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Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

Mobile phones have now become the most integral part of our modern life. Smartphones now fulfill a wide array of purposes, apart from calling and texting. People these days rely on smartphones to find various products and services they need. They can get access to thousands of sites and apps with just a click of a button. Hence, it becomes essential for sellers to have dedicated apps from which people can purchase their products easily. Customized mobile apps are built according to business objectives and customers’ preferences. These apps improve the user’s journey and enhance their overall purchase experience. If you want a customized mobile app that will increase your sales by giving the users the best experience, contact us at CodeGenie. We provide the best Mobile App Development Company in Delhi Services in Delhi and have created some great projects for prestigious clients. We understand your requirements, prioritize your choices and develop mobile apps that can contribute to your business growth.

Depending on your business’s nature and your personal preferences, we can add multiple features to your app. To understand your requirements, our developers would first discuss with you the scope of the project. It is one of the most crucial parts where all the planning would occur- both the teams will discuss the projects’ requirements and challenges. Once that is finalized, we can start working on converting your ideas to real solutions. Some customized features that we can incorporate into your application are:

  • Location tracking- This feature comes in handy if you are into some delivery or logistics business. You can easily track your products’ location, and your customers will also be able to do so, which will enhance their experience.
  • Voice Assistant- people these days are dependent on Google, Siri, and Cortana for executing different operations on their smartphones. For example, if you have a shopping app, users should be able to surf through categories and find their favorite products using voice commands.
  • Payment- It is crucial to have a secure gateway for all payment activities. With the integration of highly secured third-party payment gateways in recent times, users can now do online transactions without any worries. These are fast and very secure.
  • Networking- You can use the networking feature for connecting your product with diversified devices in various ways. For example, if you are a smartwatch manufacturer, build an app connecting with the watch using connective technology like Bluetooth, giving exclusive services to individual users. You can also provide some in-app offers to your users to increase their engagement.
  • Artificial Intelligence- there is no denying the fact that AI is the future. We can integrate AI in the best possible way in your app to improve your users’ experience and engagement. When your app can decode the needs of its users, there is no looking back for you.


Benefits of Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

Mobile apps can help you in different ways to grow your business. With the apps, you will be able to reach a broader customer base. We have listed a few benefits of customized mobile apps that will encourage you to get one for your business:

  • With customized mobile apps, you will be able to offer exclusive services to your users. It will serve their specific needs, along with fulfilling your business objectives. Like tailor-made clothes that fit the best on your body, our customized apps will fit your business requirements.
  • It has been found that customized apps help in customer retention. It is because, before customizing an app, we will first understand their specific needs. When they get what they want in your app, then the chances are high that they will stick to your brand.
  • A high-quality customized app is not dependent on the size of your business. We will develop premium apps for you, where your products can meet efficient sales. You can have a small start-up or a big company; we will always deliver you feature-rich apps that your users would love.
  • Our main aim behind efficient app customization is to increase your business revenues. Our apps are multi-functional, so you do not need separate apps for different features. You will get all that you and your users want under one roof.
  • The scalability feature of custom mobile apps can be advantageous for your business. Whenever you want to add any feature to your app, let us know, and we will do it all for you.
  • We keep a close eye on the security of the apps we develop. We customize the apps in such a way that they will never put your business data at risk. With an app solely made for your business, you can easily fortify the security system. From choosing the storage type to authentication levels, everything will be in your hands.


Why choose CodeGenie for Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

At CodeGenie, your ideas transform into real solutions. We believe in transparency; hence, we will maintain constant communications with you at each app development stage.

  • Our journey will start with an initial project discussion, where we will understand your needs and requirements. Our experienced developers will also give their input to improve the project quality.
  • It is followed by the conduction of various customer research. We will collect data on the user journey, and user persona, and understand their expectations. Once that is done, we will build a fully functional prototype, and take your suggestions for improvement to finally create the app you have always wanted. We follow a systematic workflow so that we do not miss out on anything.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you develop an app solely dedicated to fulfilling your business objectives and your customers’ requirements, it is known as a custom app development. With customized apps, you can enrich the user’s experience.

The cost of custom mobile apps increases with the increase in the number of feature integrations. If you want to get a rough project estimate, contact us directly for the discussion.

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