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Website Development Company in Surat

CodeGenie is a top website development company in Surat that turns your business ideas into efficient business solutions. If you are looking out for new channels to market your products, websites are something that you should consider. They give you global business exposure, boosts sales, and increases your revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any business. We create robust business websites that are easy to navigate, loads up quickly, and are feature-rich. We understand the needs of your customers and design web solutions according to that. Our website development company in Surat conducts thorough research to clearly understand your objective and your customer’s expectations and match both of them to design the ultimate solution that would benefit both parties. Irrespective of your business’s size or physical presence, you can now get a premium website capable of attracting your customer’s attention.

We are an experienced website development company in Surat that builds quality sites that would act as the best marketing tool. There are several things that we include in your websites that make it better than anyone else:

  • Our website developer in Surat understands the importance of a website. It represents your brand, and thus your website must look polished and premium. We create uncluttered sites with quality photographs, suitable color schemes, and great functionalities. We ensure your website would make a great first impression on your potential customer’s mind. Slow and broken sites are not our thing.
  • Slow-loading websites lose a lot of visitors, as people do not have the patience to wait online. Thus, we ensure our website loads fast. We have experienced UX developers in our website development company in Surat, who makes the users’ whole experience on your website better. We create easy navigation and clear hierarchy through your website so that potential users can browse through it without any hassles.
  • Our website developer in Surat creates websites that are compatible with all types of devices. Be it a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop, you can browse through the website and get an equivalent experience on all the devices. We understand the importance of mobile optimization and its importance in SEO rankings.
  • Our website development company in Surat creates websites that offer your audience multiple contact choices. Your phone number, email ID, and contact forms are readily available on the website, which means they would directly be able to contact you in case of any query.


Custom Website Development Company in Surat

CodeGenie is the best web design company in Surat that can customize your website in the most unique and user-friendly way. It is an excellent idea to invest your money in customizing your website as it has a high ROI factor. Let us break it down for you and tell you how website customization can give you greater returns:

  • Template designs are confining. A business would grow and evolve. It might need you to add or remove certain features from your website, but it becomes quite tricky with template ones. Customization gives you independence- you can make any change you want quickly, ensuring your business stays ahead in the competition.
  • Branding is a critical factor in modern marketing strategies. The goodwill and strength of your brand will attract users. Websites play a significant role here; with web solutions that meet and cater to your customer’s expectations created by our website developer in Surat, you would have the edge over your competitors.
  • Our web design company in Surat customizes websites and includes all the necessary features to make them SEO friendly. Your website must be visible to those searching for your products or services.


E-commerce Website Development Company in Surat

E-commerce websites are slightly different from regular sites. Many features make this site different from the others- buying, selling, shopping cart, multiple payment gateways, etc. At CodeGenie, we have experienced developers who are capable of creating feature-rich e-commerce sites. We are a top e-commerce website development company in India that uses various techniques and the latest trends to create solutions that would fulfill your business goals.

Our e-commerce website development company in India ensures to incorporate some essential features on the website to help the end-users in easy navigation and product finding. The highlighted attributes of our e-commerce websites are as follows:

  • Your users will find any products they want very easily on the site because of our easy navigation feature.
  • There will be options to manage product categories, which would again encourage easy navigation. We also include featured product management.
  • There are separate categories and filters to check out new arrivals- an easy way for your customers to find what’s new this season.
  • There are multiple images for a single product to have a better view before the customers buy it. They can also zoom into the product with the click of a mouse or a pinch of fingers.
  • The registration process is straightforward.
  • There are options of multiple secured payments for the convenience and safety of the users.
  • Multiple channels for customers to contact the support team quickly. There are provisions to chat on the app or website directly.

Apart from developing the website, our e-commerce website development company in India also looks after its maintenance. We will be by your side throughout the life cycle of the product. Contact CodeGenie today to discuss your requirements.

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