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Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur

Mobile apps are one of the best channels to prove your online presence. It is an essential digital marketing component that can help you to gain the user’s confidence. The USP of mobile apps are its simple interface and effective usage. From letting your customers know about your products, offers and giving them exclusive benefits, everything can be done with a mobile application.

If you have a small to medium-sized business, mobile apps are the ideal marketing solution for you. It would help your business to grow and give it a whole new dimension. The below facts would show why mobile app development is the necessity of your business:

  • Of all the time people spend consuming digital media, around 50% of it is on various mobile apps.
  • Smartphone users spend approximately 90% of their screen time on different applications.
  • Around 85% of mobile users prefer mobile applications over websites.
  • Average consumers have around 30 apps installed on their phone, and they spend about 60 hours a month browsing through them.

Thus, mobile usage statistics should be a reason enough to encourage you to develop a mobile app for your business. But this is only the first step- you would have to face many challenges in the future. Let us discuss.

There are around 1.5 million+ apps listed on Google Play Store. The number might be lesser for the App Store but high enough to give your business a tough competition. In such cases, standing out in the crowd becomes a huge challenge. You need an app that would fulfill your business objectives, cater to your customer’s needs, and fit your marketing goals. It should be aesthetically pleasing, must have useful features, and run smoothly.

Wondering how to ensure these features in a single app? Do not worry, as CodeGenie- a renowned Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur is here at your service. We have been operating for 3+ years. We have some of the best developers who will understand your requirements and develop the perfect app for you. We look after the whole life cycle of the app, from its initial development, throughout its maintenance.

So leave your app development worries to us and focus on your operations. Discuss your app requirements with our support team who are available 24*7 to assist you.


Custom Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur

Developing a standard mobile app for your business is never enough. Customize it to provide the best experience to your users. Efficient customization leads to better business opportunities. It helps in keeping your business ahead by standing out from your competitors.

CodeGenie provides a custom mobile app development service in Jaipur. We would help you to customize your app and build it just the way your customers want. We follow the latest trends of custom app development like:

  • We ensure to make user experiences and interactions responsive.
  • We include BaaS Technology with the cloud-based apps for the convenience of the end-users. They can retrieve data from their app data by logging into their account from any mobile they want without any worries.
  • We integrate various social media platforms with applications to ensure easy access.
  • We also work with wearable technologies so that your users can have wireless access to their apps.

We work on providing fast and unique experiences to the users. We design feature-rich apps that are functional, convenient, and compatible with all smartphones.


Android App Development Company in Jaipur

Android phones are very popular worldwide. The competitive pricing of Android phones have encouraged around 70% of users to shift on this platform. Android phones offer a lot of features within a reasonable price range. So if your app is listed on the Google Play Store, it would mean that your business will have the option of getting marketed in front of a significant customer base.

We include multiple features in our Android apps that will help you in the whole marketing gimmick and attract more customers. Our apps are:

  • Simple: It catches the attention of users who lose interest very fast navigating through an app.
  • Speed: Most of the visitors have a very short attention span. Keeping in mind that factor, we ensure that all the Android apps we build loads really fast.
  • Good resolution: We maintain a proper balance between speed and resolution for your app. While we build lighter apps that load fast, we do not cut down on image resolution that might reduce the user experience.
  • Flexible: We develop apps for different OS like Android and IOS.
  • Secured: Our apps are fully secured against hackers. All the data and payment information remains safe and encrypted within the app.
  • Search options: Our apps have search bars using which your users can look out for the products they want without any hassles.
  • Push notification enabled– With this, you can inform the users about the latest updates and offers.

We frequently update apps to enable new features and fix bugs to make the app smooth and functional.


Custom Android App Development Company in Jaipur

CodeGenie offers an efficient custom android app development service in Jaipur. There are no hidden costs involved in our development process- you would only have to pay for the features you need. Our developers also prefer custom android app development because the Android Software Development is easy to use. With android app development, your investment would reduce in the sense that you will not have to pay for additional license or royalty. Furthermore, the whole development process would be much faster. Thus, custom android app development comes with a higher ROI, which is beneficial for your business.

Just like you are determined to provide the best to your customers, we, too, are. Contact CodeGenie and get best services. Our efficient developers improve the functionality of the app, also within the stipulated timeline. We integrate all the essential features in your apps and make them more attractive for your end-users. We perfectly combine aesthetics, functionalities, and domain expertise to develop a customized app that everyone would love. So if you want to market your products better and reach out to your customers in the most cost-efficient yet effective way, join hands with us.


IOS App Development Company in Jaipur

We all know that there are more Android users worldwide; this might raise the question- Is investing in the IOS app development service in Jaipur a good idea? Knowing that IOS is the second most popular OS after Android, we can definitely say that it is a good idea. It has a considerable number of users who are loyal to the brand. They are mostly quality users who come from higher-income groups. It means when we develop an IOS app for you, it opens up your business to a bunch of audiences who have the capability of becoming your customers.

There are several other benefits of IOS apps which will positively influence your brand and business like:

  • It has a significant presence in developed countries like the USA, UK. Getting your app listed on the App Store would expose your business to a list of quality audiences.
  • For getting themselves listed on the App Store, IOS apps need to follow standard policies. It needs to have innovative features and be more secured. When your app is listed in Apple’s App Store, it improves the credibility of your brand.
  • Research suggests that IOS offers better revenue compared to Android. IOS users readily agree to pay to get quality service. They are ready to pay a desirable amount so as to get quality apps with the right features.


Custom IOS App Development Company in Jaipur

Whether you want to develop a new IOS or customize the old one, CodeGenie is always at your service. We develop premium apps for businesses and companies of all sizes and industries. We offer a complete custom IOS app development service in Jaipur. We ensure the whole process is fast and smooth. We also specialize in in-app maintenance and can effectively look after all the problems that an app might face throughout its cycle.

Our expertise is in the following:

  • Native IOS app development: We not only include all the essential features in the app but also make sure to integrate various device functionality into it, like camera, voice navigation, etc. We use the best programming tools to develop apps that would help your brand to grow.
  • Apps that customers want: We develop functional apps that attract new customers and also engage them. We have experience building apps for various niches for different industries, like health care, finance, e-commerce, etc.

We have a great team of experienced developers who follow the latest app trends and use updated technologies to design the best mobile applications for you. You can get expert developers who use specific technologies like VR/MR, AI, and many more at CodeGenie. To discuss your project or know more about our custom IOS app development service in Jaipur, contact us today!

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