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Real Estate App Development

Digitalization has brought a revolution in almost every business and Real Estate is no exception. The process of buying and selling the house was previously uncertain and heavily relied on Real Estate brokers or agents. Both the sellers and buyers had less scope for exploration. Even when the Real Estate industry was at its peak, it still needed technology to provide ease to the busters and sellers to make their deals. So, finally, the advent of Real Estate Apps changed the entire framework of the Real Estate Business. Real Estate Applications offer a comprehensive platform for both Buyers and sellers. The sellers can represent their property on Real Estate App and Buyers can choose from the variety of options available. Besides, the sellers can upload photos, and videos of the property to represent it effectively. Also, the buyers can location-wise see the properties in the detail and make the selection accordingly. Now more than 85% of Real estate sellers make a decision based on the photos and videos on the Real Estate App. It also helps brokers to see the listing and list of interested buyers and also provides options for advertisements.

It is essential to keep the Real Estate App functionality simple, reliable, and innovative. The unique user interfaces in Real Estate App are necessary to hold the customer and provide a seamless experience in buying and selling the property. Codgenie, over the years of its experience as one of the leading Real Estate Application Development companies, has constantly attempted to deliver the solution to increasing the overall business profitability. Understating the importance of the Real Estate almost every company has built its own digital platform to streamline the online business opportunity. This has widened the competition among the different Real Estate Platforms and it has become necessary to emphasize innovation and creativity while developing Real Estate Apps Codegenie has been following the principle of innovation to deliver Real Estate Apps to keep its customers one step ahead in the competition.

There are certain functionalities that are expected from a well-designed Real Estate App. Even though it modifies over a period of time there are some basic core features and functionalities which are necessary to be included in the Real Estate App. Codegenie thrives to provide following the feature and functions to enable the business to make the maximum from the Real Estate Application.

Registrations: Registration and the Login function have been the core of the Real Estate Development App. A well-developed Real Estate App allows smooth and quick Registration and Sign Up to sellers, buyers, or brokers. Codegenie believes in delivering the platform with an enhanced user interface but simplified navigations to hold and create new customers.

Property Profiles: By using the Property Profile function Sellers or Agents can create the listings on their own by filling in all the necessary information. While creating these profiles, sellers can upload a virtual tour through their property, different images, and videos showing the details of the property to give more information about the property.

Property Locators & Maps: With property locators and maps, buyers can easily find the best property available in a specific area. Property locators are the key function of the Real Estate App.

Messaging & Chat: Since Real Estate App is a platform bringing sellers and buyers together, it is necessary to provide a robust communication channel. So if a seller likes a property they can further use the Messaging and chat functions to take the deal ahead. This provides simple means for communicating and engaging buyers and sellers.

Subscriptions & Notifications: With the subscriptions of the latest updates on the Real Estate Apps gives notification to buyers about the best property deals available in certain areas. These subscriptions further increase the chances of the deal as the best possible property is reached to the Sellers.

Property Cost Calculators: This feature allows the buyers to calculate the total property price considering the different elements and further gives the cost references to both buyers and sellers both. With the use of calculators best possible deals can be found.


Services Provided by CodeGenie for Real Estate App Development

Customize Real Estate App Solution: Codegenie understands the in-depth customizations for Real Estate Applications. As different businesses believe in emphasizing the specific facet of the Real Estate business, Codegenie helps in executing the solutions as per the requirements. Understanding the competition, Codegenie has been delivering Real Estate Apps with innovation and creativity to help customers thrive in their business objectives.

Property Booking Solutions: It is essential that the sellers should be able to register their property with ease and with no technical hurdles. Codegenie’s various property booking solutions have been instrumental in easing the booking and registration process. Property booking solutions must be reliable and align with the business objective of the organization.

Property Renting Solutions: Search for Property Renting is high in the Real Estate realm. Codgenie understands the vitality of Renting solutions in boosting the overall business. Codeine has effectively delivered some of the fascinating Renting Solutions to the customers to make optimum use of the Property Renting Solutions.

Property Search Solutions: In the Real estate Realm, sellers actively seek the best property solutions in a short time with the best possible options available. So it is important for the Real Estate Stakeholders to create the best Property search platform to hold and create new customers. CodeGenie has been providing comprehensive Property search solutions with innovation and creativity.

