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Web Development Company In Allahabad

Websites are the face of any business online. Having an attractive website can influence the users to visit your website and even turn them into potential sales. CodeGenie is a top web development company in Hyderabad that gives your offline business a whole new online presence. We offer all-round web development services that would help you expose your business to the global sea of opportunities. We design websites that look good, function correctly and are SEO friendly. It means whenever anyone needs any of your allied services; they would find you first over the internet.

CodeGenie has experience in completing many successful projects from various industries. Define your business objective, talk about your target client, and we will customize the perfect web application for you. All the websites we have developed are fast, easy to navigate and offer the end-users the exact features they want.

We have a highly experienced web development team that specializes in various technologies. We follow the latest trends and develop high-quality web applications that would give your business an edge over your competitors. Our core competency is in MS SQLServer, NET, PHP, VB, Ajax, etc. We blend our vast knowledge with creative instincts and design websites that boost your company’s growth.

Our web development services in Allahabad can be matched by none because of the exclusive features we provide:

  • Our websites are interactive and have that perfect flow, which your customers would love while using.
  • We develop intuitive websites, which means our websites have everything your users want and like.
  • We use the latest trends and technologies in the market to improve the overall experience of the users. End-users find our websites easy to use.
  • We concentrate on integrations and know how important it is to incorporate them into different parts of the website. Our thoroughly developed websites have it all, from integrating your social media links to a direct commenting feature.
  • We ensure the websites we design get perfectly aligned to the objectives of your business.
  • Our websites are SEO compatible and high in performance. We develop web applications that load faster, are easily discoverable, and offer accessible navigation features.
  • Scalable websites are important because you might need to edit or add pages to your websites as your business grows. When CodeGenie develops your business websites, be assured about the scalability factor.
  • Responsive design and security are the highlights of our web development services. You will not have to worry about the loss of visitors or data security when our experienced professionals develop your website.

CodeGenie is the one-stop place to satisfy your web development needs. If you want high-quality websites that outperform your competitors and help you reach the top of your industry, contact us today. Our support team is always there to assist you and resolve your queries. To know how a high-quality website can help your business grow, talk to our experts.


Custom web designing and development company in Allahabad

Having a fully customized website would give a unique identity to your business. It is an excellent brand identification strategy, which will help you achieve your business goals seamlessly. By customizing your website, you can easily define your business and your business principles creatively.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for custom web designing and development services:

  • You will be able to acquire a unique position in the market. Your brand will get recognition among the masses in the online world.
  • With customization, you will not have to limit yourself in terms of website features. These websites are highly scalable, and hence you can add or remove essential elements from your website as your business grows.
  • An excellent looking feature-rich, unique website is capable of providing you with more conversions and higher ROI.
  • Customized websites are non-imitable and unique.

Web customization is a time-consuming and creative task that needs skills and advanced tools for better results. CodeGenie is a top custom web designing and development company in Allahabad, where you will get all that is required to make your website unique and stand out from the crowd.


E-commerce web development service in Allahabad

E-commerce websites have gained a lot of popularity of late, and all for the right reasons. Using these websites, one can get a variety of products at a competitive price from the comfort of their home. The popularity of these businesses is heavily dependent on the website. An e-commerce website should provide all the products that a customer needs quickly. With thousands of products listed, end-users should easily be able to find what they are looking for.

CodeGenie provides the most efficient e-commerce web development service in Allahabad. We develop fast and responsive websites that are easy to navigate, search-friendly, and highly scalable. The features of the e-commerce website we create include:

  • We offer a flexible shopping cart, one of the most integral parts of any e-commerce store. Our shopping cart is developed so that both your guest users and registered users can quickly check out using it.
  • We integrate diverse payment methods on your website so that the end-users have a seamless shopping experience.
  • We offer a simplified and wholesome order management dashboard where the merchants can get all the information about their buyers like cancellation, refunds, exchange, etc. in one place.
  • SSL protects the e-commerce websites we design, and thus all the data and payment information stored on the website is fully secured.
  • We develop mobile-friendly e-commerce websites. No matter which device the end-users have, they should get a perfect shopping experience each time they log in.
  • With the logistic integration feature on the website, we ensure that you have a smooth shipping experience.
  • It is essential to send and receive timely notifications when you are into an e-commerce business. We make sure to include an efficient communication system so that merchants and customers can remain thoroughly informed about the product status.


Android app development service in Allahabad

Android smartphones are used by more than 75% of the world’s mobile phone users. It means to help your business gain more visibility; you should opt for android applications. It will help your business to sell products at a national and international level. If you are still unsure about having a dedicated android app for your business, its distinct advantages might encourage you:

  • Android has a low entry barrier, which means developing an Android compatible app is cheaper than its iOS counterpart. Customizing on Androids is also very easy because it is quite flexible and getting your app listed in the PlayStore is a smooth journey.
  • Android is an open-source platform, which lets you customize the OS the way you want to use it. It is free of cost too. People prefer using custom ROMs, and the open-source advantage encourages it. So you can customize your app just the way you want without worrying about the Operating System restrictions.
  • Android is innovative, and it keeps adding new features to its OS to improve its usability. It encourages innovation, too, which means you will be able to innovate and customize your apps the way you want without facing any compulsions from the PlayStore.
  • Android is a highly social media compatible. Sharing content on different Social Media platforms is very easy with Android. If you want to spread your app’s word on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., then the android app is something that you should consider.

Android apps are a great way to expand your business online. It is cheap, practical, and functional. If you want to discuss in detail about android app development service in Allahabad, contact CodeGenie today.


IOS app development service in Allahabad

Though iOS users around the world are lesser compared to Android, they are significant in number. There is no denying that Apple is thriving, and if you want to do business in developed countries, you will find a considerable number of Apple users. Let us now discuss the perks of investing in IOS app development services:

  • It has been noticed that iPhone Apps have a higher ROI than their Android counterparts. Invest in making bug free responsive iOS apps to kickstart your online business and get more revenues.
  • App Store has a higher quality standard than Playstore, which means to get listed in the IOS app list, your app should maintain specific quality protocols. We develop high-performing apps that give a great user experience. Our developers and designers follow all the quality protocols to help your app get listed on the App Store.
  • Apple has an established customer base, which indicates your app will get great exposure to genuine and quality users.
  • IOS apps need to have that perfect blend of technology and creativity to give its users a seamless experience. When your app gets listed in the App Store, you will have to maintain a given standard throughout its lifecycle.
  • Testing on IOS is easier and consumes less time because it has only one version, unlike Android. By opting for the IOS app, you will have a quick response time and market it quickly.
  • IOS apps also take less time to build compared to their Android counterpart. Android has several versions, and hence the apps need to get tested through several devices before getting listed in the PlayStore.

If you want to have a high-quality app that would provide your customers with unparalleled experience, contact CodeGenie- the android app development and designing experts.

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