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Website Redesign Services

Websites are a powerful tool for business. Which can help you to promote your products and services globally. People already have a website for their business or products. But over a period of time when there is change in the market then customer search for functionality is also changed. As a result of market change if you cannot transform yourself in terms of policy, business model, technology. Then you cannot get the desired outcome and sales. In this technological era the world is changing rapidly everything is dynamic. Handsets and televisions which we were using in the past are obsolete now. Now people are not using old handsets and television. They are buying new handsets and television. Because new handsets and televisions are enriched with more functionality and features. You should see your website as your handset and television. Your website is an important part of your business . If you cannot redesign (website redesign services) your website according to the current needs. Then it will affect your business, sales, customer outreach etc.

That’s why it is essential for you to redesign your website from time to time. If you do that it can improve your customer outreach, sales, business etc.

In web redesigns apart from website redesign there is also an optimization of your website according to current trends in your business, competitors, customer’s perspective and promotional strategy for the different social media platforms. As a leading website redesign company We do website redesign services for your product on the basis of your customer’s behavior, habits and expectations. Which can help you to target your customer more efficiently .


Benefits of website redesign services-
  • Increase your customer outreach.
  • Customize your website in such a way that your paid promotional campaigns on Twitter, Google, Facebook and other social media platforms can work more efficiently.
  • You can increase your product sales by increasing your website efficiency.
  • Acquisition of traffic on your website. that is not possible for you earlier. Because of outdated design and framework of your website.
  • Due to improvement in aesthetic experience of your website user you can get better customer engagement and retention.
  • In website redesign services we do your website more SEO friendly.
  • Doing corporate website redesign you can revamp your brand image .
  • In the marketplace you can differentiate your brand and services.
  • You can target your target audience in an effective manner.
  • Through website redesign you can make your website more secure from cyber threats and attacks.
  • Customization your corporate website redesign can help you to showcase your product and services in a best possible way.

Due to above mentioned benefits web redesigning service works as a panacea for your business. If you do website redesigning service then you will surely resolve all the obstacles and issues which are coming in between your customer outreach and product sales.


Custom Website Redesigning Services

As a top-notch website redesign company, we also provide custom website redesigning services. Custom website redesigning services means modification in your website to cater your needs. Your website functionality and traffic can be improved by custom website redesigning services. Customization in your website can also be done for providing better services to your customers. By choosing Custom website redesigning services for your website. You make your website more accessible to your customers that can help your customers to find your website easily on the internet. By doing this you are giving a better service and experience to your client.


Our customization services include
  • Backend coding and development – If you want to add some extra functionality in your website. Then we can do java and PHP coding for you to suffice your needs.
  • Frontend coding and development – We will help you to add some extra tabs, graphics, images and audio- visual features in your website. Which can result in better customer engagement and sales.
  • If earlier you were not designing your website thinking about mobile phone users. Now it is extremely important for you to redesign your website considering them. We customize your website keeping in mind about the users who access your website on their mobile phone.
  • We can assist you to change your website from WordPress to PHP or HTML
  • Our specialized services in CMS (content management system) – It is a platform through which users can edit. collaborate, publish, distribute, inform and create. It makes your website database user friendly due to its graphical user interface function. To design the pages of a content management system we use CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language). Through CMS users can edit, modify and amend content to the website without any knowledge of coding. CMS is a customized software system according to user needs. It is mostly used by E-commerce websites.


Objectives for which you need to redesign your website
  • If your website is not a SEO friendly – In this era of technological revolution every mobile phone user is using the internet. You should make your website SEO friendly so that your outreach also expands up to mobile phone users. It will help people who are searching your products and services on the internet. They should not have to scroll more pages on Google to find out your website due to SEO optimization.
  • As a responsive/ corporate website redesign companies, We make your website more responsive through design, graphics and content.
  • Many times you have to change your products and services due to ongoing market competition from your competitors. Then your website does not accurately represent your new products and services because it is based on your old products and services. That’s why you have to redesign your website according to the needs of your new products and services.
  • Due to change in market dynamics you have to change your marketing strategy. And Website which you are using now is not fit for your new marketing strategy. That’s why it is necessary for you to do redesign website. To support your new marketing strategy.
  • When your landing page cannot not give you the desired result in terms of purchase and sales – To get the desired result from your landing page you should increase its aesthetic and functional features.
  • If you want to differentiate your brand from your industry competitors- It can be done through more features, accessibility and fast response time of your website.
  • Weak leads conversion ratio – It can optimize your marketing efforts through leads conversion and sales.
  • Outdated designs and aesthetic of your website- Due to outdated design and aesthetics your website is unable to attract the customers.


How Website Redesign Company (CodeGenie) Increase your Leads and Sales
  • When you make your website more SEO friendly in redesign. Then more people can find your website easily on Google due to improved ranking of your website. As a result of that there is an increase in leads and sales.
  • In redesign when you optimize your landing page through its aesthetic, content and functionality. Then you can retain that customer who earlier goes to another website for purchasing due to poor aesthetic, content and functionality of your website.
  • By making your website mobile user friendly in redesign you are increasing your customer’s outreach. That’s why more customers will come to your website. Which can drive your sales growth and leads.
  • When you redesign your website and make it more attractive then people will stay at your website for a long time. Which can improve the chances of sales of your product.
Why choose us to redesign your website

As a leading website redesign company we provide responsive designs for your website which are in sync with your products and services, We also build a redesign solution for your website which is cost effective and easy to manage. Apart from that we redesign your website keeping in mind about the mobile phone users who are accessing your website through their mobile phones. Due to that you should not have to optimize your website for the mobile phone users. After taking our website redesign services. We create an interface for your website users in such a way. So that they can access and get all information related to your products and services easily. Codegenie does not believe in business, we always believe in creating values and relationships with our clients.

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