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Web Development Company in Lucknow

A well-designed website imprints the visitor’s mind with a good impression. It provides all the relevant information about your business in a user-friendly and interactive manner. Today, the world has shifted from being a place of forging interpersonal connections to that of creating internet connections. This change is also reflected in the sphere of business. Companies cannot escape from the fact that they need to leverage the virtual medium to grow in this digitally-driven world. To accomplish this objective, there is no better option than to avail the best web development services. Investing in these services offers a plethora of benefits to businesses, aimed at expanding their influence among millions. Various types of web development services represent your brand in an appealing manner and serve as a testimony to the positive reputation of your business.

To really set yourself apart from others, investing in custom web development solutions becomes imperative. The architecture of a customized website is built according to the specifics of your business. Thus, it effectively imparts you with a distinct presence, one that never goes unnoticed by visitors. Custom website development services ensure that your onsite presence is optimized for your audience using a range of functionalities. Scalability and flexibility are other practical advantages that accrue from choosing these services. Being fully primed for your business, they make your online platform perfectly suited to handle an increasing volume of traffic.

You can avail feature-rich, responsive websites to boost your brand presence by choosing CodeGenie, the best Web Development Company in Lucknow. We have decades of experience designing and developing a variety of websites like E- commerce marketplaces, dynamic and static web platforms. Our website development company experts create your site with dynamic features like user-friendly interfaces, speed, SEO optimization, cross-device compatibility, and seamless navigation, among many. We structure your website according to your business goals that provide relevant information to the users in a highly engaging manner.

CodeGenie excels at imparting services like optimal landing page creation, Content Management System Development, and digital marketing services. All these services are committed to transforming your visitors into leads. We develop custom web design services to businesses of all sizes. Using the latest tools and technologies, our dedicated team of developers creates value-based products for companies to achieve their short-term and long-term objectives.

As a trusted custom web development company in Lucknow, we adhere to the Agile Methodology of website creation. It allows us to fully involve our client in the website development process, thus, helping us to understand their unique requirements better. Security remains one of the top concerns of businesses worldwide. We at CodeGenie, follow stringent security practices to create safe and reliable web platforms. Our web development strategy includes a thorough consultation process that helps us discover your business concerns and develop solutions that help you overcome them with ease. Choose CodeGenie to gain an edge over your competitors and rapidly attain the progress you desire.


Dynamic E-commerce Web Development Service for You to Impart Amazing Shopping Experiences

The demand for E-commerce website design and development services are at an all-time high. Today’s generation prefers to shop online rather than offline. It is reflected in the proliferation of various E-commerce web platforms in recent years. Presently E-commerce is one of those sectors that is progressing at a rapid pace. It is not an exaggeration to state that people nowadays are connected to the internet through various devices 24/7. The current scenario creates a favorable ground for businesses to invest in the professional services of an E-commerce development company. Feature-rich E-commerce stores carry the incredible potential to give wings to the ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs. Through user-friendly and functional E-commerce websites, brands can enhance their visibility and overcome the barriers of geographical boundaries.

E-commerce web development services offer tremendous scope for any business to impart valuable shopping experiences to their customers. One of the most significant advantages of an online marketplace is its ability to cater to its customers at any time. People can navigate the store and purchase products whenever they wish. Thus, a secure, scalable, and mobile-friendly E-commerce website built using the latest technology is a weapon in entrepreneurs’ hands to make a lasting impression in this competitive world.

Being the best E-commerce website development in Lucknow, CodeGenie excels at creating user-friendly E-commerce websites in leading platforms like Shopify, Magento, OSCommerce, and Woocommerce. Our skilled developers are adept at creating websites that fulfill your business requirements. They are customized with third-party integrations, are social media, and SEO optimized, and consist of feature-rich dashboards that offer real-time sales notifications.