Lead Management Solutions: Codegeni’s lead management solutions for the Real Estate Business have been consistently delivering on the technical as well as on the overall ROI sides. Understanding the Real Estate Business as a whole, Codgenie crafts the Lead Management solutions to enable the business to optimally manage the leads with the latest modern tools to simplify the Lead management process.

Property Management Apps: Property management apps are designed to ensure that the property is utilized optimally and to make profits from the property investment. Codegenie provides tailored Property Management Applications with a wide range of functionalities to push and simplify all the cycles of the Real Estate Business.

Real Estate CRM Solutions: CRM requirements for the Real Estate Businesses have been specific and needed expertise in crafting them. Codgenie, emphasizing the business objectives of the real states and with the understanding of the intricacies involved in the Real Estate industry, has built CRM solutions with a range of customizations as per the specific business requirement.

All important features App: Codegenie has been providing a range of Applications encompassing various features specifically for Real Estate Applications. The features and functionality needed for the complete Real Estate Digital Platform are numerous and change with time. Codgenie aims to incorporate the best features to ensure comprehensive solutions for Real Estate businesses.

Maintenance & Support: Codgenie has adopted the customer-centric methodology and abided to provide intensive customer support to its customers in the Real Estate Business. Codegenie’s dedicated IT support team and resources have enabled constant high-Quality support on various solutions and applications. Besides, codeGenie has been effectively handling the maintenance of a range of different solutions.


Benefits of Having a Real Estate App

Codegnie has highlighted some of the key advantages of having Real Estate Applications. These advantages are best realized and executed with various solutions Codegenie provides to Real Estate Businesses.

  1. Increased Potential Buyers: a digital platform for all types of properties increase the potential buyers exponentially. Various latest tools such as property locations, a virtual walkthrough, galleries, and cost calculators trigger the buyers to buy the properties of their choice. This increase in potential buyers can be further capitalized and can boost overall profitability and business activities.
  2. Direct Customer Communication: Real Estate Apps give the opportunity to communicate with the customer through an impressive platform. So, the possibility of converting & maintaining the customer is more. Also with direct communication, it is possible to take the feedback from time to time and make the necessary improvements in the business model. This ensures customer satisfaction to increase Brand power.
  • Good Customer Target: With specific customer details such as locations and their preferences, customers can be precisely targeted to disseminate the sales messages and the new exciting offers and the availability of the best-suited property as per their preferences. Good Customer Targeting further enhances the possibility of successful lead generations and can be converted into a business.
  • Lead Generation: With Real Estate App it is easy to generate and maintain leads. It allows the business to send important notifications to the customers keeping them in constant touch actively. So that the time when the customers have a specific requirement for the property they can reach directly to the business and can be further converted into loyal customers.
  • Increased Property Sales: With the enhanced user experience of the Real Estate App, more customers are interested in looking at the various options available on the platform. Also, effective functions such as filters, galleries, cost calculators, price approximations, and location-wise property trackers further make it easy for customers to grab a deal of their choice. Along with this, there can be consistent touch with the customer to communicate the best property in their vicinity enabling a business to increase the overall Property Sales.


Why choose CodeGenie for Real Estate App Development

Codegenie with a thorough understanding of the technology needs of Real Estate businesses has been at the forefront in delivering the modern features and functionality embedded in Real Estate Applications to the business of all scales and levels. Codegen’s comprehensive solutions involve the entire spectrum of the technology needed for generating an online ecosystem for Real Estate businesses.

Codegenie over the years of Real Estate App Development has embraced a customer focus approach. The dedicated IT resources & team of professionals have been instrumental in delivering the Restaurant Mobile Apps with great Return Of Investment, In-time delivery, and Quality Support. CodeGene Technologies also provides Web Applications services, which CodeGenie Technologies is a Leading Company.


Frequently Asked Questions

With Real Estate Apps Business can provide a platform to the property sellers and buyers to make the process simple, quick and effective. With the Real Estate Application, The sellers can represent their property on Real Estate App and Buyers can choose from the variety of options available.

The average cost of the Real Estate Application Development generally depends on functionalities and the depth of customization needed. It also depends on various tools, functionalities, and the integrations and tools needed to incorporate.

Real estate Apps make money through commissions on the deals and the advertisements. Also, the business can generate revenue by selling subscriptions to the Agents or Brokers.

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