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Website Development Company in Dehradun

Having your website is no longer an option; it’s a mandatory tool to stay ahead in the marketing game. When you own a premium website, it levies a good impression on the users about your business. Websites have proven to increase leads and sales, which are the main objectives of any business. If you are searching for a top-class website development company in Dehradun, then CodeGenie is your place.

We are a top best website development company in Dehradun who provide excellent services related to websites. We have it all in our bucket, from creating great designs that would suit your business using the latest technologies. The portfolio of our previous work with happy clients and great performances would surely grab your attention. We follow the trends and create robust projects that would satisfy your creative and business sides. After all, customer satisfaction is what we all work for.


Our website development company in Dehradun is class-apart due to various reasons like:
  • We have some of the most experienced developers on board who are experts in their niche technologies. We have dedicated members for each phase of website development and design, which makes our work crisp. Our highly-skilled team possesses all the required qualifications for developing and designing websites, but they are dedicated to customizing everything according to each project’s requirements. CodeGenie is a customer-centric website development company in Dehradun for whom the customers’ needs always come first. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver you with the best products and feature-rich websites that meet the end-users’ needs and expectations.
  • Transparency is a key feature of our IT company in Dehradun. At each stage of development and design, we ensure to keep you updated with the project’s status. We believe in effective communication and take into the needs of our customers. We take all the suggestions seriously and make improvements according to them.
  • We offer flexible services, which means if your web development requirements change at any point in time, just let us know, and we will take care of the rest. Our developers and designers are quite adaptable to your requirements, and we are ready to make changes until you are happy with our services.
  • We are committed to timely delivery. We set small time goals for each stage of our project and achieve them without fail. We understand that delayed services can hamper your business, and as a responsive website development company in Dehradun, we will never let that happen to you.
  • Our IT company in Dehradun looks after the full life-cycle of the website. From development to designing and maintenance, we will take care of it all. We would update your site at given intervals and fix any technical issues that might occur. We have a low TAT for fixing all the site-related problems, as we know if a website doesn’t work properly, it might hamper your business. We will do everything that would keep your website to function smoothly.


Custom Website Development Company in Dehradun

Customization is the keyword when you want to develop a unique and dedicated website for your business. We are the best web development company in Dehradun that incorporates multiple features according to the business’s nature to customize an efficient website that would serve your requirements and expectations.

  • As the best web development company in Dehradun, our customization strategies are based on the discussions we have about your business objectives. We understand your goals and transform your site into a marketable tool that would take your business to the next level.
  • Our best web development company in Dehradun construct a structured website that is easy to navigate. Doing so, we help the end-users to find everything that they need very easily. We improve your conversion rate.
  • Slow sites are something we stay away from. We know most users do not have the patience to wait for the website to load; thus, we at the best web development company in Dehradun create light websites that get loaded as fast as it is opened.
  • All our sites are mobile responsive and compatible with different types of smartphones. No matter which device the end-user is on, they would have a similar experience when they login to your website.


E-commerce Website Development Company in Dehradun

In the last few years, e-commerce businesses have acquired a significant market share. Due to the busy schedules, a considerable number of people have shifted to online shopping. It is fast, easy, and you get the product delivered at your doorstep. To own the best e-commerce store, you would need to have a scalable, fast, and feature-rich website.

CodeGenie is an eCommerce development company in Dehradun that uses different builders to construct the best sites to suit your needs. Popular choices include:

  • WooCommerce and WordPress: Both are open-source platforms and great for building e-commerce websites. You can easily add various functionalities on the websites constructed by these tools by including the plugins. Whether you want a small or big eCommerce website, these tools can create high-quality sites to cater to your needs.
  • BigCommerce: It is another reputed and trustworthy e-commerce website builder. It is relatively easy to manage various advanced features that you want in your website from this tool, and it is excellent for creating bigger sites.
  • Shopify: One of the most popular and abundantly used e-commerce website creating tools is Shopify. If you are planning for a high volume e-commerce store, our eCommerce development company in Dehradun will build your site using this one. It contains multiple apps that help in adding various functionalities to e-commerce sites.
  • Magento: It is a powerful platform that would suit all types and sizes of businesses. Yet another open-source platform, we can integrate many third-party extensions here. We are one of the best IT companies in Dehradun that has created multiple websites using the power of Magento in the past.

We would understand your requirements and then find out the best tool to construct an e-commerce website to suit your needs.


Android App Development Company in Dehradun

CodeGenie is one of the best IT companies in Dehradun that excels in developing Android Apps. According to your business requirements, our Android app development company in Dehradun uses cutting-edge technologies to construct unique apps. Some technologies that our Android app development company in Dehradun put to use are:

  • Flutter: We have an efficient website developer in Dehradun who can work on open-source platforms like Flutter, created by Google. It helps us create cross-platform, high-quality apps that work seamlessly on all smartphones. Our website designer in Dehradun uses new programming languages like Dart to create the best Android app for your business.
  • Java: It is the official language for creating Android apps. Our Android app development company in Dehradun uses this efficient language to build feature-rich websites that you have always wanted.
  • Python: It is one of the most popular programming languages that help our website developer in Dehradun construct scalable business applications.
  • React Native: powered by Facebook; this open-source framework helps our website design company in Dehradun develop efficient cross-platform applications. Various popular android apps, like Airbnb, Facebook, etc., have been developed using this programming language.
  • Kotlin- Modern apps need modern solutions, and nothing can be better than an advanced version of Java programming language- Kotlin. If you want to develop efficient, unique, and modern apps, we can use Kotlin programming language to create them.
  • R programming: in the last few years, this language has become really popular due to its abundant usage in Data Analysis and ML. If you want some great graphics in your apps, our website designer in Dehradun will use this language to deliver that.


IOS App Development Company in Dehradun

IOS is a popular operating system that runs on all Apple devices. Even though less than Android, there are a significant number of IOS users. Most of these users are ready to pay more to get quality apps, and thus you should not miss out on the chance of acquiring that market.

There are many other reasons to invest in IOS apps. Contact CodeGenie, a top IOS app development company in Dehradun would help you create premium apps to market your business.

  • IOS apps by our IOS app development company in Dehradun offer a great experience to its consumers. One has to fulfill multiple criteria so that the app can get listed in apple’s app store. If you have an IOS app, it improves your brand value and enhances the customers’ brand loyalty.
  • Apple is known to give great customer service to its users. Thus, the apps listed under its store are also considered the best given the OS’s regulated environment. The highlights of the OS can make business apps more attractive and saleable for the users.
  • iPhones are loved by tech-savvy people globally. With an IOS app by our website designing company in Dehradun, you can take your business’s marketing game to the next level.
  • One of the essential features of any business is security. If an app is not secured enough, the app store will not list it. With an IOS app, your audience would be convinced that you develop safe apps from hackers.

IOS apps have been shown to generate greater ROI, which is one of the essential business objectives. These apps are highly scalable and, in the long run, enhances the value of any business.

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