the app requirements. It is followed by building high fidelity prototypes so that you can give suggestions and we incorporate those in the final development process.

There are many benefits of developing customized apps for your business like:

  • It personalizes the experiences of your users, which attracts them towards using the application. As the customers get more engaged with the app, you can certainly expect a higher ROI.
  • Customized apps can increase your business productivity irrespective of its size. These apps encourage smooth workforce collaboration either within the same app or different apps. With customized apps, you can expect work efficiency which ultimately leads to increased productivity.
  • Custom apps help you to generate revenues from your business as well as from third-party integration. You can offer extended services from your apps and then charge a certain revenue percentage which will benefit you as well as the third-party with whom you are collaborating.
  • Custom apps are scalable. If you plan to expand your business in the future, let our developers know about it, so that we can develop your app accordingly.
  • We can either opt for on-premise storage or cloud storage depending on your business needs. Irrespective of your choice, we will ensure the data safety is at its best.


Android App Development Service in Gwalior

We at CodeGenie best mobile app development company in Gwalior have expertise in building android based mobile apps that will help your business grow. The android apps built by us are feature-rich which enhances the overall usability factor.

  • Our apps are user friendly and have a simple interface. We can also create shortcut functionalities in your app which your users might find to be very useful.
  • We make sure that the registration and login process in your app is simple and hassle-free. Having an elaborate registration process can irritate your users and drive away traffic.
  • Users will not be interested in using apps that take a minute to load. We focus on developing fast-loading apps and ensure that the loading time does not exceed 10 seconds even when the internet speed is slow. Also, our app response time is very quick. It means whenever your users would tap on the application, it would respond immediately.
  • You can receive a huge traffic to your website or mobile app through social media promotions. Thus, we integrate various social media platforms in your application and connect them so that you can promote your app on those channels and the traffic can directly come by clicking on the link. Your users can also share their experiences on the app.
  • Buyers will have a hassle-free and smooth experience buying products from your app because we integrate multiple payment gateways that are safe and secure to use.


IOS App Development Company in Gwalior

We expertise in building feature-rich apps that are consistent and engaging. If you want to build efficient iOS rich apps, then talk to us. Our expert iOS developers can develop apps that would work great on all types of Apple devices. Our app development process is very efficient and we believe in transparency at all stages.

Our work methodology is as follows:

  • We will first understand your project requirements by interviewing the stakeholders. The main objective of this phase is to understand your needs and expectations so that we can design realistic solutions. We will also decide on the timeline to complete the work, possible challenges, and expected cost.
  • Next we will conduct research on your users to understand their preferences. We might conduct surveys, do user testing, usability testing, and collect data from user persona, user journey, etc. It will help us to understand what the end-users really expect which in turn motivates us to develop an app that your users would absolutely love.
  • Depending on all the data we collect, we will design a fully functional prototype so that you can understand the functionality of the app. You can provide us with suggestions in this stage which we will incorporate in our final development to improve the overall functionality and aesthetics.
  • Based on your suggestions, we would develop the final app for you.
  • Once it is developed, and before launching the app, we will conduct several quality analysis to ensure we deliver the best to you.


Custom IOS app development company in Gwalior

We at CodeGenie as the best mobile app development company in Gwalior customize iOS apps according to your needs and requirements. No matter which Apple device the end-user uses, our apps will run smoothly on them. We develop customized, unique and fully functional apps for various iOS devices. You can totally depend on us for developing your customized iOS and android app because:

  • All our developers are experienced and have completed several projects successfully. They pay attention to your requirements to build apps that would satisfy your business growth needs. They have outstanding tech skills which can be parallel by none.
  • Transparency is a key point in our services, hence we ensure to keep you well-informed throughout each developmental stage. We take your preferences, suggestions and feedback very seriously.
  • We are always updated with the market trend and use advanced technology to develop efficient, feature-rich and user friendly apps for you.
  • We always focus on implementing user-centric procedures. For us, your preferences take a front seat and we focus on building the best quality app that your users will absolutely admire.
  • Our apps are distinctive and alluring. We do thorough competitor analysis, take the good things from them, including our creativity and finally develop an app which will stand out in the crowd.
  • We apply agile development processes. We develop flexible apps that are open to adopt changes and are scalable. We understand the importance of cross-platform development and hence make sure to incorporate the feature in the apps developed by us.

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