Having vast experience in the field of web development CodeGenie fully understands the unique demands of an E-commerce website. We build scalable Ecommerce stores with features like multiple payment gateway integrations, mobile compatibility, and multiple high-resolution photos optimized for page load. You will find functionalities like advanced search, wish lists, shopping cart, customer reviews, seamless navigation, among many. It will prompt visitors to spend more time on your site and end up becoming a customer!

We are well-aware of the fact that a great website design is equally essential for an E-commerce site to flourish. Our E-commerce website developers are masters at creating content-rich, beautiful platforms to leave your audience mesmerized. Leverage our tech excellence to carve a niche in the world of E-commerce


Out-of-the-box Android App Development Services to Help You Touch New Heights of Growth

According to the recent statistics, Android commands the largest market share of 72% among all the open-source platforms. It shows how massive its user base is around the world. Thus, Android apps are the way to go for businesses looking to expand their audience-base quickly and effectively. What makes investing in Android app development services such a lucrative option for businesses today? Android apps make it easy for companies to interact with their customers. As people spend most of their waking hours on their phones, these apps allow you to tap into new audience-bases easily.

Moreover, investing in custom Android app development services offer long-term advantages for any business. These include zero compatibility issues, enhanced security, and unparalleled technical support that you receive from Android developers. Android apps are the go-to solution for companies looking to streamline their productivity as they fulfill every end-user requirement. You can be assured that your app will be able to meet the growing needs of your business, as scalability and flexibility are the defining characteristics of custom Android apps.

CodeGenie is your best choice when it comes to availing cutting-edge Android app development services in Lucknow. We have successfully created many Android apps for our diverse range of clients. Our Android developers look into every aspect of your business through an in-depth consulting process. It enables us to come with a solution that fits all your needs. We furnish your app with a range of powerful features like a user-friendly interface, super-fast loading time, social media integration, multiple payment gateway integrations, offline support, among others.

We follow an app development process that is cost-effective without compromising on the quality. We engage our clients at all the development stages, utilizing their feedback to enrich the app. CodeGenie follows a stringent testing process to ensure that your app always performs at its peak. Our experts remain updated on the latest technologies and employ them to create state-of-the-art solutions that are designed to augment your business growth.


Full-fledged iOS App Development Services to Help Your Business Stand out Among Others

Millions of people worldwide use iOS devices and swear by the flawless applications that Apple’s platform offers. One of the most widely known operating systems, it commands the loyalty of the majority of high-paying customers. With its advanced technology, the iPhone has always been a device that has captivated people’s attention. Businesses choosing iOS application services are sure to gain from enhanced visibility and brand awareness.

Why are iOS app development company services in huge demand by a majority of progressive businesses? iPhone apps are renowned for features like the easy and intuitive interface, excellent security, and advanced technology. Leveraging custom iOS app development services completely shifts the growth trajectory of enterprises for the better. It enhances your reach, increases your brand value, and grows your target audience. A brand gains immense credibility in their customer’s eyes the moment it releases an app in the Apple store.

We at CodeGenie are committed to creating high-quality iOS apps to cater to the needs of businesses of every domain. Our iOS application development process includes gaining a thorough knowledge of your business concerns, developing a product strategy, and testing at every stage. Thus, we deliver iOS apps that are bound to help you in expanding your niche.

CodeGenie’s qualified team of iOS app developers utilize the best technologies needed for creating cutting-edge iOS apps like Objective C, Swift, XCode, JavaScript, among others.

CodeGenie follows the best testing practices, so you receive a high performing, bug-free product. The app is packed with features like an in-app camera, geolocation, NFC processing, location check-ins, and instant messaging.

The entire lifecycle of your iOS app, from wireframing to app development roadmap to product delivery, will be taken care of by us. In this era of cybercrimes, our iOS development company experts work to provide paramount security and data encryption features to your app. Our custom iOS apps are tailored to help you offer robust personalized experiences to your clients. Choose CodeGenie’s services to forge ahead in a cut-throat, competitive world.

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