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WordPress Development Company in Delhi

WordPress is the powerful Content Management System and Platform to build creative Websites with innovation and comprehensive functionalities. WordPress is the most widely adopted technology for website building as more than 60% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Also, among the leading 10 million websites, more than 30% are built using WordPress. WordPress simplifies the process of Website Management, Content Management, Editing, etc, and that too without any intensive coding. With WordPress, a wide range of websites such as Blogs, Portfolio Websites, Business Websites, and eCommerce websites can be created. It is possible to create intuitive and responsive websites along with enhanced User Experience.

As a leading WordPress development company in Delhi, CodeGenie with a thorough understanding of the WordPress platform relentlessly delivers websites with a wide range of designs and functionalities to meet the specific requirements of the businesses. As realizing the core features of the platform is necessary while achieving the design objective. As a reliable WordPress development company in Delhi, CodeGenie With optimum use of the IT resources and WordPress technology delivers creative websites and other WordPress website development services with great end results. In WordPress, Customization is one of the prime features It enables the design and development of websites for specific business needs. It enables In-depth customization of the Websites to meet the exact specifications necessary for the business. Understanding the objective is the main focus of CodeGenie’s Design & Development process. This methodology has been instrumental in delivering a number of highly customized WordPress Website Design & Development projects and that too with emphasizing innovation.

WordPress comes with bundled themes and plugins to enhance the user experience and limit rigorous coding. It is essential to use and select and use these themes to meet the specific requirements. Also, the plugin selection is necessary to add specific functions to the website. As the best WordPress website development company, CodeGenie believes in the methodological approach to selecting and maintaining various themes, plugins, and tools to boost overall productivity. Another main feature of the WordPress platform is content management. It offers great feasibility and reliability in managing the content. Besides, it provides the scope for the integration of the other Applications which are at the core of the business. This Integration of the website with other important business applications is handled delicately by CodeGenie to provide seamless workflow within different applications. User Authentication which is an important security aspect can be effectively implemented by WordPress. Different roles can be given to different users, strengthening the collaboration and security of the platform.

And above all, customization from small to complex levels can be very well executed to match the needs. As it has been necessary to stand out from the competition with unique designs and objectives. CodeGenie as a creative WordPress website development company in India, Works at the forefront of WordPress technology to ensure quality delivery of all the Web Solutions to the partners and customers under one roof.


We Offer the Following WordPress Website Development Services

As an innovative WordPress development company in Delhi, CodeGenie provides various WordPress Development Services. CodeGenie’s inclusive IT resources and infrastructure enables it to provide all the solutions under one roof.

WordPress Web Development:

Codegenie believes in delivering Quality Web Development Projects with a pool of highly skilled professionals and dedicated IT resources.

In the Planning, Execution, and Maintenance of the project, the customers are involved continuously for feedback. The customer’s business objective Is kept at the center of the Web design process. CodeGenie designs a variety of WordPress Websites such as Business Websites, Portfolios, blogs, News websites, eCommerce Websites, etc. with in-time delivery and great Return On Investment.

Custom WordPress Web Development:

CodeGenie crafts the Websites according to the special needs of the businesses. We understand the market competition and emphasize more on unique customization to offer more functionality and features necessary for the specific business objective. CodeGenie has been handling projects of different levels of customization. From small to more complex customizations, CodeGenie keeps Innovation at the core of the whole development process.

WordPress Migration:

CodeGenie provides seamless and hassle-free migration from the existing website or platform to a more functional WordPress platform. The Migration process is handled delicately and the entire database and structural elements are kept intact. Also, it is ensured that the Migration process begins and ends within a given time frame.

WordPress Theme Development:

A Team of highly proficient designers and developers thrive to design unique themes suitable to the business needs and objectives. With the best WordPress developer in Delhi, CodeGenie offers design and development of creative themes to help businesses to stand out from the competition. The process of Theme Design undergoes the prefixed framework of Brainstorming Ideas, Designing, and execution.

Third-Party API Integration:

CodeGenie’s comprehensive IT resources enable it to integrate the Third Party APIs with the WordPress Website for smooth operation across all the platforms and give overall business integration. Also, since certain Business Applications are the core of the business it is necessary to ensure the best integrations and customization. CodeGenie adopts the scientific approach to deal with the API integration to achieve the precise integrations of the Third Party API’s

WordPress CMS Development:

With a thorough understanding of CMS Development, CodeGenie provides quality WordPress CMS solutions to meet the exact requirements and specifications. With CMS Development, As the best WordPress development company in Delhi, Codegenie provides the flexibility to the customers to make changes further to the Website depending on their requirements. With the best WordPress developer in Delhi, CodegGnie offers different levels of customization in the WordPress CMS Development process.

