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Stactic Website Designing Company in Delhi

Do you want to start an online business? Is your existing website not getting enough web traffic? Well, by professionally designing your website, you can achieve it all. Having a strong and evident online presence is very important these days for the growth of your business. A well-designed user-friendly website is the first step towards static website development as it is your business’s face to the world.

If you want a site that would showcase your brand, product/services in the most effective yet economical way, static website designing are just for you. It is the simplest way of creating a footfall for your online presence. Static websites have fixed content, which means all the visitors coming to your static website will get the same information. Static web pages use fixed codes, and it will not change unless you manually update the same. It works well for small websites, but manual updation is a difficult task for large sites; hence, they prefer dynamic designing methods. For example, if you are developing a website where your users can read stories, you can go for the static ones.

Static website development is very much in demand because they are very easy to manage and cost-effective. They also bear the capability of attracting massive traffic. One of the best things about these websites is, they are very lite as they are created using fewer scripts and HTML codings. Some other advantages of Static Website:

  • As these websites are very lite, they can load fast
  • If you want a small website with a few web pages, then the static website development service is just for you
  • With the static website, you can easily exhibit your online presence to the world
  • These are very quick to develop
  • It is easy to optimize
  • Your users will be able to navigate through your website which will enrich their overall experience

Now that you know how Static Website Design Company can help your business grow, you must choose the right service provider to develop your website. At CodeGenie the best static website design company in India, we have experienced professionals who will help you develop SEO-friendly responsive websites that your customers would love. Our websites are compatible with all the devices and load up fast. We can customize the website according to your requirements, and we offer all-round maintenance services too. We are available 24*7 to assist you.

So if you want to create a new static website or upgrade your existing one, contact us at Codegenie – the no. 1 Static Website Design Company.


Features of Static Website Development

If you are wondering whether you should go for static websites or not, understanding its features might help you:

  • Static websites are very secure. It bears the minimal threat of code injection as it does not have any plugins or dynamic software for website hosting.
  • Static websites are very reliable. It becomes effortless to host the website because it consists of basic HTML files.
  • The speed of loading of a static website is much faster compared to the dynamic ones. It is because the website can be served to the node closest to the browser.
  • The basic static websites come with HTML files that can easily be scaled up by increasing the bandwidth.
  • With advancements in technologies and the use of tools like Magento, you can now even create static e-commerce websites.


CodeGenie – The best Stactic Website Designing Company in Delhi

If you are a small entrepreneur, then static websites are just for you. With customized and responsive websites, you will be able to attract more traffic online. CodeGenie is a leading Static Website Design Company in Delhi, specializing in creating attractive websites that would enhance your online presence. For us, every client is essential, and we believe in complete customer satisfaction. We will first construct a full-proof plan and then start with the designing process, to finally develop an SEO friendly, all device compatible static website. Our services are quite affordable too.

Now let us discuss the features of various web designing services that we offer:

  • Website redesigning- We know that each business is unique, and hence we offer customized redesigning services that would fit into any website. We will first discuss your business objects to understand your needs from the project. Based on your ideas, we will redesign your website in such a way that you will be able to climb to the top of the league.
  • Custom web design- We will construct a new static website for your small business to grow. We make designs that your customers will find attractive and easy to navigate. Depending on your customer base, requirements, and business objectives, we will develop custom static websites. The websites designed by us are both user and SEO friendly. The sites are also compatible with all types of devices, including smartphones, I-Pads, tablets, etc.
  • Ecommerce responsive website design- As mentioned earlier, our web design services are ideal for small online businesses. If you want to start with a static e-commerce website, we can design that for you. Due to the immense security that comes with static websites, there is no fear of data and code loss; hence you can easily use the static sites to open your small online store without any worries.
  • Responsive mobile sites- everybody these days use smartphones. As a result, most of the traffic comes through mobile searches. Hence, we focus on building websites that are responsive to mobile devices. The layout and contents that we design on your website fit all screen sizes, and as a result, your customers will get better user experience. Our website designs are compatible with other devices like laptops, desktops, tabs, and I-Pads. Our expert web designers develop creative websites that are easy to navigate and fit all screen sizes. Our websites have overall download consistency, and it is designed to be compatible with all browsers.


Why choose CodeGenie for Static Website Development

We at CodeGenie have onboard expert web designers who will bring your online business dreams to reality. The highlights of our services are:

  • We develop and customize the best website design as per your requirements.
  • Our static website development services come at a very affordable price.
  • We believe in transparent communication and will give you updates on each stage of development.
  • We offer round the clock assistance to address all your queries and concerns.
  • We never compromise on the quality of the design. We design to incorporate the best aesthetic appeals and functionalities.


Frequently Asked Questions

A static website comes with fixed content. It has around 4 to 5 webpages, and each of these pages has HTML codes in them. When static development is performed on a website, every visitor will receive the same information irrespective of their arrival time.

There are several benefits of static website development like it is safe with minimum threat of data loss or code injection. The websites are light and hence require significantly less loading time. Also, the cost of static website development is very affordable.

A single page static website is the most affordable website that you will ever get. Depending on your requirements, customization, and addition of features, a static website’s price would vary from the other. If you want to discuss the cost of your project in detail, then contact us.

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