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.net Development Company in Delhi

.NET is an Open Source Platform Introduced by Microsoft for Software Development. With .NET architecture, extensive Website, Mobile, Desktop, IoT and Games can be built with in-Depth functionalities. .NET framework encapsulates a wide range of solutions including Windows, iOS and Android Mobile Applications. It also provides solutions for Enterprise applications running on Windows, Linux or Cloud. Besides, .NET is flexible and reliable as it can be written in different languages including C#, J# and Visual Basic.Net

With .Net it is viable to create the most intensive applications across different platforms. And CodeGenie as the technology partner (.net development company), essentially understands and realises the importance of .NET framework and accordingly executes the projects to meet the specific needs. .NET is a cutting edge technology to tailor the industry-specific needs. Keeping this core characteristic at the centre of the developing process CodeGenie explores the process further with innovations and creativity.


Important Features of .NET Framework

.NET framework is functionally embedded to encompass the various solutions to offer a seamless & creative development experience. Therefore, As a top dot net development company, CodeGenie believes in using the available features and functionality of .NET to offer the best outputs to the partners or customers.

Cross-Platform: .NET is basically a comprehensive core platform. There are different .NET implementations which can handle various technical operations. It can be implemented for servers and Websites etc. Along with this, it can be applied for the console apps on Linux, macOS and Windows. For mobile Applications Operating Systems, Xamarin/Mono is used for the implementation. Using this cross platform feature at its peak, Codegenie has been instrumental delivering wide range Web, Mobile and desktop applications compatible to different platforms.

One Consistent API: There is a different set of API’s which are common to all implementations of the .NET; As a leading .net development services provider CodeGenie’s dot net developers have in-depth insights into the API and its delicate handling experience. So every implementation explores extra APIs which are specific and essential for running on the specific operating system.

Libraries: To provide enhanced features and functionalities, there is an extensive package ecosystem which has been created on .NET standard. These libraries are instrumental in developing different applications and help developers by providing more flexibility and freedom in developing and delivering the projects.

Tools: .NET provides a number of command-line tools, different plugins for the different popular editors. These tools enhance the functionality of the framework and help in quick development and working on the various sophisticated projects. A top .net Development Company in Delhi provider CodeGenie, with the pool of experienced techie, understands the effectiveness of the tools and resources, to boost the overall functioning of the projects.


Components Of .Net Framework

Common Language Runtime or CLR: CLR is a virtual component of the NET and it facilitates in Memory Management, Code Verification, Threads and code execution with some other solutions. It also ensures the robustness of the code via stringent code verification infrastructure named by using a common type system.

Net Framework Class Library FCL: .Net Framework Class Library FCL is technically an amalgamation of the different reusable class libraries and methods which can be used along with Common Language Runtime or CLR. FCL is also called as assemblies. So, The installation of the CLR into FCL is the critical element of the .NET framework.

Common Language Specification: Common Language Specification involves all the languages supported by .NET platforms and the integration of the various languages providing ease and flexibility in the development and the operations.

Common Type System: Common Type System facilitates the directions and process guidelines for managing the different types of cross-language communication and runtime. So Common Type Systems defines a set of rules which are essential to satisfy by different language compilers.

Windows Presentation Foundation: It makes the functional differentiation between the business logic and user interface. It helps in building aesthetically exquisite interfaces by using the media, documents, 2D-3D graphics and animations.

CodeGenie as one of the frontline .Net Application Development Company In India relentlessly engage with the clients, partners and customers to deliver different solutions by using the NET framework to help in catering the industry-specific needs. With a thorough technical understanding of the .NET platform, CodeGenie aligns all its IT resources to deliver a variety of the solutions of all the levels of customizations.


Advantages of .NET Development

.NET Development platforms have a wide scope and some of the significant advantages of the .NET Development are:

Robust Component Infrastructure: .NET provides Robust Component Infrastructure for the development of a wide range of applications. This infrastructure simplifies the process of development providing the robust components to use in developing different applications. It removes the additional efforts needed in developing COM components. Also, the use of Registry for the registration of the components. It also eliminates the need for the plumbing codes in COM components and class factories and many more.

Reliability: .NET provides great flexibility and reliability to the dot net developers in terms of the language usage, tools & functionalities. Since its inception in 2002, .NET has been consistently delivering a stable and reliable framework for a wide range of applications. Along with the reliability in the development process, it also ensures the error-free mechanics in the application building process.

Exclusive Platforms and Languages: .NET platforms are compatible with different languages such as C#, J# and Visual Basic.Net. Along with that, it can be easily worked on different operating systems. This enables .NET instrumental in the design and development of Website, Mobile, Desktop, IoT and Games can be built with in-Depth functionalities.

Simplified Development & Deployment: With the .NET framework, the development process becomes considerably simpler and gives more freedom to the developers to innovate and carry out complex customizations on the projects. Also, the deployment process becomes quick and effective. The framework offers a platform for the safe code execution environment.

Security: Security is the prime feature of the .NET framework. It offers stringent security as the application security is developed by using ASP. also, NET has the options for the configuration of the windows. The safety features such as role security and access security are provided by managed code and CLR.


Why Choose CodeGenie for .NET Development

As a leading .Net Application Development Company in India, CodeGenie understands the intricacies of the .NET and has been paramount in delivering the solutions all across the platforms and industry domains. The availability of professional developers, IT resources, and infrastructure enables CodeGenie to invent, create, and maintain the projects varying from simple to the most complex ones.

The vast IT infrastructure & resources make CodeGenie provide a range of solutions with a customer-centric approach. With a thorough understanding of the Technology needs of the market, CodeGenie has been delivering Quality solutions and stepping ahead as the leading Technology Solutions Provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

.NET is a free & Open Source Software Development Platform Introduced by Microsoft. With .NET architecture, extensive Website, Mobile, Desktop, IOT and Games can be built with in-Depth functionalities. .NET framework encapsulates a wide range of solutions including Windows, iOS and Android Mobile Applications.

.NET is flexible and reliable as it can be written in different languages including C#, J# and Visual Basic.Net, It is also compatible for developing the applications for different platforms i.e Windows, iOS and Android and Mobile Applications.

.NET is a software development framework provided by Microsoft which aims to develop different Windows, Web and Server-based applications. On the other hand, ASP.NET is a prime tool which is part of e .NET Framework and with the objective of simplifying the creation of dynamic web pages.

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