Custom Template Design & Development:

As one of the most skilled WordPress development company in Delhi, CodeGenie keeps creativity at the forefront of the process. This allows us to create and curate the best possible Template Designs as per the design requirements. Team of qualified Developers and Designers, create excellent Templates to build the websites and achieve the objectives such as enhanced User Experience and User-friendly Experience.

Custom WordPress plug-in Development:

To add extra functionality to the website, plugins are used. However, sometimes there is a need for a customized WordPress plugin to achieve certain functionality. CodeGenie has been instrumental in creating intensive plugins to suit particular client requirements. The Plugin Development undergoes prefixed Development Framework and stringent testing ensuring its proper functioning.

WordPress Design, Development & Implementation:

As a complete WordPress development company in India, CodeGenie is a frontline solution provider in WordPress Design and Development. Over the years, CodeGenie has delivered quality websites and Platforms for different businesses and industries. The entire design and development process is structured to ensure the involvement of the customers for time-to-time feedback. Design and Development are done with an approach of keeping the customer at the center.

Third-Party Module Integration /Migration:

CodeGenie is prowess in Third-Party Integration and Migrations to the new Website or platform. Our experts handle the Third-Party Integration projects with delicacy and ensure Quality integrations. It is ensured that The process of integration and Migrations is seamless and error-free. With the best WordPress developer in Delhi, CodeGenie has great potential in handling the Third-Party Module Integration and Migration.

WordPress Website Redesign:

CodeGenie’s experienced WordPress developer in Delhi can redesign the existing WordPress websites and modify it to create a new intuitive and responsive website. The redesign process begins with the understanding of the existing website and then projecting the objective of the new website. The themes, plugins, and templates are changed or modified to create an enhanced User Experience.

Technical support & maintenance:

Codegenie has provided Quality and in-time support to its customers. The technical support team ensures the handling of the queries and problems is quick and focuses to avoid delays.

The identification of the problems and the suggestion for the best possible solutions is done on the high priority as CodeGenie has always abided by the customer-centric approach and customer satisfaction.


Benefits of our WordPress Development Services

Design Innovation and Creativity: CodeGenie has been emphasizing more on Design Innovations and creativity while delivering different WordPress Design and Development projects. This approach enables CodeGenie to provide unique solutions to the customers which makes their website unique.

Enhanced Functionality: CodeGenie deploys the latest functionalities in its WordPress Design and Development projects to offer cutting-edge web development technologies to customers. The technology-embedded features are carefully selected and implemented to achieve the latest features and trends in WordPress Design and Development.

Experienced Team: A group of highly skilled professionals works collectively to deliver the best solutions. Having the experience of working on projects of different scales and complexities, CodeGenie can deliver projects of different technological requirements.

Great Customizations: As the best WordPress website development company CodeGenie’s prowess in handling great Customizations with a significant impact on the output. All the customization projects have been top-notch and success rates have been climbing day by day.

Customer-Centric Approach: Achieving the business objectives of the customers has been the prime focus of CodeGenie. Realizing the objectives, planning the solution accordingly, and executing of the project is done by keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

Quality Support: The intensive support mechanism allows CodeGenie to answer the right solution at the right time. It ensures that all the queries are solved at the right time without any loss to the productivity of the customer’s business operations. Quality Support has been always the element of appreciation for CodeGenie.

Good Return On Investment:

Since customers invest in WordPress Design and Development with some specific idea of Returns, we understand their objective and seek the best possible way to deliver the projects with Good Return On Investment. This has been the reason behind CodeGenie’s success as the best WordPress development company in India.


Why choose CodeGenie

WordPress Design and Development realm is always subjected to changes. So it is essential to keep the functionality and features updated according to the latest technology available. CodeGenie provides various WordPress Design and Development services With innovation and creativity.

Customer-Centric Approach and Good Return on investment are the driving forces for CodeGenie. With a highly professional team of developers along with dedicated support, CodeGenie plans to execute and maintains the projects for all levels of organizations with assurance in Quality, Time Delivery, and ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is the powerful Content Management System and Platform to build creative Websites with innovation and comprehensive functionalities. WordPress is the most widely adopted technology for website building as more than 60% websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress

WordPress simplifies the process of Website Management, Content Management, Editing etc and that too without any intensive coding. With WordPress, a wide range of websites such as Blogs, Portfolio Websites, Business Websites, and eCommerce websites can be created. It is possible to create intuitive and responsive websites along with enhanced User Experience.

The average cost of the WordPress Website Development generally depends on functionalities and the depth of customization needed. Also, different themes and plugins also have different independent costs associated with them.

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