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Responsive Web Design Company in India

Websites are essential to establish your online footprint. It gives your business global exposure and opens up new business opportunities. If you are thinking about expanding your business by going online, then an attractive, responsive website is just what you need. The ways of shopping have evolved with the advent of the smartphone. People these days go online, usually from their mobiles, to search for various products and services. Thus, it becomes crucial that your website should be entirely accessible from different smartphones; always opt for a mobile-first approach to your website. When your audience has a better user experience whenever they visit your website, no matter which device they use, it will give you an upper hand over your competitors. A highly accessible, responsive website will act as a useful sales tool for your business.

The responsive Website Development company is abundantly used these days, and the main reason behind this demand is the adaptability of such sites to all screen sizes. Irrespective of the device that a person uses, they would have the same user experience with a responsive website. The website will offer users a similar experience for all types of operating systems and web browsers.

Having a responsive website is also crucial for ranking it in SEO. It is an essential digital marketing strategy that would improve your website’s appearance in different search engines by optimizing its ranking factors. As a leading responsive web design company in India, CodeGenie offers Some features of responsive web design as follows:

  • With a responsive website development company, you will have to put in the lesser effort. Just update the information on your site once, and you will be good to go.
  • Your users will witness a smooth and optimized website on all devices, which will enhance their overall experience.
  • The website will be user-friendly so that everyone visiting the website can navigate through it quickly. When people easily find what they are searching for, it improves their experience of using the website.
  • Responsive websites come with lesser maintenance. This is because only one layout works for all the devices, and hence you would have to maintain that single site only.
  • The best responsive web design company in India, CodeGenie not only adjusts itself according to the size of the screen, but it also does the same for media like videos, moving texts, etc.

A responsive website can attract more web traffic, and hence can contribute significantly to your business growth. But to do that, you must choose the right web design company. As a leading responsive website development company, CodeGenie, we have experienced web designers who are experts in creating responsive Portals, Responsive Apps, and SEO-friendly websites. As an innovative responsive web design company in India, We understand the dynamics of websites like no one else. We serve global clients at competitive prices and within a quick turnaround time. As a reliable responsive web design service in India, We offer various customization as per your requirements for your new website and can also redesign your old website responsively. This has marked CodeGenie as the best responsive website design company in India. Contact us anytime you want for all-around assistance.

So if you want to create a new website or redesign your old one, contact us today!


Responsive Web Design Services By CodeGenie

Website design is responsive when the layouts/content adapts to the screen size on which they are viewed; it creates the bestuser experience. No matter which device you choose for opening the website, it will automatically adjust to its size to give you the best viewing experience. This is the primary aim of a mobile responsive website designing company. With the reduced screen size, the web page’s content will shift and adjust itself for the best fit.

There are two ways to utilize responsive web designing to give your audiences the best experience:

  • By optimizing the content’s layout- Smartphones automatically zoom out the website to fit it on a single screen. Even Though it helps the users to get a glimpse of the entire website, it can get frustrating when someone is trying to access a tiny tab located at the farthest corner. To solve this problem, Being the reliable responsive website designing company, we create bigger essential tabs for mobile screens to find the required ones easily and gain a much better experience.
  • By adopting the shown content- depending on your audience’s device, we assume that their needs might generally vary. For example, if you have a restaurant and someone is looking at your website using their mobile, then chances are high that they are looking for useful information like the menu, prices, timings, etc. They would be concerned about getting those data rather than looking at the graphics. However, the desktop users might not be in a rush and are just browsing through the overall design. So as an innovative responsive web designing services provider we can help you to present different content under varied screen viewing circumstances. The best here part is, that we can create this web design without maintaining multiple versions. This has been the reason behind codeGeine’s success as the best responsive web designing company in India.


Why does your business need a Responsive Website Development Company like CodeGenie

One of the main reasons for adding responsiveness is to make your website look outstanding. It contributes to making your website engaging and smooth. Some other advantages of incorporating a responsive website into your business are:

  • It will deliver the most luxurious experience to your end-users.
  • With responsive designs, anyone from anywhere can view your website using devices that come in handy to them. This implies that you would have a chance of gaining more web traffic which in turn will improve your SEO rankings.
  • With a responsive website designing company, there is no need to create multiple versions of one site. It will increase not only your efforts but also your maintenance cost. With responsive designs, you will be able to manage your website efficiently using fewer resources.

Hence, it can be concluded that it is crucial to have a responsive web design for your website. It helps in the overall growth of your business by increasing and improving the interest of your users. If you find the best responsive web designing services provider, contact us today!


The Benefits of Custom Responsive Website Design Services

Your business will experience several benefits when you opt for a custom, responsive website design service. They are listed below:

  • You will get a unique layout that can be a suitable brand identifier for you.
  • Custom designs are more SEO-friendly, which means it will help your website rank on different search engines.
  • The web design will be fully adaptable to your business requirements. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can perfectly design a responsive website for you.
  • There are no templates involved in custom designing, and hence you can add as many features as you want.

Apart from these, custom responsive websites offer an excellent experience for users. It loads fast and is user-friendly. When the visitors have a smooth experience online, chances are high it will increase your sales. Hence, to succeed in your business and have a firm online foothold, you should invest in designing your website to a responsive one. If you want to develop your very own online marketplace, contact CodeGenie, a responsive web design company in India


Why choose CodeGenie For Responsive Web Design

We at CodeGenie, are a trusted company that has successfully designed many responsive websites for global clients. Some reasons to choose our services are:

  • We develop customized responsive websites according to your business needs services
  • We believe that customer satisfaction comes first and thus never compromise with quality
  • We have onboard experienced web designers who have completed hundreds of projects for various global clients
  • We offer round-the-clock assistance to address your queries and concerts
  • We maintain transparent communication and give you updates about each progress.

We have created some premium responsive websites in the past and we are committed to continuing to do so. You would find the perfect responsive web design company in India in us


Frequently Asked Questions

Responsive web design can be described as designing the layout/content of a website so that it adapts to all screen sizes. The website will adapt to the change in viewing circumstances to give the best user experience.

There are several benefits of responsive web design like:

  • It supports SEO ranking
  • It helps in delivering a consistent user experience
  • It optimizes content for different devices faster
  • Easy maintenance and cost affordability

The price of responsive web design services depends mainly on your website. Depending on the customization and feature addition, your investment would increase. However, thinking about your long-term business goals, responsive websites will not only save a lot of your money but also generate revenues for your business.

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